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Belly of the Beast is a main mission.

This mission is a part of the Geeglers plotline:

  1. Pitching In
  2. Moisture Farm Blues
  3. Operation De-Geeglate
  4. Belly of the Beast


The player must have completed Operation De-Geeglate.

There is no time limit to complete the mission; however, the player will complete this mission the same day they board the Suspended Tram Cart they install during the previous mission. The game timer will be paused while the player is inside Gecko Station and they need to complete the mission to get out.


Once the player and Mi-an install the tram carts, Mi-an and Unsuur board the cart Mi-an has installed, and the player follows them in their cart together with Justice.

Mi-an.png See you cowpokes on the other side!
Justice.png Right behind you...

The old cable gives out and the cart Justice and the player are in collapses. They end up in a ruin unscathed but surrounded by Geeglers.

Justice.png Here, take this, looks like we'll be fightin' our way outta here.

Defeat the Geeglers[]

The ropeway suddenly snapped; you and Justice fell into Gecko Station, an old salvage mine that used to be a transportation hub back in the Old World. Fight your way out! Defeat the Geeglers
  • Lizards (3)

The player needs to defeat three level 13 Geegler Security to continue. Once the geeglers are dealt with, Justice tells the player to take lead:

Justice.png There's gotta be an exit around here somewhere, let's try to find it. Player, you take point, I'll cover you!

Escape Gecko Station[]

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You've defeated all the Geeglers, look for the exit now. Escape Gecko Station

The player needs to fight their way through Gecko Station, opening treasure chests on the way. They can also mine rocky patches inside the station with a Pickhammer at no stamina cost. Justice occasionally comments as they progress:

Justice.png I didn't expect this, I thought I'd at least have Pen and a posse with me.
Justice.png Them Geeglers just showed up one day a couple years back. Now, you see and hear 'bout a few mutated beings here and there, but I have never seen 'em on such a large scale.
Justice.png Rumor is they come from the Peripheries. Who knows?

Eventually they reach a locked door.

Justice.png Well, Player. Looks like we're in this thing! Plenty of Geeglers between us and salvation...
Justice.png Now this goes against pretty much every regulation in the book, but we're in dire straits and... uh... have you ever fired a gun before? Nevermind, don't answer that, just take this here shootin' iron.
Vintage PistolVintage Pistol (1)
Pistol BulletPistol Bullet (90)
Justice.png Locked... hmmm.
Justice.png Look, see that little light thingy there, try shooting it. It's gonna unlock this door, I can tell.

The player needs to aim with the pistol Justice has given them and shot the yellow panel to progress.

If the player spends all their ammo and misses, Justice will give them more bullets:

Justice.png Wow! You missed every shot. I'm not even upset, that's incredible. Here, I have a few more rounds... Just, uh, try to aim a bit more carefully! And definitely stay in front of me...

Eventually they come across a turnstile that needs a Gecko Card to open:

Justice.png Hey, I think if we go through that turnstile, there's an exit in that direction! This place used to be a mining spot back during the relic rush... I came once a long time ago.
Justice.png We're going to need to swipe a card to get through that turnstile, let's look around, maybe we can find ourselves one!

Once the player finds a card and open the turnstile, they need to fight one level 15 Geegler Manager to proceed. The Senior Gecko Card can be collected near the manager's arena and used to open the next turnstile. After Justice and the player ascend the stairs, they notice Geeglers below:

Justice.png D... Dang! That's a whole gaggle of Geeglers... Looks like they're all listening to that big fella talk about... lizard stuff or somethin'.
Justice.png I remember this place: if we can find two keys we can get through that door on the opposite side of this room. Let's move quick while they're distracted!

Two keys can be found in two separate rooms on the upstairs platform. The player unlocks the door and proceeds to find a button. Justice prompts them to push it:

Justice.png Whenever I'm down in the ruins, if I see a button, I press it! It's gotten me this far... why don't you give it a whirl?

Justice and the player go down the stairs and to a doorway. Once the player approaches the doorway, Justice warns them they have to pass through a large group of Geeglers.

Justice.png Dang, I hate to say this pardner, but... I think our only way out of this thing is on the other side of that room with all the Geeglers...
Justice.png It looks like they're all payin' attention to that big guy though, I'll bet we can sneak past 'em; follow my lead...

The Geeglers are busy listening to their president preach.

