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Amirah has an artist's soul. She enjoyed sculptures and paintings as a child, and as a result, she became interested in pottery and began to make her own ceramics. Her works are gradually becoming more known in other places outside of Sandrock.
— In-game bio
As I recall, there was a legendary brother and sister duo starting up some kind of trade post out there. Some say they wrote the book on economics. Others say that's completely untrue. Nevertheless, their ceramics are top notch.
Mason in My Time at Portia

Amirah is a Sandrock pottery artist and eligible bachelorette. She is a fairly recent arrival in the town, originally being from Barnarock. Arvio is her brother.

She is the owner of Ceramic Gate, a shop selling pottery and sculptures.


Personal summary[]

Amirah is a Barnarock native and came to Sandrock with her brother Arvio. She's now the towns resident artist and produces ceramics from her shop, Ceramic Gate. She has an artist's heart and is talented at her craft.

Amirah is a soft-spoken individual who enjoys creating art as well as go sightseeing. She also loves the Sandrock specialty, Sand Tea. [1]

Physical appearance[]

Amirah has long, dark brown hair, a warmer skin tone and purple eyes. Her default outfit is a white and purple robe with a purple belt and satchel over a lighter purple dress along with ling purple socks and laced brown boots. She also wears a variety of gold, emerald green, and blue pieces of jewellery.

Social network[]

Amirah is the older sister to Arvio. She is also friends with Heidi.

  • Arvio.pngArvioSocial network family icon.png Family
  • Heidi.pngHeidiSocial network buddy icon.png Buddy


Amirah is one of the potential bachelorettes that can be befriended and romanced.[2][1] The player can confess their love to her with a Heart Knot. (Note: romantic options are still limited and marriage is not yet available!).


Buddy Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.png
Receive a 10% discount when consuming in the store
Friend Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.png
Receive a 20% discount when consuming in the store
Good Friend Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.png
Receive a 25% discount when consuming in the store

Social interaction[]

Social chat.png Chat[]

Chat is a basic social interaction available at any relationship level. Chatting with Amirah once a day can increase her relationship by 1 point; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation without any relationship gain.

Amirah's dialogue may change every day and every season. Amirah may also comment about certain events or missions. Higher relationship levels, including romantic involvement, also change Amirah's dialogue.


Amirah.png Oh! You must be one of the new Builders. Pleasure to meet you, I'm Amirah. I have the best selection of pottery and decors in town at the Ceramic Gate.
Amirah.png Mason probably sold everything in his workshop when he moved out, so why don't you take this? It's my welcome gift.


Amirah.png You should try your hand at pottery sometime; it's a good form of expression.
Amirah.png My brother and I come from far away; I miss a lot of things about our hometown. I bet you get homesick as well, right?
Amirah.png Have you gotten used to the heat yet? A lot of travelers complain about the Sandrock heat; but since I'm from Barnarock, I don't even notice it.
Amirah.png My brother is quite the charmer, you'd do well to remember that. Have you heard his "sun rising" compliment yet?
Amirah.png I hope you're someone who puts everything you've got into your creations. Towards the end, I thought Mason wasn't really trying anymore. I didn't like that.
Amirah.png My brother seems to think that selling things is like a game that can be won... If he tries to convince you to buy something, only do so if you really need it, alright?
Amirah.png Owen was telling me that there used to be a lot of people in Sandrock. I can't really imagine it...
Amirah.png Sorry, I'm not really much for conversation. My brother's the talkative one.


Amirah.png My other friends are rather garrulous, particularly Pablo. You and I are more reserved. Spending time with you... it can be a welcome change of pace.
Amirah.png Making pottery for me is very therapeutic, I recommend that everyone find a hobby that calms them down.
Amirah.png I try to find inspiration in everything around me: the flowing of the clouds, the shifting of the sands... I presume you do the same in your workshop, no?
Amirah.png For many, this desert is a glossy sheen, a river leaking sunlight; a beauty meant to be cherished, meant to inspire. But to people like us, it's a fiend; meant to inspire only more hardship. When we can have such opposite views of the same sight, it's not hard to understand why people fail to get along.
Amirah.png It's not easy to turn your passion into a career; but... you've managed to do that for yourself as well, haven't you?
Amirah.png My brother and I used to work in the same shop, but he decided he had 'bigger plans.' I will say I enjoy the peace and quiet...
Amirah.png Better tools make better commodities; in this way our lives are the same. But the way you've filled up your workshop with improvements... Perhaps I'm letting myself be held back by my equipment.
Amirah.png Sandrock is no place to settle down. If you ever receive a better offer elsewhere, with you and your talents, I think you should take it.


