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The changelist, also commonly referred to as changelog or update log, is a compiled list of added or removed features, tweaks, and fixes. Changelists are posted by Pathea Games, the developers of My Time at Sandrock, and are typically released when a new update goes live.

The game's version number is visible in-game in the lower right corner of the start menu screen. It is useful (and sometimes required) to provide when needing assistance from Pathea Games with bugs or issues.


Alpha 0.4


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38991.37ce8fbd was released on June 15.[1]
Single player:


  • Adjusted Qi not to like Broken Power Stone
  • Deleted tools from Mian's desires
  • Adjusted the NPC's relationship network to make it more in line with the setting
  • Adjusted Krystal's behavior to prevent her from always staying at home and preventing players from turning in quests
  • Adjusted some scripts of some NPCs to correspond with their settings


  • Fixed Mian's abnormal behaviors that led by a walk into the Saloon in the mission "Takin' it Easy"
  • Fixed some NPCs' abnormal behaviors in the fireside meeting after the mission "Belly of the Beast"
  • Fixed an issue with the Achievement 'Sepia Toned Memories' not unlocking, the Mort's last photo can now be found in the Gecko Station Ruins.
  • Fixed an issue with the Achievement "First Love" not unlocking
  • Fixed a freezing issue when getting a lot of items at once
  • Fixed some sound effects' issues for Critters and mailboxes
  • Fixed an issue where mounting could cause falling damages
  • Fixed some errors that might cause lags when existing at the end of the cutscene
  • Fixed some other issues that might cause lags in the gathering system after loading
  • Fixed some errors that might cause lags with the Treasure Detector
  • Fixed some errors that might cause lags with the destructible items in the scenes
  • Fixed some errors that might cause lags when the train couldn't locate the rails
  • Fixed some clothing issues in the Day of Memories
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly reloading would cause anomalous weapon attributes and anomalous damage.


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38965.7d65b0dc was released on June 7.[2]
Single player:


  • Updated the audio engine and fixed some freezing issues caused by the audio (no more distorted audio before crashing!)
  • Fixed some issues with Mi-an's behavior after completing the mission “Builder Cruise”
  • Fixed some camera issues after completing the mission “The Inspector”
  • Fixed the issue where some players were not allowed to enter the dungeon in the mission “Operation De-Geeglate”
  • Fixed some NPCs’ eyeball issues
  • Fixed an issue when NPCs or mounts followed the player into the Running of the Yakmels event
  • Fixed the issue where weapons consume the stamina incorrectly
  • Fixed a dialogue error when NPC refuses to spar
  • Fixed some issues in the gathering system after loading
  • Fixed some issues in the furniture coloring system
  • Fixed an issue where the jump action may cause some issues after becoming camouflaged during the Ghosthunting event

Adjusted & Optimized:

  • Adjusted the probability of bombs appearing on the 3rd floor of the Abandoned Ruins and the 3rd and 9th floors of the Gecko Station
  • Optimized problem where some UI audios are too loud
  • Optimized the sound effects when multiple machines are running at the same time


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38919.46b54352 was released on June 3.[3]
Single player:


  • Fixed some issues that were caused by the Yakmel milk after the mission: A Fake Friend.
  • Fixed some issues with the consumption items for the Refiner.
  • Fixed a few placement issues in the mission: A Window to the Cosmos (if you still have issues, go to bed and it should be resolved the next day).


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38915.945b4b86 was released on June 2.[4]
Single player:

Adjusted & Optimized:

  • Adjusted the rules evaluation in Hazardous Ruins to make it easier for players to reach higher ratings
  • Adjusted some Hugo, Ri-an, and Dan-bi's behaviors, so they have fewer sleep actions and sleep behavior can now be interrupted immediately
  • Adjusted the large storage boxes to have 40 spots (Note: This change doesn't apply to previous boxes)
  • Adjusted the difficulty of sand-fishing in the Part-Time quest
  • Adjusted the default volume for all voice actings
  • Adjusted the entrance on the third floor of the Eufala Salvage Abandoned Ruins to make it easier to find
  • Added item icon display when abandoning and splitting items
  • Adjusted the rewards after completing the quest: Builder Cruise
  • Added a walking/running mode reminder button in the lower-left corner (This only shows after players switch to walking mode)
  • Adjusted the iron spear crafting material from 1 Diamond to 2 Opals
  • Adjusted the start time and round times for Running of the Yakmel festival
  • Adjusted the selling price of animals, increased the output of animals; reduced the feces to once every two days
  • Adjusted the daily starting location of some NPCs (temporarily preventing NPCs from staying all the time indoors)
  • Adjusted some animation settings to help cutscenes load faster.
  • Adjusted item descriptions to appear in the backpack UI by default.
  • Increased the rewards for Dance off
  • Increased the range of gathering interactions
  • Optimized the layouts of the minerals in main story dungeons
  • Optimized the time of mounting/off the mount, reduced the mount's acceleration time and inertia
  • Reduced the prices of some Festive Shop items
  • Speeding up on playing the Critters card


  • Fixes an issue in which Justice is following the player and the truss cannot be installed in the quest Belly of the Beast
  • Fixed the problem that some savegames couldn't unlock the Ranch Store after completing the quest: Learning to Ride
  • Fixed some black screen issues in the quest: Where's Mi-an
  • Fixed an issue where Mission: Belly of the Beast was unable to enter the dungeon after several interacts with Justice
  • Fixed the quest: Belly of the Beast can't be progressed correctly caused of opening the door earlier.
  • Fixed the quest: Bell of the Beast shows incorrect conversation bubbles from Justice
  • Fixed the quest: Appetite for Construction can't be progressed caused by recycling the water tank before accepting the quest
  • Fixed an issue where quest: Keep on Rockin' CG may trigger a black screen
  • Fixed the issue where highlight circles on the ground don't disappear in the quest: Wanted!
  • Fixed the issue where the quest: Taste of Your Own Medicine may cause abnormal stats to players
  • Fixed the issue where highlight circles on the ground don't disappear in the quest: Taste of Your Own Medicine
  • Fixed an issue where quests: Person of Interest might not be triggered in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with the fence not displaying correctly in the quest: Builder Cruise
  • Fixed an issue where autosave could not be worked correctly in some languages (other types of saves work correctly)
  • Fixed an issue where the quality of the item was altered when it was retrieved from the assembly station
  • Fixed the incorrect conversation bubble for Owen
  • Fixed the 'New' remindings don't disappear correctly in the Album
  • Fixed some issues with stamina consumption in dungeons, they can normally enter dungeons now if their stamina is 120 or above
  • Fixed the gathering issues in the level 5 of Abandoned Ruins near Eufaula Salvage
  • Fixed some overlap problems in tutorials in some languages
  • Fixed an issue where controllers could not view the character buffs
  • Fixed an issue where the water bucket could be left-clicked
  • Fixed an issue where Mountain Rose can't be planted in Summer
  • Fixed a timer issue in loading the next level in Hazardous ruins
  • Fixed some Mi-an's abonormal behaviors
  • Fixed the issue that Voice acting can't play correctly in cutscenes
  • Fixed the problem that the map fan effect mechanism was repeatedly triggered when saving and reading files
  • Fixed some snowing art issues with the clothes
  • Fixed an issue where historical newspapers in emails would only display current newspapers
  • Fixed an issue where the Running of the Yakmel letter isn't delivered yearly
  • Fixed an issue where players would trigger the workshop ranking plot without registering the workshop
  • Fixed some art performance issues in some interiors
  • Fixed the sound issue of clicking the button when upgrading machines
  • Fixed an issue where Whack-a-Mole music never stops
  • Fixed some art issues with the hairstyle
  • Fixed an issue where the money consumption of workshop customization and added a reminder for insufficient goals
  • Fixed an issue where the Condenser could not be placed in the storage box
  • Fixed an issue where some items could not be used in the shortcut bar
  • Fixed an issue where scrollbars could not be reset after switching item list at the worktable
  • Fixed the update issue to the reminder in the lower-left corner
  • Fixed an issue where worktables were not properly sold and abandoned
  • Fixed the issue that achievement: Pro Gamer can't be completed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs did not draw cards when playing Critters
  • Fixed an issue where the quality of items displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed the problem that the NPCs over-react to the character's Panda eyes
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs behaved abnormally after the Running of the Yakemel Festival
  • Fixed an issue where the cooking station would not count items from the storage box
  • Fixed a modeling issue when player and NPC are chatting by the Oasis
  • Fixed an issue where gols aren't updated timely in the Clivl corps commission UI
  • Fix some issues with museum rewards that may affect new saves.
  • Fixed a bald issue where the character's make up in the barbershop
  • Fixed an issue where the face shape would change when using haircut makeup in the barbershop


