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Map of the My Time world.

The Eufaula Desert is a vast, arid desert in the southeastern part of the Alliance of Free Cities. Sandrock is located within the desert, with habitation viable due to Martle's Oasis, now a failing source of water.

Portia including its suburb South Block is located in a fertile region south of the desert.

The Alliance capital, Atara, and Highwind are located, respectively, west and east of the desert. Both cities are linked to Sandrock by the Atara-Highwind Railway through the desert.

The desert contains mesas and canyons and is inhabited by numerous sand-dwelling monsters. Yakmels are indigenous to the Eufaula Desert.



My Time at Gobi Desert

  • The landscape near Sandrock is inspired by the Gobi Desert.[1]
    • For inspiration and authenticity, Pathea Games staff took a research trip to the Gobi Desert to learn about it firsthand and ask locals about the environmental trials that they face there.


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