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From Tallsky, the city of Builders, Mi-an is lively, cheerful, positive, and always full of energy. As a Builder, she values knowledge and is diligent in learning more about her trade. She's new to Sandrock but is already making lots of friends.
— In-game bio

Mi-an is a resident and builder of Sandrock. She's originally from Tallsky, and arrived in Sandrock shortly before the player.[1]

The player learns during the initial part of the game that she is the other builder the town advertised for, and together Mi-an and the player will assume the role of resident builder after the town's previous builder, Mason.[1]


Personal summary[]

Mi-an is one of the two newest builders of Sandrock. Having moved from Tallsky, she came to Sandrock due to its declining state and desires to return Sandrock to its glory days. Mi-an is a very enthusiastic and determined person, with a mischievous side to her. She is very observant of others, as shown during multiple quests throughout the game.

Physical appearance[]

Mi-an has long black hair, fair skin and brown eyes. Her default outfit has a green striped dress shirt over a yellow shirt with a red ribbon, with grey overalls overtop and tall brown boots along with a leather cap and green goggles.

Social network[]

Mi-an is friends with Elsie.

  • Elsie.pngElsieSocial network buddy icon.png Buddy


Mi-an is one of the potential bachelorettes that can be befriended and romanced. The player can confess their love to her with a Heart Knot (Note: romantic options are still limited and marriage is not yet available!)


Friend Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.png
Add an extra 20 stamina points

Social interaction[]

Social chat.png Chat[]

Chat is a basic social interaction available at any relationship level. Chatting with Mi-an once a day can increase his relationship by 1 point; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation without any relationship gain.

Mi-an's dialogue may change every day and every season. Mi-an may also comment about certain events or missions. Higher relationship levels, including romantic involvement, also change Mi-an's dialogue.


Mi-an.png Hi there, you must be Player! I'm Mi-an, the other new Builder. I just got here yesterday. Nice to meetcha!


Mi-an.png Ah, to be an independent workshop owner! This is the life! Don't you agree?
Mi-an.png The Hazardous Ruins here appear to be what's left of a shopping mall from the Old World called Paradise Lost. Who would want to go shopping in a creepy sounding place like that!?
Mi-an.png I heard there's this Builder in Portia that says "Commissions, commissions! The more the better!" every single day. Wonder if it's true.
Mi-an.png Everyone's so welcoming here, it makes me want to work that much harder to impress them!
Mi-an.png I heard that 'The Breach' here in town used to be one of the tallest buildings in this Old World metropolis. It's still much shorter than the "Elevator" in Tallsky.
Mi-an.png I'm in the process of building a new furnace or two. The current lineup just isn't cutting it! How 'bout you? Hanging in there?
Mi-an.png Have you tried kicking a tumbleweed? It's kinda fun.
Mi-an.png Some Builder from Portia tried to outsource a few jobs to me, but he wanted me to work for 'exposure.' Yeah, right! As if anyone's ever heard of your dinky ol' workshop! Pay me!
Mi-an.png There are so many resources all around your house, that's pretty convenient! My place? Well, I'm kind of in the center of town, which is good if I ever need to run over to a shop for extra materials!
Mi-an.png I heard that Sandrock used to have dozens of trains going through it every day, but when I got here... well, the next train I saw was the one you were on.
Mi-an.png So many commissions, so little time!
Mi-an.png The great thing about Sandrock is there's always something that needs fixing! That's called job security, my fellow Builder!
Mi-an.png How's it going? Getting any commissions done?