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38413.e501dfe4 was released on May 31, 2022.
Single player:


  • Adjusted the loading priority of dynamic objects, such as bridges, stages, etc., to prevent situations where NPCs go down to the bridge and players are unable to complete missions.


  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the inability to open the settings resulted in the game freezing
  • Fixed the issue where decorations could be placed even if the player did not have enough gols while customizing the workshop


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38408.a9759efe was released on May 29, 2022.
Single player:


  • Fixed an issue with saves when the extra room(s) are created in customized workshop
  • Fixed an issue where the teleport button in the menu didn't work properly after the doors had disappeared in the house
  • Fixed an issue where the last room could occasionally be destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where stairs were unable to be put in, but the money was deducted in some cases


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38387.c6b43eee was released on May 28, 2022.[5]
Single player:


  • Adjusted the buttons for deleting the roles and deleting the saves in the UI of Save/Load
  • Temporarily removed the "your save file is broken" message window due to it erroneously appearing after a story event involving the water tank, despite the save file functioning correctly.


  • Fixed the slow loading issue after defeating the Geegler President
  • Fixed incorrect behaviors of Elise and Meerkat after completing the quest 'Big Game Hunter'
  • Fixed an issue where Ri-an won't wake up
  • Fixed an issue where the player behaves abnormally after the quest 'Lost Tourist'
  • Fixed an issue where the Condenser can't be put in the storage box


  • Added a button in the ESC menu to teleport players out of the house if the door disappeared while editing the house. Players can then revisit Construction Junction to build a new entrance by interacting with the Construction Junction Catalog on the table inside.


  • Fixed some issues that happen in the ‘Belly of the Beast’ quest


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38348.2bd2f866 was released on May 27, 2022.[6]
Single player:


  • Fixed some issues that happen in the ‘Belly of the Beast’ quest
  • Fixed an issue that players can’t progress the ‘Instant Karma’ quests correctly if they have the Feather Duster beforehand
  • Fixed issue the player can't get the final item after restoring the Fish Fossils for Catori
  • Fixed an issue NPC gathering problem if players sleep between 16:00-18:00 during the Dance off event
  • Fixed the saving and loading issues of the Adventure Game
  • Fixed some situations that could cause the Dance Off not happening correctly in the 2nd year
  • Fixed a possible freeze issue after players defeat monsters
  • Fixed dismount issues
  • Fixed Rocky’s sleep issue (standing up on bed 🧍‍♂️)
  • Fixed issue of missing models after players order their food
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs wearing Sand Gear would still do sandstorm actions even while weather isn’t a sandstorm
  • Fixed clothing effects for male players wearing hats with ponytail hairstyles
  • Fixed the mismatched images issues in the collection system UI
  • Fixed the incorrect displays of the props in the quest ‘A Window to the Cosmos’


  • Adjusted the Sand Hat position of random female NPCs
  • Adjusted the stats in the high-quality items to ensure they have more stats than lower-quality items
  • Adjusted the attributes of Equatorial Mount to be a normal relic
  • Adjusted the Pickhammer and Axe's stats to avoid repeating
  • Adjust the Blue Moon Sign to not be donatable (if you donated it, it will automatically be recovered to your backpack)
  • Adjust the R-47 Mobile Suit to be not abandonable or sellable


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38292.36d3c5c3c was released on May 27, 2022.[7]
Single player:


  • Hotfix to address the Defeat the Geegler President quest isn't progressing correctly.


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38281.205b05ec was released on May 26, 2022.[8]
Single player:


  • Fixed the blurry arts due to TAA, temporarily removed thermal distortion
  • Fixed some controller support
  • Fixed incorrect position of Logan posters
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect interaction of the Salvage Contract order
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the UI to fail to open
  • Fixed incorrect behaviors of Grace and the camera issue in the quest of Once More Into the Breach
  • Fixed the First Day quest can't progress correctly
  • Fixed the movement issue of the Yakmel, Captain, Banjo, and some other NPCs.
  • Fixed the incorrect position of interaction with the murals in the Church in some old savegames
  • Fixed the border issue of tutorials' window
  • Fixed the wrong actions of the gathering
  • Fixed an issue where the buttons on the Knowledge UI may cause errors
  • Fixed the problem of switching between Chinese and English posters in newspapers
  • Fixed the issue that donated items don't have correct descriptions
  • Fixed the Mi-an's speed in the quest of Welcome to Sandrock
  • Fixed some frozen audios
  • Fixed the lights issue of the Cityhall
  • Fixed some collision issues in The Breach
  • Fixed some missing railings below the Church
  • Fixed the missing mirrors in Pablo's barbershop
  • Fixed the issue of the missing model in the quest of Operation: Flowergate
  • Fixed collision issue in Doctor. Qi's home
  • Fixed the setting issue of swinging the weapon


  • Added the guide marker on the 11th floor of the mining dungeon

Adjusted & Optimized:

  • Adjusted the production list so that secondary material can show off
  • Adjusted some scripts to avoid mismatching of NPC's mouth
  • Adjusted the table where Ri-an and Dan-bi eat at the Blue Moon Saloon to avoid story conflicts
  • Changed the text display of resetting furniture's colors
  • Optimized the pathfinding and its data
  • Reduced instances of NPCs saying goodbye


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.38155.aed2b81a was released on May 25, 2022.[9]
Early Access version launched


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.30532.cac6350c was released on May 11, 2022.[10]
Single player: Only available to the original beta kickstarter backers (30 dollar backers and above). Fixed:

