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Abandoned Ruins are one of the three types of ruins in My Time at Sandrock. These locations are rich with ores and Old World technological relics that can be mined. The Civil Corps are responsible for investigating and clearing the area of any danger, allowing people to safely enter the ruins.

In the early game, there is one accessible Abandoned Ruins in Sandrock. Located behind the Eufaula Salvage, the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins can be accessed after Picking Up the Slack. Another Abandoned Ruin, Gecko Station Ruins, becomes available after In Trusses we Trust. Each Abandoned Ruins charges a weekly fee of 200 Gols to enter. In addition to the access to the ruins, the fee covers a jet pack and Relic Detector, only usable while inside. The player will continue to return to earlier ruins as they progress, as each ruin contains different ores, materials, and relics. If all the resources in the current ruins are exhausted, the player can pay a fee of 20 gols to refresh the ores and relics inside.

Inside the ruin, the player can use their Pickhammer to mine the caves to gather resources, such as various types of Scrap, Copper Ore, Tin Ore or Stone.[1] Sometimes they will stumble upon a relic that they can take, such as Engines, Power Stones, Data Discs, or broken parts from Old World objects. All items found in the ruins are retained, though leaving the ruins will immediately return the jet pack and relic scanner to the Civil Corps.

Navigating the ruins[]

Each abandoned ruin consists of 11 floors, with each floor having different treasures and relics. The player starts their ruin dive at Level 1 and has to locate the exit to the next floor to unlock it. To navigate to the exit, they need to follow the green arrow signs and might need to clear stone and rocks or avoid hazards like explosive traps or electrified floors or fences to reach it. Once the player unlocks a floor by entering it, they can visit it anytime from the ruin entrance.

When inside the ruins, the player can use their Treasure Detector and jet pack freely to navigate. While the scanner is active, it displays the objects of interests as different glowing symbols.

  • Treasures like relic materials or relics are shown as a golden glowing diamond.
  • The way to the exit to the next floor is indicated by glowing green arrows.
  • Traps and other objects are shown as a light blue gear symbol. (Requires the Focusing Lens update.)

The player can focus on any icon with the Detector's reticle to scan it and get more information about it, such as the distance to it and, with proper Treasure Detector upgrades, the outline, name, and description of the object.


The player can mine by using any Pickhammer on the rocky parts of the ruin. In addition to the ground, the player can also destroy the crystal ore deposits and Power Stone containers to get their contents.

Relics and treasures[]

Relics and treasures are shown as golden glowing symbols while the Treasure Detector is active. To get an item, the player needs to clear the ground around it first using their Pickhammer and then approach the item to pick it up.

Treasure Detector[]

When entering an abandoned ruins, the player is equipped with a jetpack and a treasure detector which can be activated by typing "F". Its scan range and scan duration are relatively short.

Four properties can be upgraded on the Treasure Detector by interacting with the interface at the ruin entrance. Buying an upgrade in one ruin also unlocks it in the other one.

Scanner CPU[]

Image Level Upgrade Materials needed
75?cb=20220616074418Scanner CPU Lv1.png 1 Standard level Free
75?cb=20220616074419Scanner CPU Lv2.png 2 Large Scanner CPU - Scan an area faster 200Gols.png
Old PartsOld Parts (10)
75?cb=20220616074420Scanner CPU Lv3.png 3 Full Scanner CPU - Scan a larger area 500Gols.png
MicrochipMicrochip (2)

Analysis Chip[]

Image Level Upgrade Materials needed
75?cb=20220616074412Analysis Chip Lv1.png 1 Standard level Free
75?cb=20220616074413Analysis Chip Lv2.png 2 Advanced Analysis Chip - Analyze objects quicker 200Gols.png
Old PartsOld Parts (10)
75?cb=20220616074414Analysis Chip Lv3.png 3 Hyper Analysis Chip - Analyze objects quicker 500Gols.png
MicrochipMicrochip (2)

Focusing Lens[]

Image Level Upgrade Materials needed
75?cb=20220616074415Focussing Lens Lv1.png 1 Standard level Free
75?cb=20220616074416Focussing Lens Lv2.png 2 Advanced Focusing Lens - Shows an outline for a scanned object 200Gols.png
GlassGlass (10)
75?cb=20220616074417Focussing Lens Lv3.png 3 Hyper Focussing Lens - Traps, switches, treasure boxes and other devices will also be highlighted by the scanner 500Gols.png
Tempered GlassTempered Glass (6)

Super Battery[]

Image Level Upgrade Materials needed
75?cb=20220616074421Super Battery Lv1.png 1 Standard level Free
75?cb=20220616074422Super Battery Lv2.png 2 Super Endurance Battery - Scan for longer 200Gols.png
Power StonesPower Stones (10)
75?cb=20220616074423Super Battery Lv3.png 3 Ultimate Battery - Scan for much longer 500Gols.png
Condensed Power StoneCondensed Power Stone (5)


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