Mi-an.png Whenever I'm doing long hours in the Abandoned Ruins, I like to practice my humming. I think I'm getting pretty good at it!
Mi-an.png Elsie wants me to build her a whoopee-cushion so she can play tricks on her dad... Although personally I enjoy the prospect, professionally, I had to decline.
Mi-an.png I wonder who will have the top workshop in Sandrock this year...? Whatever we do, let's just make sure we don't lose to that Neighbor Wang guy!
Mi-an.png I've been looking at the plants around here, I dabble in botany as a hobby, and they're all so different from the ones near Tallsky. Even in harsh climates like here, they're finding ways to survive.
Mi-an.png Is it just me or do Grace's omelets taste kinda funny?
Mi-an.png Do you like jerky? If you ever want some, you can go ahead and take one off my rack in my workshop, help yourself!
Mi-an.png When the weather is nice, I can see your workshop sign from my house. Just the thought that you might be actively working on a new project... it fills me with determination!
Mi-an.png My goggles? Oh, my grampa gave 'em to me! He knew how these sandstorms can be. They've really been a lot of help. Plus they look cool!
Mi-an.png Hey, how old do you think Mort is? A hundred?? I'm afraid to ask... Do you think he ever met Peach??
Mi-an.png Elsie's teaching me how to tame Yakmel; here's my Yakmel call: "Yeeeehawwww!!!" Pretty convincing, huh?
Mi-an.png Sometimes, when I finish up a construction, it feels like I'm bringing back to life something from the Old World. A distant voice from the past, hehe. Do you ever feel this way?
Mi-an.png Sandrock is a bit rough around the edges, but whenever I have a hard day, that desert sunset cools me right down.
Mi-an.png If we're not careful, our three-year contracts will be up in a flash! Let's make sure we make every second count; seize the day and all that jazz. We don't want to go home at the end of all this with any regrets!


Mi-an.png Have you ever stopped to think about all the things we've built for Sandrock? I've lost count! But... I never would've gotten half as far if it wasn't for you. It doesn't even feel like work when you're around!
Mi-an.png It can be nice to take a break from commissions and spend time in the garden! Eh? I'm not slackin' off! I'm doing my part to make Sandrock a greener place! That's important, isn't it?
Mi-an.png Last time we ran into each other, I forgot I had commissions in my hand and, well... time flies when you're having fun! ...The commissions? Oh. Well. I never heard anything back from anyone. Guess our boss took care of things for me!
Mi-an.png Hey, guess what! I finally crossbred Sandrice with Wheat, just like Zeke does! Pretty fun! It's a little bit like building; if you get creative, you can make all sorts of cool stuff!
Mi-an.png Sometimes I take a break from commissions and do some work in the garden. Wait a sec... I take a break by doing some "work" in the garden? ...Am I a work-a-holic!? C'mon, you can tell it to me straight!
Mi-an.png Huh? No, I've never seen us as competitors. We've always been a team, from day one! Maybe the best around, I might add!
Mi-an.png You know, Player. I think we've really made a difference here in Sandrock. But our journey's not over yet! There's still more we can do!
Mi-an.png Sometimes I'm chatting with Elsie, and after ages we'll slowly realise we're actually talking about two completely different things! She thinks it's funny, but I get a little embarrassed...
Mi-an.png In her last letter my Ma said when I write her I just go on and on about you and Elsie! She said she's really happy that I've got such good friends. She always used to worry about me getting along with people, so I'm glad she can rest assured!
Mi-an.png I heard a Builder in Portia got their license just by making an axe and pickaxe! Sounds like there's some funny business going on over at that Commerce Guild... Glad we don't have to deal with anything like that here!


Mi-an.png You know, although I always listened to my parents, I'd sometimes lose my temper. But with you... I'm always so happy. Kind of feels... surreal.
Mi-an.png Mort's been telling me about the early days of Sandrock, how he and Martle invented the straw grid with nothing but each other to get them through the day! Couple goals, am I right? I hope we can be like them one day! Uhm, minus the tragedy part...
Mi-an.png So we're in a relationship. And it's great! But! We can't overindulge in couple time, you know? There's still so much more we can do for Sandrock!
Mi-an.png Most girls learn to cook for their other half, huh? So, um... How do you like... jerky?
Mi-an.png I went out in a rush the other day and left my furnaces going without enough fuel! Came back to a bunch of unfinished nothin'... Hey! How come you always seem to know when your machines are out of fuel? You psychic or somethin'? Furnace whisperer!
Mi-an.png I've been writing to my family and I've told them all about you! My Grandpa even said he wanted to come down and meet you as soon as possible but, er, I'm not quite ready for that so I told 'em all that it's sandstorm season, ahaha...
Mi-an.png I love to learn! I've love learning about planting, learning about machines, and learning about... you!

