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Combat is a game mechanic that allows the player to battle against enemies for experience and loot. In combat, the player or enemy must completely deplete the opponent's health (health points, or HP) to zero HP in order to be considered the victor.

The combat in the My Time series aims to be friendly to casual players, including players who do not normally engage in combative games. In My Time at Portia, combat was simple and did not allow for much complexity aside from a single hit combo per weapon, dodging, basic buffs, and basic environmental traps that could only hurt the player, rather than enemies. This combat system is expanded in My Time at Sandrock to be more visually appealing and fluid, as well as slightly more complex. In addition to environmental traps that can now affect enemies, two new mechanics are introduced: the 'break' system and 'toughness' level.[1]


Randomized attributes

Attributes, or stats, determine things such as the amount of health and stamina the player has, the susceptibility to detrimental effects such as poison, and the amount of damage done to others. This includes damage done to enemies and damage done to objects such as trees and mineable rocks to harvest materials.

The player can increase their attributes through different ways: by leveling up through gaining experience, equipping weapons, wearing equipment, or using consumables that temporarily or permanently increase the player's stats.

Each piece of equipment has randomized attributes of their own, influenced by the quality of materials used to craft the item.[1]


Toughness and break system

Attacking is the main mechanic used to deplete an enemy's health gauge to zero. Additionally, the player can break an enemy's defense. Each enemy has its own level of toughness that can be broken. Certain enemies have weaknesses against different types of weapons or effects, allowing their toughness level to shatter. When an enemy's toughness level is broken, an explosive visual signifier plays, and the enemy flinches at the player's attacks.[1]


The player can defend by wearing stronger equipment or dodging an attack.[1]


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