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Gathering is a game mechanic that allows the player to pick up overworld loot found on the surface. Gathering does not require any tool and can be performed by simply interacting with the object and consuming stamina. In exchange from gathering loot, the player receives an item or several items in relation to the loot.

Most gatherable loot can be identified by a sparkle on an object. Other objects, such as tumbleweed, can be interacted with.

Loot objects[]

Object Description Location Loot
Desert Mushroom-concept.png
Desert Mushroom
Although mushrooms grown in the desert have adapted to the dry environment of the desert a little, they only grow during the relatively humid season of the year. Outskirts Desert MushroomDesert Mushroom
Desert Mushroom StrainsDesert Mushroom Strains
A plant with some medicinal purposes, but it's mostly used for flavoring dishes. Outskirts DewDew
Plant FiberPlant Fiber
Fruit grown from the Sandberry plant, a specialty product of Sandrock, beloved by most; often made into preserved fruit and even skincare products for people to use. Outskirts DewDew
Plant FiberPlant Fiber
A desert specialty, a staple food in Sandrock. It can grow in sandy soil and doesn't need much water to grow, making it a favorite for desert planters. Outskirts DewDew
Plant FiberPlant Fiber
Sandrice SeedSandrice Seed
Sand Leek-concept.png
Sand Leek
The whole plant is edible, making it a desert plant with both ecological and economical value. Outskirts DewDew
Sand LeekSand Leek
Sand Leek SeedSand Leek Seed
You know you're rural when you see this, slowly floating nearby. A true desert representative, it is somehow a peaceful thing to watch, rolling through with the breeze. Outskirts
The Badlands
Plant FiberPlant Fiber


Loot by location[]


  • Desert Mushroom StrainsDesert Mushroom Strains, from desert mushrooms under Dry Boxtrees (Spring only)
  • Desert MushroomDesert Mushroom, from desert mushrooms under Dry Boxtrees (Summer and Autumn only)
  • DewDew, from oregano bush, sand leek, or sandrice plants
  • ManureManure, from manure on ground
  • OreganoOregano, from oregano bush
  • Sand LeekSand Leek, from sand leek plants
  • SandberrySandberry, from sandberry plants
  • SandriceSandrice, from sandrice plants
  • SandwormSandworm, from sandworm on ground, or oregano bush
  • Shiny ScorpionShiny Scorpion, has a chance to appear after quarrying and will disappear if not caught
  • Plant FiberPlant Fiber, from tumbleweeds or oregano bush
  • WoodWood, from tumbleweeds
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Cleaning up trash

Trash is a gatherable loot that can be found littered throughout the city of Sandrock. Trash come in the form of various objects, such as paper, clothing, or rubber product, metal parts, food scrap, or broken weaponry. When the player approaches trash, a gather action called "clean up" appears. Gathering trash does not consume stamina nor does the player need to hold the "E" button.

Possible loot[]

Dregs are common loot from picking up trash.

  • DregsDregs
  • Food ScrapsFood Scraps, from food waste
  • Ruined ClothRuined Cloth, from clothing product
  • Ruined GlassRuined Glass, from glass product
  • Ruined PaperRuined Paper, from paper product