During a sandstorm[]

Regular lines[]
Mi-an.png When you're wearing goggles, you can see much better in a sandstorm! Ever tried?
Mi-an.png Another sandstorm! The winds are likely to expose some pretty good scrap, let's split up and see what we can find!
Mi-an.png When I'm with you, sandstorms don't scare me one bit. Next time, let's go explore some place really far out!


Day of the Bright Sun[]
Mi-an.png I love seeing how everywhere celebrates Day of the Bright Sun differently! How do you celebrate in Highwind?
Day of Memories[]
Mi-an.png Today's the Day of Memories! There's all sorts of fun stuff to do to!
Running of the Yakmel[]
Mi-an.png Ah, the Running of the Yakmel! The only day of the year when you don't have to apologize for bumping into people...


Mi-an.png Hey, when's your birthday? Mine's the twentieth of Autumn! We should remember to do something to celebrate!

Social gift.png Gift[]

This table contains gifting data extracted from the game files and may contain unavailable or unimplemented items. Any errors or changes should be reported on the article comments of this page. Thank you!
  • Mi-an can be given one gift per day. Giving the same gift every day for several days may result in diminishing rewards.
  • Every giftable item in the game has a base point value when gifted. The Neutrals row of the table below only lists neutral items that give an increased reward compared to their base value.
  • The quality of items gifted may affect the relationship points gained, with higher quality items giving extra points.
  • Birthdays and festival days do not affect the relationship points gained. However, giving a gift on Mi-an' birthday will give a unique dialogue.
Social gift.png Gifting Items
Gift Love Loved
Rescue Team BootsRescue Team Boots (+17)
Rescue Team HatRescue Team Hat (+17)
Rescue Team JacketRescue Team Jacket (+17)
Rescue Team PantsRescue Team Pants (+17)
Working DeskWorking Desk (+16)
Yakboy Rocking ChairYakboy Rocking Chair (+16)
Yakboy WardrobeYakboy Wardrobe (+16)
Drool With Joy NoodlesDrool With Joy Noodles (+15)
Iron AxeIron Axe (+15)
Iron PickhammerIron Pickhammer (+15)
Steel FrameSteel Frame (+15)
Yakboy BookshelfYakboy Bookshelf (+15)
PlasticizerPlasticizer (+14)
Techno LockerTechno Locker (+14)
Techno TableTechno Table (+14)
HardenerHardener (+13)
Iron PlateIron Plate (+13)
Cute Square TableCute Square Table (+12)
Manganese Steel PlateManganese Steel Plate (+12)
Titanium OreTitanium Ore (+12)
Vanadium OreVanadium Ore (+12)
Chromium Steel BarChromium Steel Bar (+11)
Magnesium OreMagnesium Ore (+11)
Gift Like Liked
LungFishKingLungFishKing (+10)
Sandacuda KingSandacuda King (+10)
Sandfish KingSandfish King (+10)
SandSnakeKingSandSnakeKing (+10)
ScorpsterKingScorpsterKing (+10)
Large Storage BoxLarge Storage Box (+9)
Leather GlovesLeather Gloves (+9)
Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted PlantBig Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant (+8)
Cast Iron PipeCast Iron Pipe (+8)
Cast Iron PistonCast Iron Piston (+8)
Cast Iron RodCast Iron Rod (+8)
DiamondDiamond (+8)
Iron Elbow PadsIron Elbow Pads (+8)
Iron Knee PadsIron Knee Pads (+8)
Leather BeltLeather Belt (+8)
Miner's HatMiner's Hat (+8)
SandgearSandgear (+8)
Bloodstone SawsBloodstone Saws (+7)
Bronze PlateBronze Plate (+7)
Compact MotorCompact Motor (+7)
CondenserCondenser (+7)
GoldGold (+7)
Marble SlabMarble Slab (+7)
RosestoneRosestone (+7)
Bronze AxeBronze Axe (+6)
Bronze PickhammerBronze Pickhammer (+6)
Condensed Power StoneCondensed Power Stone (+6)
FluoriteFluorite (+6)
Fried Meat with ChiliFried Meat with Chili (+6)
Lavender GemLavender Gem (+6)
OpalOpal (+6)
Seared Green Chili PepperSeared Green Chili Pepper (+6)
Spicy and Sour PotatoSpicy and Sour Potato (+6)
Agave Potted PlantAgave Potted Plant (+5)
Coconut Milk JellyCoconut Milk Jelly (+5)
Leche FritaLeche Frita (+5)
Lithops Potted PlantsLithops Potted Plants (+5)
Mountain Rose Potted PlantMountain Rose Potted Plant (+5)
