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The Civil Furnace is a crafting station that processes copper and iron ores as well as dinas, stone, and clay. It is allows the player to create Steel Bars and Tempered Glass.


Civil Furnace can be crafted using the Assembly Station. In order to craft the Civil Furnace, the player needs to obtain its diagram by giving 14 Data Discs to Qi at the Research Center, then waiting for 4 days before obtaining its blueprint in the mail.

Assembly Station Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Civil Furnace
Civil Furnace
Bronze PipesBronze Pipes (3)
Bloodstone CoreBloodstone Core (2)
Bronze FrameBronze Frame (1)
MarbleMarble (4)

It is also possible to upgrade a Furnace to a Civil Furnace.

Image Upgrade Materials needed

Previous version

Furnace -> Civil Furnace
  • Civil Furnace recipes unlocked
  • Two productions can be queued
  • Bigger capacity for each queue
Bronze StickBronze Stick (4)
MarbleMarble (2)
Bloodstone CoreBloodstone Core (2)
Bronze PipesBronze Pipes (1)
Machine Upgrade KitMachine Upgrade Kit (1)


Civil Furnace is used for refining raw crafting materials. It can also be donated to the Museum or requested in a commission.


Crafting station[]

Civil Furnace can be used to smelt copper, bronze, steel, and chromium steel bars, as well as process dinas, stone, and clay.

Civil Furnace uses Dregs, Wood, Power Stones, or Condensed Power Stones as fuel. Crafting requires the furnace to be fueled for a certain amount of time. Upon running out of fuel, the production is halted mid process until more fuel is added. In addition the Water Tank must supply all crafting stations with Water while running.

Civil Furnace can be used to craft the following materials:

Civil FurnaceCivil Furnace
Item Time Materials Sell price Exp Proficiency
1h 15m StoneStone (4)
6Gols.png 19 1
1h 15m DinasDinas (4)
9Gols.png 19 1
1h 15m Copper OreCopper Ore (3)
5Gols.png 19 1
1h 30m Copper OreCopper Ore (3)
Tin OreTin Ore (2)
9Gols.png 23 1
1h 15m ClayClay (4)
DinasDinas (2)
14Gols.png 19 1
2h  DinasDinas (4)
QuartzQuartz (2)
18Gols.png 30 2
2h  DinasDinas (4)
ClayClay (3)
17Gols.png 30 2
2h 15m Iron OreIron Ore (3)
Manganese OreManganese Ore (2)
22Gols.png 34 2
2h  Iron OreIron Ore (3)
GraphiteGraphite (1)
DinasDinas (1)
18Gols.png 30 2
Crafting books for the Furnace
Item Time Materials Sell price Exp Proficiency
1h 15m ClayClay (2)
DinasDinas (1)
8Gols.png 19 1
1h 45m MarbleMarble (4)
13Gols.png 26 2
2h 15m Iron OreIron Ore (3)
Chromium OreChromium Ore (2)
30Gols.png 36 2


Civil Furnace can be donated to Catori's Museum as a Large item for 20 Reputation points.