Amirah.png A lot of people have looked down on me because of where I'm from, or put me aside as just another pretty face, but... Not you. You always believed in me. I'm lucky to have someone like you in my life.
Amirah.png What's better than enjoying a piece of art? Enjoying it with your best friend! Ah, I just wish someone would set up a gallery here sometime...
Amirah.png I'd say you've become a great source of inspiration for me, a muse, if you will. I've grown to love the way you think. Quick: tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. It'll be the basis for my next project. Mhm...? Ah... well, I can't use that. We'll try again later.
Amirah.png Making art, taking care of my brother, sipping tea with my closest confidants... This is where I find peace. Though, the only difference between dullness and serenity is perspective. How do you see your life, I wonder?
Amirah.png Player, did you notice the bonzai tree by the door? You know, whenever night falls, and the moonlight lightly glimmers through its leaves, it will reflect these little shadows dancing on the ground. Do you notice these little moments too?
Amirah.png You know, I think we're quite similar. We're both very quiet, we don't waste words. Even face to face, little is said, and as such, little we would regret.
Amirah.png Heidi and Pablo are often at each other's throats at the tea parties. As jarring as it can be, there's really there's nothing to worry about; they're always back to being best friends soon enough.


Amirah.png I always wanted to find someone who is kind, motivated, and supports me in being the best person I can be. So I did.
Amirah.png Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I see an image of two poplar trees on a hill, their roots deeply driven and intertwined into a grassy knoll, surrounded by vast desert... It's an image, of course, of us.
Amirah.png It's hard. Even now. Keeping up with all my commissions, scrimping and saving until I can afford to bring my parents out of Barnarock... If I didn't have your support, I don't know what' I'd do...
Amirah.png Why don't we go for a walk in the desert? Two silhouettes stumbling across a glimmering valley of sand, boundless blue overhead, not a cloud, nor another soul in sight... Don't tell me that doesn't sound good to you.
Amirah.png I may not be able to do what you do, but I do hope that if you have work stories to share with me, good or bad, you'll tell me. I'll always be eager to listen. Mm. Oh, and to be fair... I don't think you can do what I do, either. Ahaha!
Amirah.png I was chatting with Arvio the other day, and he really worships you... he thinks you're amazing. I feel like he's already considered you as part of the family.
Amirah.png Back then, taking care of my parents, taking care of Arvio... Sometimes it was suffocating. But now that I'm with you, I can breathe easy...

During a sandstorm[]

Regular lines[]
Amirah.png Sandstorms aren't all bad; I get plenty of time to concentrate on my work, as I tend to not get any... visitors.
Amirah.png Sandstorms can be frightening, but I must say I do enjoy being here, in the calm of the storm... in fact, it's quite inspiring.
Amirah.png The sandstorms here are really something that Barnarock doesn't have to deal with... I think my parents would struggle to adapt if they move here.
Amirah.png Heidi has the same thoughts as me on weather like this. We're both happy to stay at home working. Pablo is different, though. Whenever we're discussing what we did during the sandstorm, he's always so down and sullen.
Amirah.png I was thinking, if the sandstorms weren't so violent, going out could almost be nice. Kind of a romantic notion; the two of us walking with an umbrella under gentle falling sand, don't you think?


Day of the Bright Sun[]
Amirah.png The Day of the Bright Sun is a lovely opportunity to give some of my works out to the people of the town as gifts. I think that a gift made by your own hands is always so much more meaningful.
Day of Memories[]
Amirah.png On this day, I have made it my tradition to mold a special urn, one to commemorate a friend who did not survive the journey from Barnarock... And all those else who have been lost to the cruel sands.
Running of the Yakmel[]
Amirah.png Such a strange holiday, we would never think of doing anything like this in Barnarock. But I must admit, there is something alluring about the savage nature of such a contest...


Amirah.png My younger brother and I sometimes would have joint birthday celebrations in Barnarock; his birthday is the sixth of Autumn, mine is the eleventh.
After the first sandstorm[]
Amirah.png Is it a coincidence that the sandstorms seem to be getting worse? In any case, it surely seems like a bad omen to me.
After Logan's train-hijacking[]
Amirah.png I read about bandits in books, but I never expected to deal with them in real life. If Logan keeps this up, I fear our lawmen will run out of sympathy sooner rather than later...