  • Fixed save issues in tutorial
  • Fixed issue where the ranch store can't be unlocked correctly
  • Fixed sand accumulation sometimes causing an error
  • Fixed some incorrect behavior of objects that are following the player


  • Adjusted the number of minerals in Abandoned Ruins
  • Adjusted the fog to be enabled by default in all graphic settings
  • Optimized the loading time of entering the main scene
  • Temporarily removed the application of HLOD (Hierarchical Level of Detail) in the game


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.30471.36874992 was released on April 29, 2022.[11]
Single player: Only available to the original beta kickstarter backers (30 dollar backers and above). Fixed:

  • Fixed player being in the wrong position after waking up
  • Fixed character potentially mounting and dismounting abnormally
  • Fixed Mian and Elsie potentially freezing in 'Taking the day off’
  • Fixed quest 'Owen's Quest' sometimes affecting other quests
  • Fixed modeling issue with the cathouse being placed in the Workshop
  • Fixed tables blocking the interaction between players and NPCs
  • Fixed tourists' skin issue
  • Fixed an issue where the quest 'A Man of Quality' could fail to progress

Multiplayer: Only available to the multiplayer Early Access kickstarter backers (40 dollar backers and above).

  • Fixed the issue where 'Opening Ceremony' was triggered repeatedly
  • Fixed the issue where 'Build a Barn' was triggered repeatedly
  • Fixed the issue where task-related mails don't give the accurate time
  • Fixed the issue where resurrection makes players go to a wrong position
  • Fixed an issue where item information can't be refreshed after switching store tabs
  • Fixed the issue where the team UI repeatedly pops up
  • Fixed the issue where the backpack data was not displayed properly after changing scenes
  • Fixed the issue where items from storage box are consumed incorrectly when crafting items
  • Fixed the issue where assembling items may be abnormally shown in other scenes sometimes
  • Fixed the issue where mining dungeon can't be reset correctly
  • Fixed the issue where the jetpack was not displayed correctly in the mining dungeon
  • Fixed some issues with overwriting previous save files in the mining dungeons
  • Removed the shortcut to open the workshop manual when using someone else's Assembly Station
  • Optimized that players will be in a safe place after re-login if they went offline in a dangerous area


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.30453.f5fcb472 was released on April 24, 2022.[12]
Single player: Only available to the original beta kickstarter backers (30 dollar backers and above). Fixed:

  • Fixed player's hair fluttering abnormally when riding the crane
  • Fixed an issue where some button prompts would disappear
  • Fixed an issue where the mole in Wack-a-Mole mini game could not be locked onto
  • Fixed a problematic special effect that occurred while players slid with NPCs in Sand Running
  • Fixed monsters heading in the wrong directions
  • Fixed some of NPCs' AI
  • Fixed an issue where Actors may walk upside down
  • Fixed an issue where Cooper might not show up during the mission of the Escaped Yakmels
  • Fixed an issue where the characters book was unlocked incorrectly
  • Fixed X interaction issues
  • Fixed monsters aren't recovering health and toughness after leaving the battle
  • Fixed game freezing issues caused by rolling woods
  • Fixed the freezing issues when the player is mounting to teleport through the Yakmel Station
  • Fixed the player wasn't sleeping in bed after loading
  • Fixed the entrances issues to The Breach and Hazardous Ruins
  • Fixed errors occur to the upgraded workshop in some old savegames
  • Fixed the bug that some of the gifting dialogues are missing
  • Fixed the bug that Justice has the wrong reaction to be given the Yakmel milk as a gift
  • Fixed an issue where the Owen's quest might fail to progress the story


  • Adjusted the teleporting methods and resolve the issue of not being able to teleport to a safe place
  • Adjusted the melee attack parameters to ensure the first-time attempting
  • Adjust the defense and block, and the character will head to the monsters correctly now.

Multiplayer: Only available to the multiplayer Early Access kickstarter backers (40 dollar backers and above).

  • Fixed an issue where the worktable and the pickhammer don't show up correctly after re-login;
  • Fixed an issue where the unlocked recipe may disappear
  • Fixed the problem that the inventory items aren't consumed correctly
  • Fixed inventory freezing issues
  • Fixed pathfinding issues in the Yakmel ranch
  • Fixed a data error when players get items after re-login with a fulfilled backpack
  • Fixed the problem that can't switch to the axe when holding up the machine
  • Fixed the problem that the recipes can't disappear when they fell on the ground
  • Fixed multiple charges when entering the dungeon
  • Fixed the issue that the game may freeze at Amirah's door
  • Fixed an issue where other players would disappear when logging in
  • Fixed an issue with trees wobbling after getting close to them
  • Fixed some abnormal displays inside dungeons
  • Fixed unexpected affects to other players after placing the workshop items
  • Fixed the issue with reopening the team interface after entering the dungeon


  • Optimized the text box
  • Optimized the appearance of Yan
  • Optimized the collision inside dungeons


  • Added some safe places near the east and west rails, and areas near bridges
  • Added some localizations


  • Optimized the network environment to reduce the frequency of disconnection
  • Optimized the color change of the tracking mission after collecting enough materials


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.30395.1e329abc was released on April 20, 2022
Single player: Only available to the original beta kickstarter backers (30 dollar backers and above).

  • Hotfix: Fixed some issues with the ranch infrastructure


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.30394.e1d005ba was released on April 19, 2022.[13]
Single player: Only available to the original beta kickstarter backers (30 dollar backers and above).

  • Fixed an issue where the workshop would disappear for some savegames
  • Fixed the incorrect stats on the Pickhammer and the Suit of Memories
  • Fixed Refiner being unable to keep the new stats

Multiplayer: Only available to the multiplayer Early Access kickstarter backers (40 dollar backers and above).

  • Added two EU servers
  • Adjusted the limitations of voxel mining radius and reward amounts
  • Fixed issue where the jetpack doesn't disappear after re-login
  • Fixed issue where the water tower quest would trigger multiple dialogues
  • Fixed the synchronization problem when wearing equipment in the team interface
  • Fixed gathering issues caused by the multiplayer interaction
  • Fixed crafting list in the upgraded worktable being displayed incorrectly after re-login
  • Fixed some errors caused by out-of-sync data in the backpack
  • Optimized some English scripts


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.30389.c677dddb was released on April 18, 2022.[14]
Single player: Only available to the original beta kickstarter backers (30 dollar backers and above).