Geegler President.png My fellow Geeglers. Too long have we slithered underfoot; forgotten, betrayed... abandoned! It is time to take action! Let me remind you of a phrase from our Holy Book:
Geegler President.png They, meaning the man-creatures, are not fit to be the rulers of this world; they lie, cheat, and even conspire against their own!
Geegler President.png ...It is not enough to simply reach their level; we must destroy them or take them over, one city at a time, until we, the Geeglers, are sitting atop the world!
Geegler President.png Strong words of providence. Today will mark our first step in that direction, we're going to take over Sandrock and-
Justice.png What the heck is that guy talkin' about... take over Sandrock?
Geegler President.png Hey, who are those two back there?!
  • We're here to stop you!
  • Ssss ss ssss sss?
  • Let Justice answer.
→  We're here to stop you!
Geegler President.png Geeglers! Destroy them! Teach them some respect!
→  Ssss ss ssss sss?
Geegler President.png What did you say about my mother?!
→  Let Justice answer.
Justice.png Sorry to interrupt yer little world domination speech there partner, but there's just one little complication you didn't account for in all your plans and contemplations... That thing... is Justice!
Geegler President.png I don't get it. Geeglers, wipe them out!

While the Geeglers are busy with Justice and the player, Captain suddenly appears on the scene and presses a button. The button activates a large fan, and most Geeglers are blown away.

Justice.png Oh... kay... all according to plan...
Geegler President.png I knew we should've gotten rid of that button...
Geegler President.png No matter! I'll destroy you myself! En garde!

Defeat the Geegler President[]

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You made the Geegler President angry for some reason, perhaps a nap would chill him out. But for now it seems you need to defeat him! Defeat the Geegler President

Justice and the player fight the area boss, level 16 Geegler President. Once the president is defeated, he jumps on the train stationed nearby and tries to escape. The player jumps after him.

Geegler President.png You fight well, humans! But you are too late, our plan is already complete! Behold!
Geegler President.png And now, to take over Sandrock, and then the world!
Justice.png Hey! Wait!

The President ignores the player's attacks and rides his train out of the station tunnel and right on the Shonash Canyon Bridge. The player jumps off the train to be caught by Justice on his horse.

Justice.png Take my hand!
Geegler President.png Ha ha ha! What a fool you were to ever oppose-

As the train is crossing the bridge, the bridge under it collapses, and the president and his train fall to their deaths.

Justice.png Is this the end of that big fella...?

Justice and the player are met by Mi-an and Unsuur.

Mi-an.png What the heck, guys?! I was worried sick! I was so anxious while you guys were in there that I fixed the trolley engines! Gah! You're lucky to be alive!
Justice.png Luck... ain't got nothin' to do with it...
Unsuur.png Look, the rest of the Geeglers are runnin' for the hills, we won, Sheriff.
Justice.png Let's go back and talk to the 'ol Minister. I guess we'll have to take the trolley again.

Talk to Matilda[]

Report what happened to Matilda. Talk to Matilda

The player is transported to the City Hall where Matilda is waiting:

Matilda.png ... So that's what happened. My goodness, sounds like you folks went through heck and back. I'm glad y'all are safe and sound.
Matilda.png That Geegler train sure did some damage to our bridge though. I'm having Heidi assess the situation right now. I'll be calling a special town meeting to talk about it once we're sure of what to do next.
Matilda.png You've done the town proud scaring away the Geeglers, mighty heroic! Get some rest now, ya hear?


The next day after the mission, the prices of Water will increase by 50%. The player will also get an invitation to the fireside meeting to discuss the plan to build a new bridge.

Rocky will let the player know salvageable Iron Scrap has started spawning near Eufaula Salvage and Paradise Lost entrance, and a ruined bus frame has become available at the scrapyard to be mined for Iron Scrap:

Mail mission opened.png

From: Rocky

Dear Player,

Seeing as you're a person of sophisticated-like tastes who also enjoys smashin' up scrap, I just thought you should know: a bunch of Iron Scrap has been pokin' out of the sand lately, you should go out and get some while the gettin's good!

Me an' my boys already got a bunch and put it in our Scrapyard, you can take some outta there if you want, too. Same deal as usual.

This happens from time to time, especially when it gets windy; you might be walkin' around and see some new scrap you ain't never seen before! Ol' Sandrock is always full of surprises!



Most characters will have unique lines after the mission.