Social gift.png Gift[]

This table contains gifting data extracted from the game files and may contain unavailable or unimplemented items. Any errors or changes should be reported on the article comments of this page. Thank you!
  • Amirah can be given one gift per day. Giving the same gift every day for several days may result in diminishing rewards.
  • Every giftable item in the game has a base point value when gifted. The Neutrals row of the table below only lists neutral items that give an increased reward compared to their base value.
  • The quality of items gifted may affect the relationship points gained, with higher quality items giving extra points.
  • Birthdays and festival days do not affect the relationship points gained. However, giving a gift on Amirah' birthday will give a unique dialogue.
Social gift.png Gifting Items
Gift Love Loved
Conch Shell Goddess StatueConch Shell Goddess Statue (+16)
Yakboy SwingYakboy Swing (+16)
Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted PlantBig Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant (+15)
Four Leaf Clover NecklaceFour Leaf Clover Necklace (+15)
Leisurely Rattan ChairLeisurely Rattan Chair (+15)
Retro FanRetro Fan (+15)
Rustic CabinetRustic Cabinet (+15)
Rustic Lounging ChairRustic Lounging Chair (+15)
Cute StoolCute Stool (+14)
Elegant Flower BoxElegant Flower Box (+14)
Explorer HatExplorer Hat (+14)
Hemp CarpetHemp Carpet (+14)
Rustic Dining TableRustic Dining Table (+14)
Two-tone WaistbandTwo-tone Waistband (+14)
Cute ArmchairCute Armchair (+13)
Orchid EarringsOrchid Earrings (+13)
Ozdak Dancing StatueOzdak Dancing Statue (+12)
Ozdak Rooster Pose StatueOzdak Rooster Pose Statue (+12)
Ozdak Step Dancing StatueOzdak Step Dancing Statue (+12)
Ozdak Sun Worship StatueOzdak Sun Worship Statue (+12)
SandgearSandgear (+12)
Painting: DesertPainting: Desert (+11)
Gift Like Liked
BrushBrush (+8)
Copper Rose BroochCopper Rose Brooch (+8)
DiamondDiamond (+8)
Frying PanFrying Pan (+8)
AntidoteAntidote (+7)
Copper PotCopper Pot (+7)
Glass LensGlass Lens (+7)
GoldGold (+7)
Golden Bell PillGolden Bell Pill (+7)
Orchid ExtractOrchid Extract (+7)
Peacock Feather BroochPeacock Feather Brooch (+7)
RosestoneRosestone (+7)
Strong MedicineStrong Medicine (+7)
Sweet Potato with MeatSweet Potato with Meat (+7)
Tempered GlassTempered Glass (+7)
Wind ChimesWind Chimes (+7)
AmberAmber (+6)
BloodstoneBloodstone (+6)
FluoriteFluorite (+6)
Full Moon BraceletFull Moon Bracelet (+6)
Heatstroke MedicineHeatstroke Medicine (+6)
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli (+6)
Lavender GemLavender Gem (+6)
Mushroom SoupMushroom Soup (+6)
OpalOpal (+6)
Pottery WheelPottery Wheel (+6)
Sandberry Chestnut MilkSandberry Chestnut Milk (+6)
SapphireSapphire (+6)
Silk ScarfSilk Scarf (+6)
Skin CreamSkin Cream (+6)
SunscreenSunscreen (+6)
Tomato Beef BrisketTomato Beef Brisket (+6)
Ceramic PlateCeramic Plate (+5)
Facial CreamFacial Cream (+5)
Fettling KnifeFettling Knife (+5)
Salt and Pepper MushroomSalt and Pepper Mushroom (+5)
TopazTopaz (+5)
Sand-proof ScarfSand-proof Scarf (+4)
Totem ShawlTotem Shawl (+4)
Gift Neutral Special neutrals
