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Bermuda Bermuda 18 June 2021

Welcome to Sandrock!

Welcome to My Time at Sandrock Wiki (MTaS Wiki)!

If you are familiar with the My Time series, you've probably heard of My Time at Portia Wiki (MTaP Wiki). To summarize, MTaP Wiki is the largest database for all things My Time at Portia, with a comprehensive list of character information, gifting data, missions, items, locations, and more.

Our reason for branching to a new wiki is to allow for uniformity and reduce conflicting information between the two games. Our goal as editors of the new wiki has not changed; we will continue to strive to meet the demands of our players by providing them factual information and guides to help promote a better gameplay.

As a new wiki, we are lacking in information. Due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement, we have …

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