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The Church of the Light is an organization that opposes the idea and usage of technological advancement and warfare, believing it to be the primary cause of the Age of Corruption. The church is the main religion in the Alliance of Free Cities. Its headquarter is the state of Meidi.


Sandrock has its own Church of the Light located at the highest point of the city.

Unlike the Portian equivalent, the Sandrock chapter is not entirely opposed to using technological tools. Due to the harsh environment of the desert, Matilda is lenient when it comes to the use of weapons and tools, believing it to be a necessity in order to survive the dangerous aspects of Sandrock.[1]


Sandrock's division consists of the following members and their role in the Church of the Light.


The Church of the Light is also a region in Sandrock, located on top of the city's tallest hill. The temple is situated in the centermost part of the hill, with a church dormitory on the east side. Matilda's home quietly sits at the back of the temple.

There are four access points to reach the temple: a southwestern entrance from Martle's Square and Uptown; a western entrance that leads to a series of wooden and metal suspended platforms, wrapped around a dilapidated building, that trails to the bottom of the backside of the Civil Corps's headquarters; a northeastern entrance that leads to Back Street; and a northern entrance that leads to End of the Road Graveyard and High Noon Arena.

Yakmel Station ico.png Yakmel Station: The Church Station is found just outside the temple.


Treasure chests[]


Side Mission New Help Burgess Clean the Garden



  1. In-game dialogue:
    Owen.png The Church of the Light is all about preserving the sense of community and getting rid of dangerous Age of Corruption technology, but... the interesting thing about our chapter, is that Matilda is extremely lenient when it comes to relics and old tech! ... In Sandrock, we're allowed to hold onto some pretty mean stuff... Sometimes they'll even let relic weapons slide! And it's a good thing, too! Life would be that much harder out here if we didn't have the means to defend ourselves!