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Dew Collector is a crafting station that is used for collecting dew that can be crafted into water. It can also be donated to the Museum or gifted.


Dew Collector can be crafted using the Assembly Station. In order to craft the Dew Collector, the player needs to obtain its diagram by giving 8 Data Discs to Qi at the Research Center, then waiting for 3 days before obtaining its blueprint in the mail.

Assembly Station Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Dew Collector
Dew Collector
Wooden StickWooden Stick (3)
Basic LeatherBasic Leather (3)
Marble BrickMarble Brick (2)
Stone TroughStone Trough (2)


Dew Collector is used for crafting.

Crafting station[]

Dew Collector is used to extract a small amount of Dew from the air. Dew can be converted into Water at the Worktable and then be used to ensure that the player's machines do not overheat or for Farming. Dew Collector can contain a maximum of 20 Dew and will collect 2-3 Dew each day.

Dew Collector does not require fuel.


Dew Collector can be donated to Catori's Museum as a Medium item for 12 Reputation points.


Dew Collector can be given as a gift to other characters.

Gifting Characters
gifting Love: +17 Zeke.pngZeke
gifting Like: +9 Burgess.pngBurgess
gifting Neutral: +4 Amirah.pngAmirahArvio.pngArvioCatori.pngCatoriCooper.pngCooperDan-bi.pngDan-biElsie.pngElsieErnest.pngErnestGrace.pngGraceHeidi.pngHeidiHugo.pngHugoJasmine.pngJasmineJensen.pngJensenJustice.pngJusticeKrystal.pngKrystalMabel.pngMabelMatilda.pngMatildaMi-an.pngMi-anMiguel.pngMiguelMort.pngMortOwen.pngOwenPablo.pngPabloPen.pngPenQi.pngQiRian.pngRianRocky.pngRockyUnsuur.pngUnsuurVivi.pngViviX.pngXYan.pngYan
gifting Refuse Fang.pngFang
Listed values are without any knowledge giving extra points.