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Burgess is very honest. He abides by all the orders and rules he receives. As a member of the church, he is in charge of the water tower. He is conscientious and loyal, if a little uptight.
— In-game bio

Burgess is a character in Sandrock, and one of the few natives to the town. He is a devotee of the Church of the Light and runs the Water World.


Personal summary[]

Burgess appears to be an honest, conscientious, loyal, but uptight individual and a member of the Church of the Light. However, he is shown to be very anxious to always do the right thing. While good hearted and peaceful by nature, Burgess is strongly encouraged by both his job and Pen to face the threats of Sandrock. He is also a amateur cook, and displays a love for fish.

Burgess patrols the lands throughout the day. He will rebuke the player if he sees them cutting a tree or a cactus, as it is against local law.

Physical appearance[]

Burgess has blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes. His default outfit is a tan vest over a yellow button up long-sleeve shirt, along with black pants, blacks socks and brown sandals.

Social network[]

Burgess is friends with Pen and Dan-bi. Matilda and Miguel are also in his social network.

  • Dan-bi.pngDan-biSocial network buddy icon.png Buddy
  • Matilda.pngMatildaSocial network buddy icon.png Buddy
  • Miguel.pngMiguelSocial network buddy icon.png Buddy
  • Pen.pngPenSocial network buddy icon.png Buddy


Burgess can be befriended and romanced. (Note: Burgess is confirmed by developers as a romantic candidate but this has not yet been added to the game.).

If Burgess witnesses the player chopping down a cactus or tree, the player loses 25 relationship points with Burgess and 100 gols.


Buddy Star.pngStar.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.png
Send gifts through the mail sometimes
There is a 3% chance to receive a letter from Burgess in the morning with 2 Water attached.
Mail friend gift opened.png

From: Burgess


Hope all's well over at your workshop (I can see you from the water tower). I had a little extra money on hand, so I thought maybe I could get some water for you to aid you in your quest to build stuff for our town! I'm just doing my part! You just keep those machines running! Good luck!

WaterWater (2)
Mail friend gift opened.png

From: Burgess


Hey guess what, do you know what day it is? It's Waterday! Haha, just kidding, there's no such thing as Waterday, I made it up! I'm so random! But here's some water anyway, see ya!

WaterWater (2)

Social interaction[]

Social chat.png Chat[]

See Dialogue subpage for all Burgess's dialogue.

Chat is a basic social interaction available at any relationship level. Chatting with Burgess once a day can increase his relationship by 1 point; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation without any relationship gain.

Burgess's dialogue may change every day and every season. Burgess may also comment about certain events or missions. Higher relationship levels also change Burgess's dialogue.

Social gift.png Gift[]