  • Added new festival: Running of the Yakmels
  • Added the Commerce Guild Awards
  • Added multi-language setting
  • Added player birthday selecting
  • Added more options to game settings
  • Added controller button re-mapping function
  • Added tips for using some special props when the shortcut bar is selected
  • Added side quests with X, Mi-an, Grace, Banjo, Elsie
  • Added several new NPCs and their daily behaviors
  • Added several existing NPCs’ scripts and behaviors
  • Added some daily behaviors between NPCs and other NPCs
  • Added fading effects when NPCs are moving away
  • Added level up functions to NPCs
  • Added NPCs’ opening doors behaviors
  • Added some behaviors of some NPCs in sandstorm weather
  • Added NPC's performance when they turning around their bodies
  • Added more hairstyles for random NPCs
  • Added daily behaviors for X
  • Added X’s swing performance
  • Added new monsters: Rockyenaroll, Alpha Rockyenaroll, and Thorny Jumper
  • Added more about the 'Super Armor' setting, some of the enemy's moves will come with a super armor that protects their action from being interrupted when their Toughness is broken
  • Added horses in different colors to the ranch shop
  • Added mount interaction so you can order mounts to follow, stay, and return
  • Added some destructible and diggable areas in the main quest dungeon
  • Added recovery places into the main story dungeon
  • Added some new furniture
  • Added the Dance Off outfit

Adjusted and optimized:

  • Optimized the game to use fewer PC resources
  • Optimized the newspaper system, adding functions such as subscription, renewal, viewing historical newspapers, etc.; and added a large number of main stories, world views, and daily news
  • Optimized the play and dating system, added 'Social Energy' and 'Relationship', adjusted UI display and dialogues
  • Optimized the map, and added functions such as the floor checking, monster area, etc.
  • Optimized the workshop customization, added decoration items, doors and windows, roofs, etc., and adjusted the UI display and its interaction
  • Optimized the knowledge system
  • Adjusted the stamina consumption in The Breach Hazardous Ruins. Now entering will cost stamina, so stamina will no longer be consumed during combat within The Breach
  • Adjusted crafting queuing: the same items can be crafted in multiple queues
  • Adjusted the exhibit submission for winning workshop reputation so that players who submitted exhibits before entering the game will receive reissued rewards
  • Optimized the tutorial UI and content, and added some new tutorials
  • Optimized the UI of quest requirements
  • Optimized and unified the quest icons in many places
  • Optimized the display of monsters’ HP and toughness
  • Optimized the performance of quicktime events in cutscenes
  • Optimized NPCs' response dialogue for special relationship items
  • Optimized the wishes of NPCs
  • Optimized the art and effects when NPCs are wearing Sand Gear during sandstorms
  • Optimized the display of the workshop handbook and added the function of querying the machine map
  • Optimized the interface of the herding system
  • Optimized steering of the mount
  • Optimized behaviors while players are holding two-hand items
  • Optimized planting actions
  • Optimized the workshop ranking and added ‘Best Ranking in History’ and ‘My Ranking History’
  • Optimized mails’ icons in different types
  • Optimized the quantities and locations of trash in town
  • Adjusted NPCs’ actions while they're playing the Whack-a-Mole
  • Adjusted the art of the legs of the male player
  • Optimized the performance in some festivals
  • Adjust the machine research sequences, add the Blender
  • Adjusted drops with monsters and in dangerous ruins


  • Fixed and optimized the flow and performance of some quests
  • Fixed errors in coordinates and some NPC overlap issues
  • Fixed bugs in Burgess's performance in 'Pedagogy Postponed' quests
  • Fixed the interspersed issue when the player makes an action with a handheld item
  • Fixed some interaction delay bugs
  • Fixed some bugs in getting up animations
  • Fixed an issue where camera-related settings did not work in some special game scenes
  • Fixed getting killed by monsters when Sandfishing
  • Fixed changing languages causing some models to become missing

Multiplayer: Only available to the multiplayer Early Access kickstarter backers (40 dollar backers and above).

  • It exists now
  • You can play it if you got a DM from us on Kickstarter
  • Sandrock is not as you know it
  • There's new characters and stuff to do
  • You can dance or sit anywhere together


My Time at Sandrock 0.4.20252.f5f620ca was released on January 7, 2022.[15]
Only available to the original beta kickstarter backers (30 dollar backers and above).

  • Fixed chances of finding microchips, and players can buy them from the Salvage store now
  • Fixed an issue where the wake-up position didn't change accordingly after relocating bed
  • Fixed an issue where the “Delivery Trainee” quest failed and letters could be sent before the quest expired
  • Fixed the spinning issue while riding when starting to Sand painting
  • Fixed the sound issue of Ghosthunting during the Day of Memories
  • Fixed the floating custom and collision issue in the Day of Memories
  • Fixed issue where NPCs’ mourning action would end prematurely during the Day of Memories
  • Fixed issue where Mi-an doesn't go to the Commerce Guild on Saturday
  • Fixed issue where Amirah enters Pablo's Barbershop before Pablo finishes wandering
  • Fixed an issue where some main quests would cause players to talk with air
  • Fixed the errors shown when holding the Filtration Station
  • Fixed an issue that story may forcefully interrupt player’s planting status and cause an error
  • Fixed some abnormal moving graphics in the UIs
  • Fixed an issue where the save UI doesn't change languages correctly
  • Fixed the errors where the Reflect attribute causes damage to NPCs
  • Fixed issues where X may teleport to abnormal locations
  • Fixed photo UI errors when switching it too fast
  • Fixed errors occuring during Fang’s experiments
  • Fixed the error that occurs when donating
  • Fixed some errors with the train
  • Fixed error with the Day of Memories lanterns
  • Fixed an issue where the acupuncture doesn’t lock the player’s movement


  • Optimized the shooting range of water shop scenery in photos in “Public Image” quest
  • Temporarily turned off the fabric effect for the third fringe
  • Added a temporary exit button to the ESC menu when there is no door in the player's home

Known issues:

  • Ernest's lips still don't move during his dialogue
  • Your front door will disappear if you upgrade your house! Workaround: use the customization tool to make a new door, use the Esc key to bring up an Exit button, or reload to an earlier save


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.20146.bade7642 was released on December 31, 2021.[16]
Only available to the original beta kickstarter backers (30 dollar backers and above).

  • Added new CGs for the main menu
  • Added new side quests for NPCs
  • Added 400K wishlist goal character, Ernest
  • Added quicksave function by pressing the key 'F5'
  • Added breakable treasure chests
  • Added NPCs action of opening doors
  • Added Fire Powered Generator
  • Added new bunny hutch
  • Added maps to some scenarios
  • Added new hairstyles
  • Added Sorting Machine
  • Added new outfits
  • Added some new clothing performance to NPCs
  • Added Church's interiors
  • Added Oldtown Lodge Apartments' interiors
  • Added some new relics
  • Added a new UI wheel that appears by pressing "Tab" and includes quicksave, camera, and planting functions
  • Added ability to turn on the planting function in the UI wheel by clicking the planting box


  • Updated some UIs (ex. planting, social UIs)
  • Updated some layouts around the Civil Corps
  • Updated the main city fence
  • Updated the gathering effect on rocks
  • Updated some controller support
  • Updated mounts' performance
  • Updated the laying down in bed and waking up actions for some NPCs
  • Updated the appearance of the surface of water
  • Updated the performance of Burgess's sword training


  • Optimized some PC resource occupancy issues
  • Optimized the memory usage of wood resources in the main scene