Basic AwningBasic Awning (+6)
SunshadeSunshade (+6)
Curling IronCurling Iron (+5)
Gift Dislike Disliked
Leather GlovesLeather Gloves (-1)
SandSnakeKingSandSnakeKing (-1)
ScorpsterKingScorpsterKing (-1)
Animal Skin CarpetAnimal Skin Carpet (-2)
Bone NecklaceBone Necklace (-2)
Cowprint SofaCowprint Sofa (-2)
Hardened LeatherHardened Leather (-2)
Horned AdderHorned Adder (-2)
Large Horned AdderLarge Horned Adder (-2)
Leather BeltLeather Belt (-2)
Refined SuedeRefined Suede (-2)
Shiny ScorpionShiny Scorpion (-2)
Spider Web PendantSpider Web Pendant (-2)
Tanned LeatherTanned Leather (-2)
Wolf Tooth PendantWolf Tooth Pendant (-2)
Yakmel Horn BraceletYakmel Horn Bracelet (-2)
Yakmel Horn CombYakmel Horn Comb (-2)
Ant HoneyAnt Honey (-3)
Basic LeatherBasic Leather (-3)
Bone RingBone Ring (-3)
Chitin ShellChitin Shell (-3)
Coarse LeatherCoarse Leather (-3)
Complete SkinComplete Skin (-3)
Copper ScrapCopper Scrap (-3)
Crude LeatherCrude Leather (-3)
Damaged Animal PeltDamaged Animal Pelt (-3)
Dilapidated Dining TableDilapidated Dining Table (-3)
Dilapidated engineDilapidated engine (-3)
Dilapidated FurnaceDilapidated Furnace (-3)
Eagle Wing BonesEagle Wing Bones (-3)
Earth Dragon DryEarth Dragon Dry (-3)
Heliconia NailHeliconia Nail (-3)
Large Sand SnakeLarge Sand Snake (-3)
Plastic ScrapPlastic Scrap (-3)
Raw Animal SkinRaw Animal Skin (-3)
Sand ScallopSand Scallop (-3)
Sand SnakeSand Snake (-3)
SandwormSandworm (-3)
Scarab WingsScarab Wings (-3)
ScorpsterScorpster (-3)
ShellipedeShellipede (-3)
SnailSnail (-3)
SpikeSpike (-3)
Stone ScrapStone Scrap (-3)
SuedeSuede (-3)
Thick CarapaceThick Carapace (-3)
Wood ScrapWood Scrap (-3)
Worn TiresWorn Tires (-3)
Yakmel HornYakmel Horn (-3)
Gift Hate Hated
Abandoned dollAbandoned doll (-5)
Asphalt road fragments with a bit of historyAsphalt road fragments with a bit of history (-5)
Bronze DaggersBronze Daggers (-5)
Bronze GreatswordBronze Greatsword (-5)
Bronze SpearBronze Spear (-5)
Bronze Sword and ShieldBronze Sword and Shield (-5)
Burnt coffee tableBurnt coffee table (-5)
DregsDregs (-5)
Exhausted fitness equipmentExhausted fitness equipment (-5)
Feces Shell EggsFeces Shell Eggs (-5)
Food ScrapsFood Scraps (-5)
Iron DaggerIron Dagger (-5)
Iron GreatswordIron Greatsword (-5)
Iron SpearIron Spear (-5)
Iron Sword and ShieldIron Sword and Shield (-5)
Lizard ToothLizard Tooth (-5)
Motivational HammerMotivational Hammer (-5)
MucusMucus (-5)
Pistol BulletPistol Bullet (-5)
Ruined ClothRuined Cloth (-5)
Ruined GlassRuined Glass (-5)
Ruined PaperRuined Paper (-5)
Snake SalivaSnake Saliva (-5)
Snake ToothSnake Tooth (-5)
Stone DaggersStone Daggers (-5)
Stone SpearStone Spear (-5)
Stone SwordStone Sword (-5)
Stone Sword and ShieldStone Sword and Shield (-5)
Strange StoneStrange Stone (-5)
Textile ScrapTextile Scrap (-5)
TV with broken screenTV with broken screen (-5)
Unlabelled MedicineUnlabelled Medicine (-5)
VenomVenom (-5)
Vintage assault rifleVintage assault rifle (-5)
Vintage PistolVintage Pistol (-5)
Gift Neutral Refused
ManureManure (-8)
Listed values are without skills giving extra points.
Lists may be incomplete or may contain unimplemented items.

