My Time at Sandrock Wiki
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Sandrock map

The map is a geographical diagram displaying the city of Sandrock, landmarks, regions, shops and services, and other noteworthy locations. At the player's arrival, most of the map is covered in a "fog-of-war", meaning unexplored areas are not charted on the map. Unlike in My Time at Portia where the map is uncovered by completing certain missions, in My Time at Sandrock, exploring the uncharted areas immediately updates the map.

The map interface also displays the location, time, and day.

Interactive map[]

This interactive map marks noteworthy locations of interests that can be toggled under "Filters" to display all markers or specific categories. Zoom in or out using the mouse wheel or by utilizing the "+/-" buttons on the interface. Additionally, clicking on the markers displays more information, as well as relevant links.

  • Main points of interests (orange)
  • Abandoned Ruins (green)
  • Fishing spots (purple)
  • Hazardous Ruins (red)
  • Stores (yellow)
  • Yakmel Stations (blue)

Using the map[]

Aside from displaying the topography of Sandrock, various icons are marked on the map.

The player can zoom in or out using the mouse scroll wheel.

Managing the map[]

Manage map icon.png

Map icons can be toggled on or off by clicking on the "i" icon on the bottom left.

  • Construction info
  • Map text
  • Shop icons
  • Play and date
  • Fishing spots
  • Mission icons
  • Friend icons
  • Monster icons
  • Other icons

By default, the monster icons are toggled off.


Icon legend
Icon Description Icon Description
Player Map ico.png Player's location NPC Map ico.png NPC location (pre-Friend status)
Amirah.png Friend location Bumble Ant.png Monster location
House ico.png Workshop Mail ico.png Mail
Map marker ico.png Map marker Recycle ico.png Recycle
Fishing Spot ico.png Fishing spots Yakmel Station ico.png Yakmel Station
Main mission headicon.png Main mission start, major event Side mission headicon.png Side mission start, minor event
Shops and services
Blue Moon To-Go ico.png Blue Moon To-Go By The Stairs ico.png By The Stairs
Ceramic Gate ico.png Ceramic Gate Commerce Guild Store ico.png Commerce Guild Store
Construction Junction Shop ico.png Construction Junction Shop Eufaula Salvage Shop ico.png Eufaula Salvage Shop
Clinic ico.png Fang and X Clinic Farm Store ico.png Farm Store
Hammer Time ico.png Hammer Time Souvenir Shop ico.png Souvenir Shop
Tailor Made ico.png Tailor Made Wandering Y Store ico.png Wandering Y Store
Water World ico.png Water World

Yakmel Station[]

Yakmel Station.png

Scattered throughout Sandrock are Yakmel Stations, a Sandrock-transportation system that utilizes tamed Yakmel as a method of land transport.

Noteworthy locations[]


Near Sandrock[]

Around Sandrock[]