Rhino Horn SeedsRhino Horn Seeds (+5)
Sweet and Spicy WingsSweet and Spicy Wings (+5)
Gift Neutral Special neutrals
Transmission ShaftTransmission Shaft (+6)
Bronze BladeBronze Blade (+5)
Bronze FrameBronze Frame (+5)
Cast Iron Furnace CoreCast Iron Furnace Core (+5)
Cast Iron WheelsCast Iron Wheels (+5)
Filtration CoreFiltration Core (+5)
Spring Brake CaliperSpring Brake Caliper (+5)
Bloodstone CoreBloodstone Core (+4)
Copper LoudspeakerCopper Loudspeaker (+4)
Glass LensGlass Lens (+4)
Hardwood PlanksHardwood Planks (+4)
Iron LatchIron Latch (+4)
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli (+4)
Metal HingeMetal Hinge (+4)
AdhesiveAdhesive (+3)
BearingBearing (+3)
BloodstoneBloodstone (+3)
BoxwoodBoxwood (+3)
BricksBricks (+3)
Bronze BarsBronze Bars (+3)
Bronze PipesBronze Pipes (+3)
Bronze RivetBronze Rivet (+3)
Bronze StickBronze Stick (+3)
Cast Iron NailsCast Iron Nails (+3)
CementCement (+3)
Copper BladesCopper Blades (+3)
Copper GearCopper Gear (+3)
Copper PipeCopper Pipe (+3)
Copper PlateCopper Plate (+3)
Copper StickCopper Stick (+3)
Copper WireCopper Wire (+3)
Fiber MeshFiber Mesh (+3)
GlassGlass (+3)
Glauber's SaltGlauber's Salt (+3)
Grinding SawsGrinding Saws (+3)
Hardwood StickHardwood Stick (+3)
Iron WireIron Wire (+3)
Iron WoodIron Wood (+3)
MagnetMagnet (+3)
Manganese Steel BarManganese Steel Bar (+3)
Marble BrickMarble Brick (+3)
Metal CoilMetal Coil (+3)
Petrified WoodPetrified Wood (+3)
PickhammerPickhammer (+3)
Plastic PipePlastic Pipe (+3)
QuicklimeQuicklime (+3)
Rubber BeltRubber Belt (+3)
Rubber RingRubber Ring (+3)
Rubber ShellRubber Shell (+3)
Rubber TubeRubber Tube (+3)
SapphireSapphire (+3)
Steel BarSteel Bar (+3)
Steel Structure ShellSteel Structure Shell (+3)
Stone AxeStone Axe (+3)
Stone SlateStone Slate (+3)
SulfurSulfur (+3)
Tempered GlassTempered Glass (+3)
TopazTopaz (+3)
Wooden BoardsWooden Boards (+3)
Aluminum OreAluminum Ore (+2)
AsphaltAsphalt (+2)
BarkBark (+2)
CharcoalCharcoal (+2)
Chromium OreChromium Ore (+2)
ClayClay (+2)
Copper BarsCopper Bars (+2)
Copper OreCopper Ore (+2)
Copper ScrewCopper Screw (+2)
CrystalCrystal (+2)
Dead woodDead wood (+2)
DinasDinas (+2)
GraniteGranite (+2)
GraphiteGraphite (+2)
Hard WoodHard Wood (+2)
Iron BarIron Bar (+2)
Iron OreIron Ore (+2)
Iron rodIron rod (+2)
LimestoneLimestone (+2)
Manganese OreManganese Ore (+2)
MarbleMarble (+2)
Nickel OreNickel Ore (+2)
NiterNiter (+2)
Old PartsOld Parts (+2)
Plant FiberPlant Fiber (+2)
QuartzQuartz (+2)
ResinResin (+2)
RubberRubber (+2)
SanderSander (+2)
Silica GelSilica Gel (+2)
SlateSlate (+2)
Spider SilkSpider Silk (+2)
StoneStone (+2)
Synthetic ResinSynthetic Resin (+2)
Tin OreTin Ore (+2)
Toughening AgentToughening Agent (+2)
WoodWood (+2)
Wooden HiltWooden Hilt (+2)
Wooden StickWooden Stick (+2)
Gift Dislike Disliked
Plastic ShellPlastic Shell (-2)
Copper ScrapCopper Scrap (-3)
Dilapidated Dining TableDilapidated Dining Table (-3)
Dilapidated engineDilapidated engine (-3)
Dilapidated FurnaceDilapidated Furnace (-3)
PlasticPlastic (-3)
Plastic ScrapPlastic Scrap (-3)
Stone ScrapStone Scrap (-3)
Wood ScrapWood Scrap (-3)
Worn TiresWorn Tires (-3)
Gift Hate Hated
Abandoned dollAbandoned doll (-5)
Asphalt road fragments with a bit of historyAsphalt road fragments with a bit of history (-5)
Burnt coffee tableBurnt coffee table (-5)
DregsDregs (-5)
Exhausted fitness equipmentExhausted fitness equipment (-5)
Feces Shell EggsFeces Shell Eggs (-5)
Food ScrapsFood Scraps (-5)
Lizard ToothLizard Tooth (-5)
ManureManure (-5)
MucusMucus (-5)
Ruined ClothRuined Cloth (-5)
Ruined GlassRuined Glass (-5)
Ruined PaperRuined Paper (-5)
Snake SalivaSnake Saliva (-5)
Snake ToothSnake Tooth (-5)
Strange StoneStrange Stone (-5)
Textile ScrapTextile Scrap (-5)
TV with broken screenTV with broken screen (-5)
Unlabelled MedicineUnlabelled Medicine (-5)
VenomVenom (-5)
Gift Neutral Refused Nothing
Listed values are without skills giving extra points.
Lists may be incomplete or may contain unimplemented items.

