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Mason is a retired Builder who appears in both My Time at Sandrock and My Time at Portia. He was the resident Builder in Sandrock, but was unable to stop the town's decline. In the final part of My Time at Portia, he moves to Portia to retire. When spoken to, he speaks of certain characters in Sandrock, bridging the two My Time games together.

His house in Portia features a number of paintings and drawings of Sandrock buildings and landmarks.


Due to Mason's limited time in Sandrock, Mason cannot be befriended or romanced.

Social interactions[]

Social chat.png Chat[]

Chat is a basic social interaction. Chatting with Mason does not increase his relationship.

Regular lines[]

Mason.png This better be good.
Mason.png Ah... it's you. Anything else?
Mason.png You want some advice. Eh... how about: "Don't ask so many darn questions."
Mason.png I reckon the only thing about this place I'm going to miss is the Yakmel Milk. You should try it.
Mason.png You ever been to Portia? That's the place I plan to retire too, heard it's real green.
Mason.png Hey. Can't you see I'm doin' nothin' here? C'mon, beat it...
Mason.png This better be good. ... Ah. Nothing again. Great. You're gonna get along swell here.

During a sandstorm[]

Mason.png One more sandstorm as a final kick in the pants before I can be on my way... It's all very fitting, I suppose.

Running of the Yakmel[]

Mason.png Can't believe I'm still here. Please, Light, let this be the last time I have to watch this meaningless commotion...


Main missions[]

Main Mission New Welcome to Sandrock![1]



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