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Fire Powered Generator is a crafting station that is used to power other crafting stations.


Fire Powered Generator can be crafted using the Assembly Station. In order to craft the Fire Powered Generator, the player needs to obtain its diagram by giving 16 Data Discs to Qi at the Research Center, then waiting for 4 days before obtaining its blueprint in the mail.

Assembly Station Assembly Station Lv1
Blueprint Materials
Fire Powered Generator
Fire Powered Generator
Bronze PlateBronze Plate (4)
Bloodstone CoreBloodstone Core (2)
BearingBearing (3)
Steel BarSteel Bar (6)


Fire Powered Generator is used for crafting.


Crafting station[]

Fire Powered Generator can be used to power other crafting station. Wiring between the generator and crafting stations is not required.

Crafting requires the Furnace to be fueled for a certain amount of time. Upon running out of fuel, the production is halted mid process until more fuel is added. In addition the Water Tank must supply all crafting stations with Water while running.