  • Fixed the storage box issues
  • Fixed the freezing issues when you experiment with Qi
  • Fixed the missing rails after the bridge was completed
  • Fixed spacing issues of the cooking station
  • Fixed Matilda's clothing issue during the farewell party
  • Fixed Logan's clothing issue in a cutscene
  • Fixed the freezing issue in the Savage Order UI
  • Fixed some sand appearance issues
  • Fixed error that the donation box isn't moved away after it's expired
  • Fixed window issues in Vivi's house
  • Fixed some light effects in the back street
  • Fixed issue with female player character's hats
  • Fixed the stage issues in Whack-a-Mole
  • Fixed Control Cat's HP bar issue
  • Fixed NPC stuck in the door issue

Known Issues:

  • Ernest's lips don't move while speaking yet
  • Upgrading your house results in your front door disappearing. Workarounds: use the customization tool to make a new door or reload to an earlier save if you're trapped


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.14645.5af9b96e was released on December 1, 2021.[17]


  • Fixed loading issues in random dungeons
  • Fixed mechanism causing errors in random dungeons
  • Fixed unintententionally empty chest in the main overworld map
  • Fixed the collision issues in the mining dungeons
  • Fixed the issue that players can't exit Critters during the hang out/date
  • Fixed interaction button issues in working machines' queues
  • Fixed incorrect UI display on the Recycler
  • Fixed the mismatched workshop and combat icons in the knowledge UI
  • Fixed an issue where frequently changing scenes causes memory increase
  • Fixed Matilda's clothing issue in the group photo
  • Fixed quests conflictions between Farewell Party" and "Builder Cruise"
  • Fixed quests conflictions between "Logan Attacks" and "Builder Cruise"
  • Fixed camera blocking issues when players turned into custom during the Day of memories
  • Fixed the Salvage Order freezing issue
  • Fixed the incorrect content showing in the Salvage Contract after loading
  • Fixed an issue where frequently save and load causes save file size increase


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.14463.94241eca was released on November 18, 2021.[18]


  • Added the Fluorite as a reward after completing the Hazardous Ruin Dungeon
  • Added a tutorial when players unlock the camera


  • Fixed save file issues with the workshop customization.
  • Fixed some control issues within workshop customization.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Keeping Up with the Yakmels" quest where an option may stop players' progression.
  • Fixed error occurring when Lucy wears Desert Defender Cape.
  • Fixed issues with Zeke's order appearing too early.
  • Fixed some wrong items in the Tower Frame diagram.
  • Fixed some weird NPC behaviors in the Day of Memories.
  • Fixed the abnormal speed of sand covering machines.
  • Fixed problem with sand storm weather appearing after loading save files.
  • Fixed the issue of roofed rooms not being refunded correctly when it's reclaimed.
  • Fixed Mint's spinning issue.
  • Fixed some game freezing issues caused by the clothing system.
  • Fixed the issue of the stage support disappearing.
  • Fixed a direction issue that the middle mouse button causes when releasing fireworks.
  • Fixed errors caused by Desert Defender Waist Bag
  • Fixed the endurance consumption when players hold ranged weapons
  • Fixed an issue where players get stuck when picking up a condenser while the Geegler VP escapes.
  • Fixed errors caused by the donation system
  • Fixed items obtained after Civil Crop order have no quality problems
  • Fixed an issue of a Whac-a-Mole triggering again in the “Taking the Day Off” quest
  • Fixed the refiner can't upgrade some commssion items' quality
  • Fixed quests from getting stuck when deleting letters


  • Adjustments in the time of night lights within the town
  • Adjusted some required items of Orders.
  • Adjusted scorpion's drop chance.
  • Adjusted the behavior of some NPCs during the sandstorm.
  • Adjusted some UI's control with the right mouse button.
  • Adjusted the color of each button in the Dancing Off event


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.14463.a9da88bc was released on November 5, 2021.[19]


  • Added a refining order


  • Removed the unfinished ranch store


  • Adjusted the Ambient shading in Pablo’s barber
  • Adjustments towards the Clinic's environment
  • Adjusted the camera’s hidden status
  • Adjusted the respawning spot of resources
  • Adjusted Amirah’s behaviors
  • Adjustments to the face shapes in character customization UI
  • Adjusted the amount of raw minerals
  • Adjusted the amount of graphite dropped from raw minerals


  • Fixed the issue that no refunds when players destroy building customization parts
  • Fixed the errors when players delete their characters.
  • Fixed problem with the first medicine not showing in the experiment.
  • Fixed an issue of missing items from the inventory when upgrading machines
  • Fixed map markers issues
  • Fixed refiner errors when the backpack is empty
  • Fixed sandworm and scorpsters disappearing bugs while Sandfishing at low-quality graphic setting
  • Fixed issues after stores sold out items
  • Fixed train’s incorrect position
  • Fixed Sandpainting and Backers’shirt models
  • Fixed donation button disappearing
  • Fixed glitches with the furniture after upgrading player's house
  • Fixed a problem that could occur when entering or leaving the house while picking up furniture
  • Fixed hair isn’t moving with the character in the UX
  • Fixed some issues on Arvio's clothing.
  • Fixed Iron weapon models
  • Fixed some Dancing off issues
  • Fixed some issues related to “Bridge Repair” quests
  • Fixed errors that occur when adjusting the position of stairs
  • Fixed errors that occur when researching
  • Fixed errors occurring in the knowledge tree UX
  • Fixed errors happening in the assembly manual
  • Fixed errors within the mining dungeons
  • Fixed errors occur in storage boxes
  • Fixed errors when exiting Whac-A-Mole
  • Fixed errors occuring when chatting on the side of the lake
  • Fixed errors that occur when exiting Critters
  • Fixed errors within character customization
  • Fixed errors happening in the random dungeons


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.14316.02524882 was released on November 4, 2021.
Hotfix to fix the "Bridge repair" mission not triggering.


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.14314.3c26e5dd was released on November 2, 2021.

  • Fixed some clothing issues
  • Fixed the issue that button customization doesn't have confirmation
  • Fixed the mouse disappears when exiting the Sandfishing
  • Changed the method of dragging the map


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.14303.442a0163 was released on November 1, 2021.[20]


  • Added some main quests
  • Added some NPCs' side missions
  • Added cooking station
  • Added Rocky’s Salvage resource ordering
  • Added commissioning of the Civil Corps
  • Added ability to raise animals
  • Added some buildings’ interiors
  • Added dancing event
  • Added some books for reading
  • Added new monsters in the desert area (Boxing Jacks, etc.)
  • Added the basic frame of the workshop exterior customization
  • Added Dr. Fang’s medicine experiments
  • Added higher-level equipment and props
  • Added some new face shapes
  • Added some new hairstyles
  • Added haircut function at Pablo’s Salon
  • Added some system buttons customization functions
  • Added the performance of some npc clothes fabrics in high graphics quality


  • Remade the sandfishing minigame


  • Optimized the security of the save files (more likely to survive major updates now!)
  • Optimized controller support
  • Optimized the timing of some main quests
  • Optimized the distribution of resources in scenes
  • Optimized the way player gathers resources
  • Optimized donations to the museum
  • Optimized the AI performance of some NPCs
  • Optimized the performance of some animals in Sandstorms
  • Optimized the performance of the Sandrunning trajectory on the rock model
  • Optimized a lot of UIs


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.6309.57ec11d1 was released on September 23, 2021.
Hotfix to fix an issue with characters falling through the terrain during Spring. No changelist posted.


