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Commissions are requests for an item or items to be crafted within the allotted time. Some characters can request different items, such as Stone Troughs, Copper Pipes, or Glass. Completing commissions typically rewards gols, workshop reputation, and relationship points with the specific character who posted that commission. Abandoning a commission will reduce the player's reputation by a small amount.


The Commerce Guild posts commissions on the commission board inside the building everyday, including weekends. These randomized commissions - pulled from lists of possible commissions that are available depending on the player's Workshop Rank - ask for items of varying crafting difficulty and quality.

Reputation points are rewarded based on difficulty; at the end of the month, the top three ranked workshops gain rewards for their efforts.

Workshops ranked 1 star may only take one commission per day, 2 and 3 stars can take two per day, and 4 stars can take three per day. Abandoning a commission on the same day it was taken will not allow the player to choose another on the same day. However, the player may abandon a commission that had been accepted on a previous day, then immediately accept a new commission. The sole exceptions to this rule are main mission (story) commissions, which have no limits on how many can be taken. Additionally, story commissions do not count against the player's workshop-rank limit, meaning the player can accept the randomized daily commissions alongside any story commissions.

Commissions are completed by talking to the commissioner with their requested item in the player's inventory. Story commissions are usually completed by giving the items to Yan (unless specified otherwise)


Commissions have different levels of difficulty and rewards depending on the player's workshop rank, ranging from 1 to 3 stars. As the workshop reputation increases, higher levels of commissions start to appear more frequently.


Mabel requests three frying pans in Green (Outstanding) quality

The same commission shown in the mission log

The game has four quality levels; an unnamed White quality used by some resources, Green (Outstanding), Blue (Perfect) and Purple (Rare).

Commissioned items are always in the three last qualities; Outstanding, Perfect, and Rare. This quality level is specified on the commission request and is easily identified by the background color of the item on the commission description and item background of commission itself. The quality is also listed in colored text on the commission board with the text matching the requested quality's color code.

The player will most often produce items at Green (Outstanding) quality. The chance to randomly craft a higher quality item can be improved by upgrading machines and adding experience points to Quality Goods Knowledge under the Workshop Tree. The Refiner is used to intentionally improve the quality. The Refiner uses rare resources as fuel. One source for these is processing ores in the Ore Refinery.


Each commission has a commissioner, a specific character living in Sandrock.

There are no added benefits or rewards for choosing a certain commissioner.

List of possible commissions[]

This list covers the commissions that can be randomly selected and displayed on the Commission Board in the Commerce Guild on any weekday. It does not include commissions posted during main missions.

RP = The number of Relationship Points the player gains with the Requester. Rep = Workshop Reputation.

1 Star[]

Commission Rewards
Item Deadline Requester RP Prompt happy.png Gols Gols.png Exp Exp.png Rep Reputation.png
Stone TroughStone Trough
3 days Owen.png 6 122 110 11
Bronze BarsBronze Bars
3 days Heidi.png 8 237 158 16
Copper WireCopper Wire
5 days Qi.png 8 109 63 9
Bronze BladeBronze Blade
5 days Burgess.png 14 274 264 27
5 days Arvio.png 9 329 208 21
Stone SwordStone Sword
1 day Owen.png 21 212 213 16
Copper ScrewCopper Screw
3 days Elsie.png 8 217 165 17
3 days Arvio.png 11 163 64 15
Marble SlabMarble Slab
3 days Jensen.png 18 446 162 44
Copper PipeCopper Pipe
5 days Heidi.png 16 367 268 33
Hardwood PlanksHardwood Planks
3 days Burgess.png 13 509 405 40

2 Star[]

Commission Rewards
Item Deadline Requester RP Prompt happy.png Gols Gols.png Exp Exp.png Rep Reputation.png
Hardwood PlanksHardwood Planks
3 days Arvio.png 12 465 355 35
Rubber TubeRubber Tube
2 days Burgess.png 21 664 511 64
Copper PotCopper Pot
2 days Grace.png 17 664 511 51

3 Star[]

Commission Rewards
Item Deadline Requester RP Prompt happy.png Gols Gols.png Exp Exp.png Rep Reputation.png
Tanned LeatherTanned Leather
3 days Owen.png 15 751 517 52
Bloodstone SawsBloodstone Saws
3 days Hugo.png 14 651 469 47
Pumping PipePumping Pipe
5 days Dan-bi.png 29 1389 793 99
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