Gift responses[]

Some items gifted to Amirah will yield a special non-generic response.

When gifted a Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant:

Amirah.png This flower exudes such purity. Understated, with an alluring fragrance. Truly breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this with me.

When gifted a Conch Shell Goddess Statue:

Amirah.png Mm, the very shape of this sculpture tells a story. For all the awful things the Old World wrought, they also brought such exceptional art to the world. I guess it's as with all things, there's always beauty to be found in the rubble of heartbreak... Thank you, Player.

When gifted a Painting: Desert:

Amirah.png The colors on this are very vivid. Actually, it has quite a strong impact... I can't look away. A good painting is an eye into the heart of the painter. It's the same with pottery, or with your construction, I'm sure. We're all artisans, and our soul is in everything we do.

When gifted a Retro Fan:

Amirah.png Did you make this yourself? You really have a talent for crafts. It's really warming to see another artisan, Heidi is really dedicated, and Pablo likes to wax artistic, but our fields are not so alike... sometimes I feel a little alone. It's nice to know you we share a passion.

When gifted furniture she loves:

Amirah.png The design of this is so quaint and peaceful. It has that kind of homely feel. Hmm, it gives me an idea for an accompanying piece, in fact...

When gifted sandgear she loves:

Amirah.png Thank you, this is very considerate. The sandstorms are a real trial, it's something I've yet to properly get used to. Though our businesses here are working, it's still a tough place to live. I really appreciate your support, though. It means a lot.

When gifted accessories she loves:

Amirah.png Awe inspiring. But wait... I hope it wasn't too expensive? You needn't make such expenditures on the likes of me. You work so hard for what you earn, you deserve to save for yourself.

When gifted relics she loves:

Amirah.png Wow, this is so uncommon... thank you. It's amazing to see how the Old World created their works. I wonder if they used to same techniques as we do now... It's such a mystery, I wish we could rediscover their secrets.

When gifted Gold or gems she likes:

Amirah.png This is really beautiful. I have some designs that could make use of this, actually. Some potters don't like using gems in their works, but I think if they're used tastefully, they can elevate a work quite substantially.

When gifted medicine she likes:

Amirah.png I was running low on this. My business is my livelihood, and a single day away from it affects me severely. Making sure I have protection from illness is quite important.

When gifted a Brush or a Canvas:

Amirah.png Thank you. I get so swamped with work that I often don't have time to get new supplies. I appreciate the help.

When gifted ceramic products or tools she likes:

Amirah.png Thank you. This is useful. Tools for ceramics are usually rare in Sandrock, I didn't expect you to find one.

When gifted accessories she likes:

Amirah.png This is pretty, thank you. I love the craftsmanship.

When gifted cosmetics:

Amirah.png You know sometimes I get so wrapped up with work that I forget to take care of myself. Clay is wonderful to work with, but isn't always the best on the skin. Thank you for caring.

When gifted Glass Lens or Tempered Glass:

Amirah.png Thanks. This looks really well made. I think I can use this to make something really special.

When gifted shawls or scarves she likes:

Amirah.png This will be really helpful. I spend an awful lot of time outside, getting materials and such. Making sure your body is healthy is the most important thing you can do. Thank you.

When gifted Wind Chimes:

Amirah.png How enchanting. What better way to be woken up in the morning than by a peaceful melody? Thank you, Player.

When gifted a Basic Awning or a Sunshade:

Amirah.png Thank you. This will be helpful.

When gifted a Curling Iron:

Amirah.png Thank you, I'll be able to do my hair at home now.

When gifted animal skins, leather, and leather products:

Amirah.png I know that some artists like to use these in their works... I don't. Maybe I'll bury this.

When gifted desert critters:

Amirah.png I don't really like reptiles. I find their scaly skin rather... unpleasant. Don't give me something like this again, please. I'm going to set it free.

When gifted weapons:

Amirah.png These gifts are in bad taste. You should know by now that I hate any sort of weaponry. I find it barbaric. The amount of problems that weapons have caused humanity... I'm going to get rid of this.

Social play.png Play[]

Once the player has become buddies with Amirah, they can schedule a play date together. Amirah can participate in all playdate activities, including playing Whac-A-Mole.

Play date dialogue[]

Start and end[]

Play date starts:

Amirah.png I'll follow your lead, Player. I've just come out for the company.

Play date end in a good mood:

Amirah.png I've found this time to be meaningful. Thank you, Player. You know how to treat a lady, haha...

Play date end in a neutral mood:

Amirah.png Hm. Yes. Well, it was nice getting some fresh air. So long, Player.

Play date end in a bad mood:

Amirah.png ...Goodbye.
Sitting and chatting[]

Suggesting to start the activity:

Amirah.png I always enjoy reflecting here by the water, care to join me?