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.6308.440ed0bc was released on September 17, 2021.

  • Fixed the falling issues where players go out of the house in Spring
  • Fixed the disappearing issue of the lover UI in the relationship menu
  • Fixed the name of abandoned ruins
  • Fixed time display of stores on the map
  • Fixed Pen's cape disappearing
  • Fixed the incorrect description of Sand Rice from 4 days to 3 days
  • Fixed the issue where Burgess asks for Watering Can
  • Fixed bug where the doorway light’s location did not change after the player's home moved
  • Fixed the issues getting stuck when players don't have enough gols during the play date
  • Fixed bug where the Sandrunning weekly pass don't cost money
  • Fixed the weekly pass doesn't work after loading the save
  • Fixed some floating rocks
  • Fixed incorrect tips while the museum booth is empty
  • Fixed some collisions with ground buildings at the entrance to the Paradise Lost
  • Fixed the issue where the text box repeatedly shows while you meet new friends
  • Fixed the missing collision issue in the green house
  • Optimized the loading time


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.4.6281.29577043 was released on August 20, 2021.

  • Added the diagram of the bench to the Commerce Guild store
  • Added the Grinder machine to craft gun ammo
  • Added a license after registering workshop
  • Added an Ending reminder after completing "Appetite for Construction"


  • Adjusted fishing minigame
  • Adjusted the envelope style of "The Grass is Greener"
  • Adjusted Iron Pickhammer and Iron Axe's diagrams and stats
  • Adjusted Dried Sand Date to Dried Sandthorn, and it can be cooked from Sand Dates


  • Optimized the UI when the machine can't be upgraded
  • Optimized the location of the sandworm
  • Optimized plants' interaction location


  • Fixed problem with Justice spinning in place
  • Fixed issue where the name of the 3rd place workshop ranking letter was displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where the Day of Memories costume was blocking Arvio's store
  • Fixed issue where Zeke doesn't show off after the Sandrock rice harvest in "The Grass is Greener"
  • Fixed issue where the iron series tools and weapon models were empty and not displayed
  • Fixed issue where players could not leave home properly after getting out of bed in the mission "Where's Mi-an"
  • Fixed the camera gets into an abnormal position when players are approaching Mi-an from the other end of the alley in the mission "Where's Mi-an"
  • Fixed issue where Mian and Elsie were not left to wait for the player after the first-time refused to enter the dungeon in "A Trolley Too Far" mission
  • Fixed the action of gathering wood scrap with an axe
  • Fixed misallocation of wood waste
  • Fixed the position and size of the boards in "The Breach"
  • Fixed issue where Pen keeps facing the wall at the stairs
  • Fixed issue where Matilda was missing in "Recipe for Fun"
  • Fixed issue getting stuck in the "Pitching In" mission if players help Burgess clean up trash
  • Fixed issue getting stuck in the "Where's Mi-an" mission if players take the side quest "Follow Elsie"

Alpha 0.3


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.3.24a73fc9 was released on August 19, 2021.

  • Fixed bug where the character's face decoration would blur with the graphic setting changes
  • Fixed bug where players would keep falling in the wild caves
  • Fixed some texts
  • Fixed bug where Owen was not able to sit down when he treats you a meal
  • Fixed pathfinding data
  • Fixed issues getting stuck when moving players in the opening storyline
  • Fixed bug where items were displayed incorrectly and in the commission order submission UI
  • Fixed player model error
  • Fixed Dew Collector effects
  • Adjusted camera item to be able to stack together
  • Optimized Abandoned Ruins UI, and drops can now be viewed when unlockedFixed the issue switching scenarios might cause a crash
  • Fixed the issue workshop manuals might cause a crash
  • Fixed chat conversations with NPCs after placing orders
  • Removed a Geegler Graffiti that could not be generated from the wrong location
  • Fixed the issue that Builder Cruise can't be completed, and the bench is craftable in the worktable now
  • Fixed the issue that Owen doesn't go out of his room
  • Fixed the issue Restoration Machine takes extra materials of crafting cameras
  • Optimized Justice and Unsuur's routine behaviors


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.3.9b006d46 was released on August 17, 2021.

No changelist posted.


My Time at Sandrock Alpha 0.3.b6248709 was released on August 17, 2021[21]


  • Added more main quests after the Shonash Canyon Bridge was repaired
  • Added the animal raising system with tutorials and related stories
  • Added fall damage
  • Added the Dew Collector
  • Added the Grinder
  • Added some new knowledge points and acupuncture treatment to reset knowledge points
  • Added new types of plants
  • Added new Sandfishing spots and new fish types
  • Added play and date activities for some NPCs, including ordering food, chatting, and setting off fireworks.
  • Added a new mining dungeon and new minerals
  • Added new hairstyles
  • Added the camera mode
  • Added players' poses and expressions in the camera mode
  • Added a group photo feature to some NPCs
  • Added relationship points function that can unlock the group photo feature
  • Added a new display mode of send camera as a gift
  • Added a new mini card game - Critters
  • Added individual quests for Mi-an
  • Added individual quests for Elsie
  • Added side quest for Mort
  • Added a hidden plot for Owen
  • Added ability of NPCs to repair some damaged scene items
  • Added most NPCs’ facial expression functions :)
  • Added some NPCs’ dancing functions
  • Added some missed cutscenes
  • Added some NPCs' special actions
  • Added some expanding levels to the workshop
  • Added effects of NPCs relationship points
  • Added more tutorials
  • Added two cats in the town
  • Added the meerkat pet in the wild
  • Added some interiors
  • Added some new music


  • Optimized the sandsledding minigame--Sandrunning
  • Optimized the UI of Inspection minigame
  • Optimized the Whack-a-Mole minigame, and added a partner play mode with some NPCs
  • Optimized the distribution of the scraps and the performance during excavation
  • Optimized the side quest performance of Jasmine shows you around the town
  • Optimized the main quest process of Belly of the Beast
  • Optimized, completed, and polished most text, including names, objectives, and descriptions of most tasks
  • Optimized NPCs’ daily behaviors
  • Optimized the mount and dismount behaviors of the riding system
  • Optimized Pen's expression and performance during the sandstorm
  • Optimized the effects of NPCs' hearing and follow-up reactions
  • Optimized the possibility of unexpected situations in Owen's storytelling event and adjusted the participants
  • Optimized some NPCs’ movement speed
  • Optimized some NPCs’ blinking behavior and triggering rules
  • Optimized the corresponding NPC range in the social list
  • Optimized the dishes of the food ordering minigame and NPCs' performance
  • Optimized the default position of mounts besides the player's house
  • Optimized collision of trees and stones on the ground
  • Optimized the The Day of Memories, including its Chase of Memories and Wishing Festival activities
  • Adjusted the backpack's shortcut key to "B"


  • Fixed doors’ performances in Hugo's house, Arvio' house, and the Blue Moon Saloon
  • Fixed some AI and scenario behavior configurations of NPCs
  • Fixed Matilda's behaviors while in Sandrock City Hall
  • Fixed errors of NPCs’ models, and adjusted the position and heights of interactions
  • Fixed some NPCs’ errored actions
  • Fixed the collision feedback with some NPCs
  • Fixed functional modules of NPCs following

Demo Alpha 0.2


My Time at Sandrock Demo Alpha 0.2.75934 was released on June 25, 2021[22]
This hotfix was available to demo players that had already downloaded the demo. The demo was discontinued on Steam a few days earlier.


