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Like a pure sapphire in the desert, the beauty of Martle’s Oasis is truly a sight to behold.
— The Travels of Mayet Bee

Martle's Oasis is a natural oasis in the Eufaula Desert whose former beauty was the reason for the town of Sandrock's creation. As of the start of My Time at Sandrock, the oasis has become a dried-up, desolate area that is missing much of the flora and fauna that had drawn its namesake, Martle, to the area.


Martle was a traveler on a caravan from Atara to Highwind. 71 years ago, the caravan rested for the night at an oasis in the Eufaula Desert with plenty of fruit, plants and animals. Martle was so taken in by the scenery that she decided to stay and opened Hotel Sandrock for other travelers. Martle lived in respect for the local nature and demanded that the visitors at her hotel did the same.[1]

Early Sandrock

Five years later, a group of prospectors discovered that Hotel Sandrock was built near a buried metropolis. This was during the first Alliance-Duvos War, and the discovery led to a huge surge of prospectors and Ruin Divers that wanted to extract the buried metropolis's wealth of Relics and Power Stones from the Old World. The newly arrived prospecting companies cared little for the environment and left most of the local prairie land void of trees, using the timber to build their homes. The wildlife was hunted to create ranches and the oasis was exploited and polluted.

Sandrock during the boom years

The huge surge in population and the booming extraction business led Atara and Highwind to construct the Atara-Highwind Railway linking Sandrock to these cities to support the extraction industry. Martle tried to repair the damage to the oasis and to replant parts of the destroyed forests, but her efforts were in vain.[1] The scenery that had inspired her to open her rest stop had been destroyed beyond repair.

Destroyed extraction equipment

Due to Sandrock's history, wood has become a scarce resource and water even more so after the pollution and destruction of Martle's Oasis. These setbacks caused most of the town's residents to leave.[2]

Places of interests[]

Water Shop[]

The Water Shop is a store operated by Burgess. This store sells the city's invaluable resource, Water. Due to Sandrock's water shortage, the cost of Water has three different price ranges, based on the current stock on hand.