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Crane Lift is an assembled item used in the Picking Up the Slack mission.


Crane Lift can be crafted using the Assembly Station after obtaining the diagram during Picking Up the Slack.

Assembly Station Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Crane Lift.png
Crane Lift
BricksBricks (8)
Wooden StickWooden Stick (5)
Thick RopeThick Rope (6)
BearingBearing (4)
Copper StickCopper Stick (5)

The crafting recipe for Thick Rope is not available from the start of the game. The crafting book must be purchased from the Commerce Guild Store.


Crane Lift is used in one mission.


One Crane Lift is required to complete Picking Up the Slack.


Crane Lift can be donated to Catori's Museum as a Large item for 20 Reputation points.