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The Farm Store is a shop that sells farming supplies, seeds, and produce. It is owned by Zeke and located inside the Moisture Farm north of Sandrock.

The store opens after the player completes Moisture Farm Blues.


The player can get a permanent discount at the Farm Store by increasing their relationship with Zeke. Zeke will give them a 10% discount at Buddy level, 20% at Friend level, and 25% at Good Friend level.

Prices shown in the tables below are base prices before applying any discounts.


When the Farm Store opens, it sells common seeds, with rarer more expensive seeds becoming available as the player progresses with the main story.

Starting stock[]

Farm StoreFarm Store
Item Amount Price
Coffee Tea Tree SeedsCoffee Tea Tree Seeds
1 5 Data Disc.png
Cactus SeedCactus Seed
3 2 Data Disc.png
Pomato SeedsPomato Seeds
3 2 Data Disc.png
Sandrice SeedSandrice Seed
15 1 Data Disc.png (1:3 rate)
Wheat SeedsWheat Seeds
15 1 Data Disc.png (1:3 rate)
Sand Leek SeedsSand Leek Seeds
15 1 Data Disc.png (1:3 rate)
50 2 Gols.png
200 26 Gols.png
Chestnut SeedsChestnut Seeds
10 136 Gols.png
Rose Willow SeedsRose Willow Seeds
10 24 Gols.png
20 17 Gols.png
20 24 Gols.png
20 24 Gols.png

Unlockable stock[]

Farm StoreFarm Store
Item Amount Price Mission
Sweet Potato Pepper SeedsSweet Potato Pepper Seeds
10 49 Gols.png In Trusses we Trust
Jute Cantaloupe SeedsJute Cantaloupe Seeds
10 136 Gols.png In Trusses we Trust
Rhino Horn SeedsRhino Horn Seeds
10 97 Gols.png Operation: Flowergate
Mountain Rose SeedsMountain Rose Seeds
10 68 Gols.png Operation: Flowergate