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Main missions are mostly directed towards the main storyline, or a main character or plot development. These missions are usually completed in a sequence, though some missions do not appear for weeks or until after the next fireside meeting. Other missions may not be directly related to the main storyline and are usually activated when a certain criterion is met or as the calendar progresses.

Completing main missions advances the overall story of the game, including the technological level at the player's disposal. Some missions allow access to new locations, while others improve the atmosphere, appearance, and sometimes functionality of an existing location.

The player should be careful to any main mission whether it has a time limit or not. Both types exist.

Main missions are displayed on the map with the following icons:

  • Main Mission New NPC with new main mission
  • Main Mission Follow Up Main mission follow-up (ex.: designated NPC to talk to to continue mission, etc.)
  • Main Mission Location Location to place item for main mission

Main story chronology[]

Here is a timeline of all main story missions. They typically trigger after the previous one has been completed.

Mission: Recipe for FunMission: SandapaloozaMission: Out of the Past
Map Icon Mission New.png Name Alarm clock icon.png Time Gols.png Gols Exp.png Exp Reputation.png Rep Prompt happy.png RP
Welcome to Sandrock! None 50 Mi-an.png Mi-an +10
The New Builder None 50 150 10
Becoming Official None 50 100 30 Matilda.png Matilda +5
First Day on the Job None 50
Picking Up the Slack None 600 300 20 Rocky.png Rocky +10
Mi-an.png Mi-an +10
The Show Must Go On None 800 400 25 Matilda.png Matilda +10
Mi-an.png Mi-an +10
Farewell Party None 100 Matilda.png Matilda +5
Cover My Glass 2 days 200 330 15
Pitching In 24 hours 50 300 Burgess.png Burgess +5
The Old Man and the Tree None 100
Moisture Farm Blues None 1,750 600 35 Zeke.png Zeke +20
The Grass is Greener None 80 500 15
Operation De-Geeglate None 1,500 400 25 Justice.png Justice +10
Heidi.png Heidi +10
Mi-an.png Mi-an +10
Belly of the Beast None 350 800 Justice.png Justice +10
In Trusses we Trust None 2,000 800 40
Paradise Lost and Found None 300 460
Qi's Gungam Opus None 800 600 25
The Inspector None 500 Mint.png Mint +5
Keep on Rockin' 7 days 300 900 30 Rocky.png Rocky +15
Mint Condition None 500 600 30 Mint.png Mint +20
Where's Mi-an None 500 Elsie.png Elsie +5
Mi-an.png Mi-an +5
Appetite for Construction None 6,000 3,000 60 Mi-an.png Mi-an +10

Main missions outside the timeline[]

Practice What You Preach
Map Icon Mission New.png Name Alarm clock icon.png Time Gols.png Gols Exp.png Exp Reputation.png Rep Prompt happy.png RP
On the Shoulders of Buried Giants None 100 150 5 Qi.png Qi +5

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