  • Fixed bug where nearby Yakmels would not help each other during combat
  • Fixed some monsters' refresh issues
  • Fixed the display of relationship networks
  • Fixed bug where Mason would sleep without closing his eyes
  • Fixed the usage effect of some items
  • Fixed some overlapped locations when changing sceneries


  • Adjusted locations of where items appear on the ground when the backpack is full
  • Equipped items no longer occupy backpack space
  • Right-clicking equipment will now let you wear equipment straight from the backpack
  • Increased water and gold given from "Help Burgess Clean the Garden" quest
  • You can set the Sprint mode preference from 'Toggle' to 'Hold' in your Game Settings menu
  • Optimized the judgement range of inspection minigame so that it's easier to click on the right spots now
  • Inspection minigame will now decide the difficulty according to the workshop level
  • Inspection minigame will now show the number of defects that have not been found yet


My Time at Sandrock Demo Alpha 0.2.74919 was released on June 17, 2021


  • Updated Catori's background info.
  • Updated the location of the research center on the map.


  • Fixed players' hats don't appear correctly.
  • Fixed the train Windows that didn't display both sides.
  • Fixed the abnormal expression of the player after cutscenes.
  • Fixed Chinese words showing off on the English UIs of the Inventory.
  • Fixed the Fish Fossil showing incorrectly in the museum.
  • Fixed the wrong player's position after Owen's give you a meal side-quest.
  • Fixed the safety zone around the cliff of the Sandrock Bridge.
  • Fixed an issue with players wearing casual hats.
  • Fixed plenty of UI issues
  • Fixed some Crackers floating issue.
  • Fixed Mian would float while she is sitting in some positions.
  • Fixed Burgess would spin around in some positions.
  • Fixed pathfinding issues with some NPCs.
  • Fixed the player's AI failure when the player save and load in the opening cutscenes
  • Fixed players and Mi-an could get stuck when gathering resources together.
  • Fixed Arvio's gift action
  • Fixed Mian's reading action
  • Fixed abnormal NPC behavior caused by load before fireside Meetings.
  • Fixed player item flashing during gift giving.


  • Adjust Mi-an's initial running speed.
  • Adjust the difficulty of the inspection mini-game.
  • Adjusted the Whack-a-Mole difficulty and rewards.
  • Adjusted some items that Token can exchange.
  • Adjust a small fan into an item of furniture.


My Time at Sandrock Demo Alpha 0.2.74661 was released on June 16, 2021

Demo released on Steam.
No changelist posted.


My Time at Sandrock Demo Alpha 0.2.74312 was released on June 15, 2021.

No changelist posted.


My Time at Sandrock Demo Alpha 0.2.74008 was released on June 14, 2021.

Demo made available to beta backers.
No changelist posted.

Alpha 0.2


My Time at Sandrock 0.2.67120 was released on April 26, 2021.


  • Fixed the freezing issue after the dialogue with Zeke in "The Grass is Greener"
  • Fixed bug where the Power Core doesn't submit correctly after the dialogue with Qi
  • Fixed some NPCs' dialogue relocation issues during the lantern releasing event
  • Fixed bug with some NPCs doing actions incorrectly
  • Fixed bug with the random NPCs' hair level issue
  • Fixed bug where player couldn't put some items into the inventory
  • Fixed bug where some NPCs would cross models and overlap each other
  • Fixed mislocated repair spots in Inspection minigame
  • Fixed bug where the task item couldn't be submitted in Mint's mission
  • Fixed bug with the disappearing junk pile in the Eufaula Salvage
  • Fixed bug with the transparent donation box


My Time at Sandrock 0.2.66991 was released on April 25, 2021.

Hotfix on Zeke freezing bug.


My Time at Sandrock 0.2.66861 was released on April 23, 2021.


  • Added a letter for the workshop upgrade
  • Added Soy Sauce to Arvio's store
  • Added edge detection for stools to prevent players from falling when placed against a wall
  • Added mission objectives in Paradise dungeon that guide players to defeat the boss


  • Increased the interactable area of junk piles and reduced the respawn time
  • Adjusted main mission’s tracking
  • Adjusted the appearance of treasure chests
  • Adjusted the attack directions
  • Adjusted the auto save’s location
  • Optimized the planting tutorial
  • Optimized the process of "The Moon is Gone"
  • Optimized the process of Arvio’s commission
  • Increased stamina recovery when food ordering in the Saloon restaurant
  • Adjusted the number of scenario tasksAdjusted the number of scenario tasks


  • Fixed some text
  • Fixed the Burgess freeze issue after he gives you some water
  • Fixed freezing after playing the cutscene
  • Fixed bug where machines may not interact with each other
  • Fixed bug with the wrong NPC position in "The Mysterious Fragment"
  • Fixed the model of the purple table
  • Fixed freeze when interacting with the purple table
  • Fixed bug where players may drop to the ground when replacing the objects of the machine
  • Fixed bug where Yakmel Horn Bracelet doesn’t show on the worktable
  • Fixed bug where letters of the research diagram can be deleted when they are not read
  • Fixed the incorrect upper limitation of machines
  • Fixed the location of special effects for the Civil Furnace
  • Fixed incorrect name in the inspection minigame
  • Fixed the source description of some items
  • Fixed bug where commission shows wrong characters and items
  • Fixed bug where Grace and Owen’s models cross and overlap each other
  • Fixed bug where held item disappears after playing sandboarding
  • Fixed appearance of Sandrock logo
  • Fixed bug where Day of Memories would not occur in the second year
  • Fixed bug where Catori would be bald in the low graphic setting
  • Fixed the display style of scenario missions
  • Fixed the blinking problem of Yakmel
  • Fixed the issue with no footsteps on some sandy ground
  • Fixed bug about Burgess walking
  • Fixed some problems with the skill system
  • Fixed abnormal save loading when planting more than one grid of plants
  • Fixed bug with stones floating in the world
  • Fixed the sleeping appearance of some NPCs
  • Fixed bug where the stroke will not disappear/is frozen in the custom furniture interface
  • Fixed abnormal acceleration in the research interface
  • Fixed the position of the NPC in the install stage
  • Fixed bug where machine fill function sometimes doesn’t work correctly
  • Fixed guns’ reloading errors

Alpha 0.1


My Time at Sandrock 0.1.66396 was released on April 20, 2021.


  • Fixed a bug where saves can't be loaded if you plant some large plants


My Time at Sandrock 0.1.66270 was released on April 19, 2021.