Amirah.png We were all very worried about you when we heard that you and Justice fell into the Gecko Station. It's not your job to put yourself in danger as a Builder; don't let those Civil Corps fellows push you around.
Arvio.png So the Gecko Station was once an Old World train station or something, right? Find anything good there you'd be willing to sell? I'll bet tourists would love junk like that as souvenirs!
Burgess.png I would never take pleasure in seeing another creature suffer! However...! Being that the Geeglers were always bullying me and throwing trash at me, a lesser man might say something along the lines of "Nyeh nyeh, serves you right!" ...Not me, though. I would never say something like that.
Catori.png Those Geeglers took parts off that bridge and then tried to drive a two thousand ton train across it. Brilliant, just brilliant. I wish my business rivals had the same acumen from time to time.
Cooper.png Fine work you done out there pardner, now the Gecko Station belongs to its rightful owners, the human race! My only regret is that I couldn't be there personally to see you administer heapin' helpings of grade A pain on their sorry be-hinds! Yeehaw!
Dan-bi.png Good job, Player! When I heard you were in there, I grabbed my shovel and tried getting into the canyon to help, but I couldn't find a way in. Next time, eh!
Elsie.png Dang, you fought off a bunch of Geeglers and even took on the big boss? You're way cooler than I thought!
Ernest.png I heard that the Geegler leader fell off the bridge, is that right? Well, the villain has fallen, presumably the next act is a reprieve from danger.
Grace.png Hey Player, I heard you really held your own in the Gecko Station, that's great! Say, where did you learn to fight like that, anyway? You've got kind of an odd skillset for a Builder, huh? ...In any case, glad to have you on our side!
Heidi.png So thaaaat's what they were doing with all the parts they were scavenging... Seems like they ought to've found parts, I don't know, literally anywhere else? But what do I know? World domination has never really been my forte.
Hugo.png Gonna be a tough road ahead; no doubt that bridge is gonna need fixin'. Keep that hammer arm strong, Builder.
Jasmine.png Why did the Geeglers wanna hurt us? And why was their plan so bad? Are they... stupid?
Jensen.png So the Geeglers were building some kind of weaponized train to attack Sandrock with? Why that's... what an abominable use of train technology!
Justice.png So there we were... outnumbered a million to one, and I says to the Builder: "You think we got a shot makin' it out of here alive?" Builder says to me: "I like our chances better than I like theirs." What? Half the point of doin' heroic stuff is tellin' an aggrandized version of the tale!
Krystal.png Them Geeglers shoulda been cleaned up a long time ago! Hey Builda, I heard you were wicked brave in that lair. How's about you come tell our Pebble all about it?
Mabel.png Now why would those cute lizard folk want to destroy our home? Maybe that big ole Geegler got what was comin' to him fallin' into the canyon like that, he did. There, I said it!
Matilda.png You can tell that the Geegler leader used fear to control his subordinates; as soon as his plans fell apart, not one of those little fellas went down to try to help him. Let's not be like them.
Mi-an.png It's really lucky for you that the side of the Gecko Station building was breakable. Like, really, really lucky! If it'd been all metal like some buldings, we'd be looking for you at the bottom of the canyon by now. Er, maybe best not to think about it!
Miguel.png You really have proved your resourcefulness, Builder. It's unfortunate that you found yourself on the front lines of this recent conflict, but it's good to know we can depend on you to act under pressure.
Mort.png The Geeglers always had a strange organization for as long as we knew of their existence. Their leader always called himself the "president." Strange.
Owen.png Wow, so the Geeglers were building some kind of armored battle train? That's wild... They must be a lot smarter than your run-of-the-mill sand mutants, huh?
Pablo.png Quite a feat you and Justice performed! I was never worried. I was always safe inside my barber shop. The Geeglers don't have any hair, darling!
Pen.png It's actually kind of a pity that lizard train didn't make it across the bridge. Think I can suplex a train? Well, now the world will never know...
Qi.png You probably know that tensile strength of cables can be calculated by dividing the breaking strength of the material by the cross-sectional area? The tram cable was made of steel, roughly 2.5 centimeters in diameter, so the safe load would be over 3000 kilograms. But taking into consideration structural fatigue and the sheriff's recent dietary decisions, I would have checked the cable before going across. It's elementary, my dear Player.
Rian.png Looks like those Geeglers are gone now. That's lucky, Dan-dan kept going to the canyon everyday with a shovel, tryin' to "get at 'em." I'm kinda glad it's over and she can just stay home with me now, seriously.
Rocky.png You fought the Geegler leader by yourself and you're still walkin'? Woah, what's your workout routine?
Unsuur.png Sorry you and Justice had to do all the fighting without me. We tried to find a way to you quickly, but we were still too late...
Vivi.png What goes around comes around! If you go around bullyin' and harmin' folk, it's only a matter of time before you end up at the bottom of a canyon. Ha!
Yan.png You did good in Gecko Station, so I've heard, but don't let it get to your head. Your place is in the workshop! Don't start getting crazy ideas, don't try to be a hero, y'hear?
Zeke.png Hearin' about the Geegler leader gettin' hoisted by his own petard like that... I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned in there somewhere.


Exp.png Experience +800
Gols.png Gols +350
Justice.png Justice: Relationship +10
Flashy Desert Defender PantsFlashy Desert Defender Pants (1)