Gift responses[]

Some items gifted to Mi-an will yield a special non-generic response.

When gifted Drool With Joy Noodles:

Mi-an.png Ha! I still feel kinda weird seeing my face plastered all over it! But, you know, it feels kind of nice! And they're tasty to boot! Thanks, Player!

When gifted rare seeds she loves:

Mi-an.png Are you serious? This is amazing. It's so beautiful to see the push to make Sandrock green. I might still be new to the town, but it's such an exciting journey to learn and join in on this effort. I feel like it's the new frontier! Thanks, Player!

When gifted iron tools or crafting materials she loves:

Mi-an.png What?! How did you get this? Your salvaging is getting sooo good! This is the kind of materials that can really push my building to the next level! Thanks!

When gifted furniture she loves:

Mi-an.png This looks super cool! I'm gonna go put this in the house right away! I'll admit it, I haven't redecorated in a while! I've been so busy with commissions that I get distracted and don't have time to decorate!

When gifted king fish she loves:

Mi-an.png Now that's a good lookin' fish! I might show Elsie and pretend I caught it... she'd be so jealous! When I arrived in Sandrock I wasn't sure about the food; didn't really care for the sandy dishes. But actually it's super tasty, I've been convinced!

When gifted ores she loves:

Mi-an.png Did you find a new mining spot and not tell me? This is a high quality ore! Thanks, Player, I'll put 'em to good use!

When gifted clothing she loves:

Mi-an.png Wow, are you sure!? This is some top-shelf gear! When I arrived in Sandrock, I promised myself I'd become the best Builder I could! I was worried it would be a cut-throat competition, but honestly, you've just been so supportive of me! I'm so glad we encourage each other, rather than compete!

When gifted potted plants she likes:

Mi-an.png Wow what a beautiful plant! Where did you get it? It looks like you're as keen on planting as I am! Let me see... where should I put it...?

When gifted crafting materials she likes:

Mi-an.png Thank you! This is a really great material. Are you sure you're not going to use this yourself? Well, I'll happily take it off your hands, but this'll be good for our Workshop Ratings, so make sure you keep some for yourself too!

When gifted bronze tools:

Mi-an.png You're just giving away tools like this? Ha, someone's doing pretty well lately!

When gifted king fish she likes:

Mi-an.png Oh wow this is a great catch! How are you so good at everything you do!? I've never been able to get the hang of sandfishing...

