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A variety of non-player characters (NPCs) can be found in My Time at Sandrock. Not all of the characters are available from the start of Beta Access (which has now ended) or Early Access, but more characters, character-specific content, and social interactions will be added as the game is further developed.

Mason, Mint, and the Mysterious Man are currently the only characters from Sandrock that also make an appearance in My Time at Portia.



Marriage candidates[]

Certain characters are romanceable and are depicted with heart icons on their respective social profile (not yet added in-game for everyone on the romance list).


With the exception of Mason, all other characters can be befriended.


Only X can be befriended.


Rocky's workcrew members use the generic man or woman portraits; three of these characters cannot be befriended:

  • Bamna
  • Fei
  • Peck

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