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Monsters are creatures that are found throughout the My Time world. Many are hostile and will engage the player in combat when within a certain range, though some are passive until provoked. If a creature is typically docile and cannot be engaged in combat, it is instead considered an animal. These creatures can be hunted for loot.

Many of the monsters in My Time at Sandrock are entirely unique to it, though at least one Bandirat, first seen in My Time at Portia, has been confirmed to appear in Sandrock.[1]



Calm monsters are passive unless provoked.


Aggressive monsters are always hostile and will attack on sight.

Common Monsters[]

Elite Monsters[]

Boss Monsters[]


  1. Official Pathea Discord. Zede05@Pathea. Published December 4, 2020. "I can confirm there is at least 1 Bandirat in Sandrock."

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