When gifted accessories she likes:

Mi-an.png This is so cool! I've never been a big jewelry person, but this looks super useful! Practical, yet stylish!

When gifted a Large Storage Box:

Mi-an.png Wow, for me? You don't need it? I mean, I'm not saying I don't want it! I don't know what to say, thank you!

When gifted seeds she likes:

Mi-an.png These are great seeds! Have you tried planting yourself? It's so interesting, you get to see this life that you nurtured, grow into something amazing! I'm working myself up again...

When gifted crafting materials she is neutral towards:

Mi-an.png Thank you! I think I can put these to good use. You're always so generous!

When gifted Plastic:

Mi-an.png I appreciate the gesture, but you know, as Builders we need to be considerate of the environment. It's really better if you avoid using this stuff. We've come so far, let's not give up now! I'll... get rid of it for us!

When gifted Manure:

Mi-an.png Why are you giving me this? Oh, is it a joke? Haha... I don't get it.

Social play.png Play[]

Once the player has become buddies with Mi-an, they can schedule a play date together. Mi-an can participate in all playdate activities, including playing Whac-A-Mole.

Play date dialogue[]

Start and end[]

Play date starts:

Mi-an.png Woohoo! Let's hit the town!

Play date end in a good mood:

Mi-an.png Dang, Player! You work hard and you play hard! I feel like I'm learning a lot, working with you. Let's keep doing our best!

Play date end in a neutral mood:

Mi-an.png Well, I think that's enough for today. We should get back to it, huh? See you, Player!

Play date end in a bad mood:

Mi-an.png Ahah... ah... well, would you look at the time? I think I need to run home and, er, finish up a commission! Yeah, that's it. I don't need to tell you, haha! That Yan, he can be a real battleaxe! So, yeah. Bye!
Sitting and chatting[]

Suggesting to start the activity:

Mi-an.png Let's stop here for a moment; what have you been up to?

Compliment appearance:

Mi-an.png Oh, thanks. But, y'know, I'm not all that concerned with appearance! I'm more into being a good person, I guess? Haha...
Mi-an.png Thanks! Yeah, I mean, you know how the workshop can be; but still we have to stay at least presentable so when customers show up they don't think they've hired a maniac, haha!
Mi-an.png You know. I think it's the goggles. I dealt with a lot of patronizing behavior when I was younger, but since I started wearing these goggles, things got a lot better.
Mi-an.png Really? You think so? I didn't think you liked me for my looks. Er, not that it's such a terrible thing...
Mi-an.png Huh? I think of myself as more of a plain-Jane. Er, no offence to Jane. Maybe it's just 'cause I like to smile! My Ma always says, "There's nothing uglier than a frown."

Compliment work:

Mi-an.png Coming from a Builder such as yourself, I take that as high praise! Thank you, Player!
Mi-an.png Thanks, Player. But I think I still have a long way to go, especially if I want to be known as one of the greats one day! Let's both do our best to improve!
Mi-an.png Always getting better! Say, do you ever get days where you feel like... you've got an unspoken bond with your tools? Or other days you're at ends with each other?
I mean, I know it's all in my head, that's why lately I've been trying to manage my temperament, so I always feel like I'm in the groove!
Mi-an.png Thanks! You know... to tell you the truth, I kind of model what I do after you! We came here together so I never wanted you to think I wasn't pulling my weight. Looks like my efforts have paid off!
Mi-an.png Hey, hey, I've still got a long way to go! We gotta keep our heads on our shoulders and not get too full of ourselves if we're ever gonna be the best. Let's push each other to be better, for Sandrock's sake!

Compliment personality:

Mi-an.png I always do my best! But you don't have to always compliment me, haha. I think part of what's gotten me this far is learning to take criticism well. Let me know if you think I can improve!
Mi-an.png Yeah, I'm sure you know, but I learned quickly that you've got to keep a calm disposition, even when dealing with picky customers. Just makes everything easier!
Mi-an.png A positive attitude is everything! If you don't find a way to look on the bright side of things, you might end up like Mason! Oops, that wasn't very positive of me...
Mi-an.png You think so? My Grandpa always wanted me to be more abrasive; he thinks I'm a push-over. But I can't bring myself to be mean to people! Besides, I think the only way to get good from people is to be good to them. Don't you?
Mi-an.png Hah! Maybe. But maybe I talk too much! Not like you, you're all business! Always, either "Nope, too much on my plate," or "Yep, I'll do it." And then, zoom! You're off to it! I gotta take a page out of your book.

