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Hammer Time is a shop that sells refined materials, tools and other equipment. Hugo is the proprietor of Hammer Time.


The player can get a permanent discount at the Hammer Time by increasing their relationship with Hugo. Hugo will give them a 10% discount at Buddy level, 20% at Friend level, and 25% at Good Friend level.

Prices shown in the tables below are base prices before applying any discounts.


The prices listed in the tables below are for items of Outstanding (green) quality; the store has a chance to also sell higher quality items that are more expensive.

Starting stock[]

The story is stocked with stone weapons and copper at the start of the game, with more expensive weapons and materials becoming available after the player completes certain main story missions.

Hammer TimeHammer Time
Item Amount Price
Copper BarsCopper Bars
20 26 Gols.png
Copper StickCopper Stick
5 66 Gols.png
Copper ScrewCopper Screw
5 19 Gols.png
Sharpening StoneSharpening Stone
2 512 Gols.png
Machine Upgrade KitMachine Upgrade Kit
5 128 Gols.png
Stone Sword and ShieldStone Sword and Shield
1 121 Gols.png
Stone DaggersStone Daggers
1 84 Gols.png
Stone SpearStone Spear
1 134 Gols.png
Stone SwordStone Sword
1 183 Gols.png

Unlockable stock[]

Hammer TimeHammer Time
Item Amount Price Condition
Bronze BarsBronze Bars
20 47 Gols.png Craft Bronze Bars verify ]
Steel BarSteel Bar
20 99 Gols.png In Trusses we Trust
Bronze DaggersBronze Daggers
1 505 Gols.png The Show Must Go On
Bronze Sword and ShieldBronze Sword and Shield
1 571 Gols.png The Show Must Go On
Bronze SpearBronze Spear
1 551 Gols.png The Show Must Go On
Bronze GreatswordBronze Greatsword
1 591 Gols.png The Show Must Go On