This table contains gifting data extracted from the game files and may contain unavailable or unimplemented items. Any errors or changes should be reported on the article comments of this page. Thank you!
  • Burgess can be given one gift per day. Giving the same gift every day for several days may result in diminishing rewards.
  • Every giftable item in the game has a base point value when gifted. The Neutrals row of the table below only lists neutral items that give an increased reward compared to their base value.
  • The quality of items gifted may affect the relationship points gained, with higher quality items giving extra points.
  • Birthdays and festival days do not affect the relationship points gained. However, giving a gift on Burgess's birthday will give a unique dialogue.
Gifting Gifting Items
Gifting Loved
Chestnut Fish-headsChestnut Fish-heads (+17)
Large Desert MudfishLarge Desert Mudfish (+17)
Yakboy Rocking ChairYakboy Rocking Chair (+16)
Agave LeafAgave Leaf (+15)
Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted PlantBig Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant (+15)
CistancheCistanche (+15)
Elegant Sun UmbrellaElegant Sun Umbrella (+15)
Rhino Horn CactusRhino Horn Cactus (+15)
Yakboy Display BoardYakboy Display Board (+15)
Yakboy MirrorYakboy Mirror (+15)
Cute RefrigeratorCute Refrigerator (+14)
Cute Single BedCute Single Bed (+14)
Steamed SandfishSteamed Sandfish (+14)
Potted CactusPotted Cactus (+13)
Rib MeatRib Meat (+12)
Yakboy Geometric CarpetYakboy Geometric Carpet (+12)
Lithops Potted PlantsLithops Potted Plants (+10)
Mountain Rose Potted PlantMountain Rose Potted Plant (+10)
Gifting Liked
Dew CollectorDew Collector (+9)
DiamondDiamond (+8)
Frying PanFrying Pan (+8)
Shiny ScorpionShiny Scorpion (+8)
Spice RackSpice Rack (+8)
Chestnut PorkChestnut Pork (+7)
Copper PotCopper Pot (+7)
GoldGold (+7)
RosestoneRosestone (+7)
Soup PotSoup Pot (+7)
Watering CanWatering Can (+7)
BiocrustBiocrust (+6)
Five Spice PowderFive Spice Powder (+6)
FluoriteFluorite (+6)
Lavender GemLavender Gem (+6)
Mountain RoseMountain Rose (+6)
OpalOpal (+6)
Potted Ball CactusPotted Ball Cactus (+6)
Sand Date FlowerSand Date Flower (+6)
Sand Tea NoodlesSand Tea Noodles (+6)
ScorpsterScorpster (+6)
Tomato Beef BrisketTomato Beef Brisket (+6)
Curry PowderCurry Powder (+5)
FertilizerFertilizer (+5)
Sand ScallopSand Scallop (+5)
Soy SauceSoy Sauce (+5)
Sweet Sandberry JuiceSweet Sandberry Juice (+5)
TartTart (+5)
VinegarVinegar (+5)
WaterWater (+5)
Yakmel MilkYakmel Milk (+5)
Gifting Special neutrals
Basic AwningBasic Awning (+6)
Explorer HatExplorer Hat (+6)
Sand HatSand Hat (+6)
SunshadeSunshade (+6)
SandgearSandgear (+5)
Heatstroke MedicineHeatstroke Medicine (+4)
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli (+4)
Sun ShawlSun Shawl (+4)
SunscreenSunscreen (+4)
Wind ChimesWind Chimes (+4)
BloodstoneBloodstone (+3)
Facial CreamFacial Cream (+3)
Feather FanFeather Fan (+3)
Ice Silk TurbanIce Silk Turban (+3)
Sand-proof ScarfSand-proof Scarf (+3)
Skin CreamSkin Cream (+3)
TopazTopaz (+3)
Gifting Disliked
BarbellBarbell (-1)
Motivational HammerMotivational Hammer (-1)
Arm StretcherArm Stretcher (-2)
Cross AnchorCross Anchor (-2)
DNA ModelDNA Model (-2)
Equatorial MountEquatorial Mount (-2)
Flag Waving Astronaut ModelFlag Waving Astronaut Model (-2)
Floating GalaxyFloating Galaxy (-2)
Golfing Astronaut ModelGolfing Astronaut Model (-2)
Guitarist Astronaut ModelGuitarist Astronaut Model (-2)
HardenerHardener (-2)
Inflated Astronaut ModelInflated Astronaut Model (-2)
Plastic ShellPlastic Shell (-2)
Rusty RobotRusty Robot (-2)
Sailor's HornSailor's Horn (-2)
Ship Wheel ModelShip Wheel Model (-2)
Spaceship ModelSpaceship Model (-2)
SpacesuitSpacesuit (-2)
Ant HoneyAnt Honey (-3)
Copper ScrapCopper Scrap (-3)
Dilapidated Dining TableDilapidated Dining Table (-3)
Dilapidated FurnaceDilapidated Furnace (-3)
Dilapidated engineDilapidated engine (-3)
Medicine BallMedicine Ball (-3)
PlasticPlastic (-3)
Plastic ScrapPlastic Scrap (-3)
Stone ScrapStone Scrap (-3)
Wood ScrapWood Scrap (-3)
Worn TiresWorn Tires (-3)
Gifting Hated
Abandoned dollAbandoned doll (-5)
Asphalt road fragments with a bit of historyAsphalt road fragments with a bit of history (-5)
Burnt coffee tableBurnt coffee table (-5)
DregsDregs (-5)
Exhausted fitness equipmentExhausted fitness equipment (-5)
Feces Shell EggsFeces Shell Eggs (-5)
Food ScrapsFood Scraps (-5)
GunpowderGunpowder (-5)
Lizard ToothLizard Tooth (-5)
MucusMucus (-5)
NiterNiter (-5)
Ruined ClothRuined Cloth (-5)
Ruined GlassRuined Glass (-5)
Ruined PaperRuined Paper (-5)
Snake SalivaSnake Saliva (-5)
Snake ToothSnake Tooth (-5)
Strange StoneStrange Stone (-5)
Textile ScrapTextile Scrap (-5)
TV with broken screenTV with broken screen (-5)
Unlabelled MedicineUnlabelled Medicine (-5)
VenomVenom (-5)
Gifting Refused Nothing
Listed values are without skills giving extra points.
Lists may be incomplete or may contain unimplemented items.

Social play.png Play[]

Once the player has become buddies with Burgess, they can schedule a play date together. Burgess can participate in all playdate activities excluding Whac-A-Mole.

Social critters.png Critters[]

Burgess can play Critters with the player up to three times per day.

Social mission.png Missions[]

Main missions[]

Main Mission New Pitching In
Main Mission New Practice What You Preach
Main Mission New Out of the Past
Main Mission New Sandapalooza

Side missions[]

Side Mission New The Gift of Water[1]
Side Mission New Pedagogy Postponed
Side Mission New Instant Karma
Side Mission New Operation: Flowergate



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