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Marble Slab is a refined material used in crafting.


Marble Slab can be crafted using the following crafting stations after the player purchases the recipe from the Commerce Guild Store:

:Category:Processors Crafting book for the Processor
Station Craft time Materials
1h 30m Marble BrickMarble Brick (2)


Marble Slab is used for crafting and can be gifted.


Marble Slab is a required ingredient when crafting the following items:

Assembly Station Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials Sell price Exp Proficiency
Bronze BladeBronze Blade (1)
Copper ScrewCopper Screw (12)
Marble SlabMarble Slab (2)
Rubber ShellRubber Shell (3)
Hardwood StickHardwood Stick (2)
334 Gols.png 325 3
Old PartsOld Parts (2)
Bronze BarsBronze Bars (6)
Marble SlabMarble Slab (3)
223 Gols.png 220 3
Copper PotCopper Pot (1)
Marble SlabMarble Slab (3)
Rubber ShellRubber Shell (3)
Bronze BarsBronze Bars (3)
Hard WoodHard Wood (4)
269 Gols.png 265 3


Marble Slab can be given as a gift to other characters.

Gifting Characters
gifting Love: +15 Rocky.pngRocky
gifting Like: +7 Heidi.pngHeidiMi-an.pngMi-anYan.pngYan
gifting Neutral: +5 Hugo.pngHugo
gifting Neutral: +4 Jensen.pngJensen
gifting Neutral: +3 Amirah.pngAmirahArvio.pngArvioBurgess.pngBurgessCatori.pngCatoriCooper.pngCooperDan-bi.pngDan-biElsie.pngElsieErnest.pngErnestGrace.pngGraceJasmine.pngJasmineJustice.pngJusticeKrystal.pngKrystalMabel.pngMabelMatilda.pngMatildaMiguel.pngMiguelMort.pngMortOwen.pngOwenPablo.pngPabloPen.pngPenQi.pngQiRian.pngRianUnsuur.pngUnsuurVivi.pngViviX.pngXZeke.pngZeke
gifting Refuse Fang.pngFang
Listed values are without any knowledge giving extra points.