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The Civil Corps are a large organized group of people working throughout the Alliance of Free Cities, as well as other cities outside the alliance. While there is a branch of the Civil Corps in each of the five Free Cities, they all operate under a common goal: to support and defend the people.

Sandrock's Civil Corps branch is led by sheriff Justice, with Unsuur as a member. Captain is the corps' pet cat who tends to assist the team fight enemies.


The Civil Corps Store can be accessed by interacting with the cash register inside the building. Here the player can exchange their Ruins Tokens for some rare crafting materials and exclusive clothing.


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Just wanted to let you know, commissions are a two-way street! That's right, you can commission us over at the Civil Corps to do a bit of ruin divin' for you from time to time; we can pick up some of the stuff you need while we're doing our patrols, then mail it to you.
— Justice

The player can commission the Civil Corps to gather materials for them. Commissions can be posted on the Commission Board inside the Civil Corps building.

Ruin Diving Commissions[]

Name Max tours Days Cost Items received
The Breach 5 2-5 384 Gols.png Data DiscData Disc (6-7)
EngineEngine (1)
Ruins TokenRuins Token (10)
Simple CircuitsSimple Circuits (2)
Monster Hunting 5 3-5 192 Gols.png Ant HoneyAnt Honey (1-2)
FeatherFeather (4)
MeatMeat (1)
Raw Animal SkinRaw Animal Skin (4)
Rib MeatRib Meat (2)
Yakmel HairYakmel Hair (8)

Collecting materials[]

Name Quantity Max tours Days Cost
Raw Animal SkinRaw Animal Skin
6 5 2-3 48 Gols.png
Ant HoneyAnt Honey
6 5 2-3 144 Gols.png
6 5 2-3 48 Gols.png
Rooster RocketRooster Rocket
6 5 2-3 24 Gols.png
6 5 2-3 192 Gols.png