Suggesting to start the activity:

Mi-an.png Good ole Blue Moon pub grub! Let's grab a bite!

Asked about work:

Mi-an.png I've been trying to get stuff together to upgrade my workshop, but I need so many materials! And money!
Mi-an.png I'm stuck on a commission! Waiting for Qi to get me a diagram for the upgraded machine I need... wish I'd started researching sooner!
Mi-an.png I need to upgrade my Pickhammer, but I don't wanna shell out for another one of Hugo's Sharpening Stones. Don't get me wrong! He's a great guy and all, just wish there was an easier way to get one of those!
Mi-an.png Okay, so this is going to sound crazy, but... that new couch I got is so comfortable that if I just lay on it for a little bit, I get fully recharged even after a long day diving in the ruins.
Mi-an.png I like to cycle through my resource options: I'll go looking around for scrap one day, Abandoned Ruins another day, stop in at Rocky's scrapyard from time to time. Maybe even hit up the Hazardous Ruins if I'm feeling particularly adventurous!
Mi-an.png I finished most of my commissions early last week so I had a little time to hang out with Zeke. We're trying to crossbreed a tomato so that it naturally ferments and tastes like ketchup straight off the vine!
Mi-an.png I had a bit of time, so I went to check on Zeke at his Moisture Farm. Accidentally slipped and ended up with a mouthful of Biocrust, yech! Worth it though! I got these cool Pomato seeds!

When ordering food:

Mi-an.png Ooooh, I never know what to eat... there's so many choices! Ahh, why don't you decide?

Happy with the food player has ordered:

Mi-an.png You know me so well! These are all my favorite dishes! Ahh, today was so fun!

Neutral towards the food player has ordered:

Mi-an.png Thanks for treating me. I really appreciate it!

Unhappy with the food player has ordered:

Mi-an.png Oh... uhh, did you forget the kind of thing I like to eat? No, no it's fine! I'll eat it...
Sand drawing[]

Suggesting to start the activity:

Mi-an.png I love drawing in the sand! I don't know how I ever lived without it! Wanna try?

Drawing successful:

Mi-an.png Wow, we did such a good job! Look at us, the all-powerful Workshop Team!

Drawing unsuccessful:

Mi-an.png You seemed a bit distracted. Don't worry, I know how that can be!

Suggesting to start the activity:

Mi-an.png It's so spacious here, might be fun to light some fireworks!

Happy with the fireworks display:

Mi-an.png Wow, fireworks sure are amazing! Every time you shot one off I was like, "woah!"

Unhappy with the fireworks display:

Mi-an.png Erm... wasn't that a bit... weird? I mean, they still look great, though!

Suggesting to start the activity:

Mi-an.png Ooh, Whac-a-mole! How's your Pickhammer arm, Player? Care for a dance!?

Player wins:

Mi-an.png That was amazing! How did you do that!? You gotta teach me!

Player loses:

Mi-an.png Ooooh, so close! But hey, look at the scores! I won this one! I bet you'll get me next time, though!

Game ends in a draw:

Mi-an.png That was fun! I like how we're so in sync, even when we're fighting moles! High five!

Social spar.png Spar[]

Mi-an can spar with the player. Her starting level is 6 and she fights with daggers.

Social critters.png Critters[]

Mi-an can play Critters with the player up to three times per day.


Main missions[]

Main Mission New Welcome to Sandrock![1]
Main Mission New First Day on the Job[2]
Main Mission New Picking Up the Slack
Main Mission New The Show Must Go On
Main Mission New Operation De-Geeglate
Main Mission New Belly of the Beast
Main Mission New Where's Mi-an
Main Mission New Appetite for Construction

Side missions[]

Side Mission New Builder Cruise
Side Mission New Takin' it Easy
Side Mission New Who's the Deputy
Side Mission New You Spin Me Round
Side Mission New Once in a Blue Moon



  • Her name is spelled "Mian" on a Kickstarter-exclusive wallpaper.


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