  • Fixed a critical runtime bug that might lead to a bunch of other bugs


My Time at Sandrock 0.1.66161 was released on April 16, 2021.


  • Added more main story
  • Added more Elsie side quests
  • Added more Zeke side quests
  • Added farming system
  • Added Day of Memories festival
  • Added Museum and related systems
  • Added Stamina (SP) consumption for melee combat
  • Added Clean Off Sand system
  • Added Item Catalog to Builders’ Handbook
  • Added reward and punishment mechanism for early and late sleep
  • Added secondary waste wood pile and corresponding scraps
  • Added the new version of mining dungeons with layered exploration mode, room splicing structure, and more.
  • Added highlighting of key content
  • Added 2 quicksand pits for sandfishing
  • Added recovery action to distinguish it from excavation action
  • Added the scroll bar and multi-zoom level display of the map
  • Added the ability to switch overlapping points on the map and quickly view and track tasks
  • Added the list display function of the Recycling Machine
  • Added the ability to trigger tasks in areas
  • Added a model for level 2 mining stones
  • Added Commerce Guild store that sells some diagrams
  • Added more diagrams to Forging Machine, Tailoring Table, and Drying Rack
  • Added level requirement to equipment
  • Added some diagrams for gifts
  • Added source display of unlocked items’ diagrams
  • Added dynamic emoticons for most NPCs
  • Added resident opinion dialogue and incident response dialogue
  • Added Commerce Guild Guide
  • Added a new story dungeon, explaining the background source of the random battle dungeon in Paradise
  • Added the ability to let players change attack directions
  • Added that fixed hatred algorithm chains to some monsters
  • Added some rooms to the Hazardous Ruins
  • Added pupils setting when customizing player characters’ face
  • Added appearances for Desert Defender suit and Casual suit
  • Added mounts
  • Added Pen’s combat actions
  • Added the footsteps of each mount on different terrains
  • Added arcade minigame into the Day of Memories


  • Adjusted the task rewards of some tasks
  • Adjusted the daily dialogue of some NPCs
  • Optimized the mission objectives and descriptions of some missions
  • Optimized the position and camera of some mission plots
  • Adjusted the position of the Commission Board to the Commerce Guild
  • Adjusted the monsters’ loot drops in the Paradise Hazardous Ruin and the drops of chests in the random dungeon.
  • Adjusted crafting sequences, icon positions, and diagrams
  • Adjusted the blueprints of some assembled books
  • Adjusted the HP and drops of trees and cacti
  • Adjusted the appearance of the inspection game, it’s a weekly inspection now.
  • Adjusted the basic number of players’ workshop plots
  • Adjust Sandfishing
  • Optimized the performance of the sand trap rope
  • Redid parts of UX
  • Changed the shortcut key for retrieving the backpack from [R] to [T]
  • Changed the backpack UI from scrolling to page turning
  • Unified some interaction methods
  • Optimized the content of tutorials
  • Optimized the spar tutorial
  • Adjusted some items’ crafting needs
  • Adjusted the Commission Board order system, so rewards for different commissions tend to be more varied now
  • Adjusted the combat attributes of players and monsters
  • Adjusted the attributes of some equipment
  • Adjusted stackable items to a single quality
  • Adjusted the crafting material requirements in the early game missions
  • Adjusted the crafting-related attributes of the early stage
  • Adjusted the behavior and appearance rules of random NPCs
  • Adjusted some of the NPC's abnormal behavior
  • Adjusted the movement speed of some NPCs
  • Optimized the user experience (not EXP) when using firearms
  • Optimized the shooting UI, added UI styles for different guns
  • The male and female characters have different shooting angles now
  • Optimized Justice’s behavior when using his hammer and gun
  • Optimized the process of passing some dungeons
  • Optimized the chest rewards from some dungeons
  • Optimized some mechanisms’ logic inside the dungeons
  • Adjusted the levels of some dungeons
  • Adjusted the camera view angle in the mining dungeon
  • Adjusted the route in the Paradise dungeon
  • Adjusted the location of wild exploration caves
  • Adjusted the respawn rate of some monsters
  • Adjusted the attack combo movements, so it’s more cohesive now
  • Adjusted the feeling of the attacks, reducing the situation of ineffective attack
  • Adjusted the player's movement speed
  • Adjusted the attack vibration caused by NPC attacks. Now it will only trigger when you are close to the NPC fighting position
  • Adjusted the Whack-a-mole minigame and added more special “rats”, auxiliary aiming function, and hitting special effects, etc.


  • Corrected the sourcing description of some items
  • Fixed an issue that may cause the game flow to freeze in some missions
  • Fixed a lot of text errors
  • Fixed some collisions in the town and the dungeons
  • Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to play emoticons when they were sleeping
  • Fixed the bug of the revolver magazine
  • Fixed the angle issue when aiming with a gun
  • Fixed the issue of inaccurate shooting/aiming
  • Fixed the gun’s aiming shaking because of environments
  • Fixed the IK issue of shooting system
  • Fixed some monsters can’t run away
  • Fixed Yakmel’s slow reactions after attacking
  • Fixed the wrong behavior of some monsters
  • Fixed bug where some monsters could not cause damage to NPC
  • Fixed bug where players could attack but could not cause damage to monsters
  • Fixed the key-related bugs in the Subway dungeon
  • Fixed some incorrect settings of some game objects in the dungeons
  • Fixed bug where air wall would block bullets
  • Fixed object errors in the caves
  • Fixed wrong drop of some bosses in the dungeon
  • Fixed the issue where the player would become bald after putting on a hat
  • Fixed the wrong position when players holding some weapons
  • Fixed invalid rolling after the attack actions
  • Fixed issue where players can easily step on the heads of some monsters
  • Fixed lag caused by NPC fighting with monsters
  • Fixed bug where players’ footsteps did not work on some terrain


My Time at Sandrock 0.1.57906 was released on February 7, 2021.


  • Fixed issues causing players to get stuck in the Gecko Station dungeon
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when your system was set to Polish or Russian
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck inside trains
  • Lifesteal items should work now
  • Fixed an issue where green tutorial arrows in your workshop would stay forever
  • Made improvements to invisible walls
  • Green hats will not make your character bald anymore
  • Holding the stage over your head shouldn't cause graphical errors anymore
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when Jasmine's Tour and Pen's Tutorial coincided
  • Fixed Burgess's odd sleeping animation
  • Fixed disappearing Sandworms
  • Fixed various model issues
  • Fixed some weather bugs
  • Fixed problem of invalid switch of storage box
  • Players should now always wake up in their beds and not the weird secret room
  • Pen shouldn't walk into the frame when you install the crane
  • NPCs should overlap less
  • Corrected spelling errors


  • Made it easier to make a Storage Box
  • Put Mason in a better place for milk drinking
  • Item prices have been adjusted
  • Pistol's accuracy is better reflected in its tooltip
  • Changed some item names


  • Added Sandstorm music
  • Improved English translation


My Time at Sandrock 0.1.57672 was released on February 5, 2021.

  • No official changelist posted.


My Time at Sandrock 0.1.57652 was released on February 4, 2021.

  • Initial build


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