Compliment appearance:

Amirah.png Nothing I ever asked for. And temporary in nature; far from the most important thing in life.
Amirah.png Thank you, but there's only so much I can express using myself as a vessel. I find there is an infinite amount of beauty that can come from a canvas or a potter's wheel...
Amirah.png Hm. I've heard that one before. But thank you, anyway.
Amirah.png You're very sweet. I wish I could put you in my Sand Tea.
Amirah.png Kind of you to say, though I prefer to express my inner beauty...

Compliment work:

Amirah.png Thank you. Everything I create comes from a place of some emotion. I hope others are able to receive that on some level.
Amirah.png Well, I do find it fascinating. The cold clay, brought to life and preserved by a burning flame, what's not to love?
Amirah.png I think you and I are not so different in this regard. We both pay very careful attention to what we create. In fact, that's something I admire about you...
Amirah.png Well, it was an easy choice to get into art. It's the only thing I ever had much passion for growing up.
Amirah.png Thank you. I am devoted to my art. And if I may say so, it takes a keen eye to appreciate that.

Compliment personality:

Amirah.png Well, I suppose I can be a bit slow to warm up to people, but I don't think I'm any worse off for it. In my work, for example, I'd like for my art to speak for itself; I feel far from compelled to try to convince anyone of anything.
Amirah.png You should reserve your praise for my brother; I think he would appreciate it more than me.
Amirah.png I am simply myself, and nothing more. But, I should appreciate that we are so compatible. Thank you.
Amirah.png Judgement of personality... it's all rather subjective, isn't it? I wouldn't "rate" someone's personality. I spend time with people I enjoy spending time with.
Amirah.png Thank you. To those who say I can be "hard to approach," I say, "You all know where my shop is..."

Suggesting to start the activity:

Amirah.png I'll never turn down a good meal from the Blue Moon. Shall we?

Asked about work:

Amirah.png I don't really determine my success by my sales, like some people I know. I just focus on improving my work, and am confident the results will speak for themselves.
Amirah.png I don't consider my job mundane at all. Every new pottery is a new form of expression. It's very relaxing, you should try it.
Amirah.png The demand for my pottery is quite manageable; I create at my own pace. Some days, I don't bother to make anything at all; I simply go out and seek inspiration.
Amirah.png When people commission pottery from me, I listen to their direction, but once I begin, I often find new inspiration and ideas throughout the creative process.
Amirah.png On occasion, the customers and I don't see eye to eye on the final product, but luckily I can count on Arvio to sweet talk them into seeing things my way.

When ordering food:

Amirah.png Don't worry about me. Just order what you like.

Happy with the food player has ordered:

Amirah.png You're so attentive, everything you ordered is my favorite. Next time, you should order the things you like too.

Neutral towards the food player has ordered:

Amirah.png Thank you, this will be a lovely meal.

Unhappy with the food player has ordered:

Amirah.png These dishes... nevermind. Thank you for inviting me.
Sand drawing[]

Suggesting to start the activity:

Amirah.png You know, I often trial ideas by sand painting. Would you like to try?

Drawing successful:

Amirah.png As in both our respective professions, sand painting is a chance for our imaginations and creativity to shine and, at times, run wild. I quite enjoyed this, thank you, Player.

Drawing unsuccessful:

Amirah.png Failing in one medium does not make you a failed artist. Try again sometime.

Suggesting to start the activity:

Amirah.png Noisy as they are, the spectacle keeps me returning for more. Shall we light some fireworks?

Happy with the fireworks display:

Amirah.png Although they are fleeting, fireworks really bring such an extended joy. It's quite mesmerizing.

Unhappy with the fireworks display:

Amirah.png It's not quite as impressive as I remember...

Suggesting to start the activity:

Amirah.png Hitting these poor little moles does seem rather cruel. But I suppose it is just pretend...

Player wins:

Amirah.png Ah, you've won. An expected result. Though I admit, this was rather more fun than I imagined.

Player loses:

Amirah.png Oh, I won. You know, there's more to this game than I first thought. It's more about reactions and patterns and not just... mindless violence. Though it is still a bit of that.

Game ends in a draw:

Amirah.png A tie. Mm. Not too surprising; we artists do like to draw...

Social critters.png Critters[]

Amirah can play Critters with the player up to three times per day.

Social mission.png Missions[]

Side missions[]

Side Mission New The Moonlighter
Side Mission New "Desert Rose"
Side Mission New A Man of Quality
Side Mission New Product Recall
Side Mission New Some Picnics Are No Picnic



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