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Moisture Farm Blues is a main mission.

This mission is a part of the destroyed Moisture Farm plotline:

  1. The Old Man and the Tree
  2. Moisture Farm Blues
  3. The Grass is Greener


The player must have completed The Old Man and the Tree.

There is no time limit to complete the mission.

Required stations[]

The following crafting stations are required to complete the mission:


Immediately after entering the Moisture Farm during The Old Man and the Tree, the player finds themselves in the midst of a battle: the Geeglers have attacked the farm, and Zeke needs help.

(These lizards are attacking the farm, I need to do something!)

Hold off the Geeglers[]

Defeat the Geeglers inside the Moisture Farm! Hold off the Geeglers
  • Geegler Intern (3)

The player needs to defeat three level 9-11 Geegler Interns to continue. Once the Geeglers are defeated, the Civil Corps arrive on the scene. The Moisture Farm is heavily damaged in the fighting.

Zeke introduces himself.

Zeke.png Hello. You must be the new Builder.
Zeke.png I'm Zeke.
Justice.png Now ain't the time for pleasantries you big palooka! Look around, the whole Moisture Farm is trashed! I can't believe those darn lizardmen could be so audacious! This is a clear escalation!
Zeke.png The good thing about plants, Justice, is that they grow back. We'll be fine.
Justice.png Is, er, that thing over there important, Zeke? It looks pretty busted up.
Zeke.png Oh. Yes. The Hydrogel. All the crops will die without that.
Justice.png What?!
Justice.png You're joking, right? I can never tell if you're serious or not...
Zeke.png No, hah hah, I'm afraid there's nothing funny about it. Without a replacement, we could be in dire straits...
Justice.png But... this is something our new Builder could help with, right? ... Right?
  • I can do it!
  • I dunno, looks kinda complicated...
→  I can do it!
Justice.png That's the spirit, Builder!
Justice.png This main part of the moisture machine... it's kind of rare. And it looks like we'll need a new one. Qi might know somethin'; you should speak with him, you know, sooner or later.
Justice.png Alright buckeroos, looks like we got ourselves a plan! Zeke, hold down the fort. Player, you head over to Qi's and figure out how to fix that hydro-thing! Unsuur, you're with me, let's secure the perimeter.
→  I dunno, looks kinda complicated...
Justice.png Awww shucks! This is not what I want to hear! Here, just ask Director Qi and see if he knows how to fix it; we gotta do some patrollin' to make there ain't more of them Geeglers lurkin' about!
Justice.png Unsuur, let's ride!
Unsuur.png Yes, sir!

Unsuur and Justice leave.

Zeke.png Yeah, I think our best bet would be to ask Qi; he may know a thing or two about the Hydrogel. For the rest of the damage here, I'll probably just ask the other Builder for help.
Zeke.png Also, you can recycle the old Hydrogel. Go ahead and whack it a few times with your Pickhammer, put it out of its misery.
Zeke.png Good luck, Builder. Seriously, everyone is going to be counting on you.

Salvage the Old Hydrogel[]

Use your Pickhammer to salvage what's left of the old Hydrogel. Salvage the Old Hydrogel

First, the player needs to salvage the old Hydrogel using any Pickhammer. They will get 2 Rubber Scrap, 1 Bronze Pipes, 1 Copper Plate, 1 Copper Scrap, and 1 Copper Bars for salvaging both parts.

Talk to Qi[]

The Hydrogel in the Moisture Farm is broken. Ask Qi if he knows what to do. Talk to Qi

The player can find Qi in the Research Center. He asks the player to bring him Data Discs:

Qi.png Yes?
Qi.png Are you here for the Hydrogel? I've heard. I have a few ideas about how to make one. But, quick, bring me 5 Data Discs and I'm confident we can overcome this feeble challenge.

Prepare Data Discs[]

Qi needs 5 Data Discs to aid his research. Prepare Data Discs

Data discs can be obtained in the Abandoned Ruins. Qi promises to send them the diagrams once they are ready and directs them back to the Civil Corps:

Qi.png Good. These will do. I'll send the diagram directly to your mailbox when I'm done researching.
Qi.png Oh, and one more thing- I am quite certain that one of the materials you'll need for this, a Condenser, can be acquired at The Breach, a ruins in town that has been closed off by the Civil Corps for some time. Speak with Justice about letting you in.
Qi.png That will be all. Goodbye, Builder.

Talk to Justice[]

Qi said that you'll need to enter The Breach by the Civil Corps building to find a Condenser for the Hydrogel, but it's been closed off by the Civil Corps. While you're waiting for the diagrams, go ask Justice if it's alright for you to go into The Breach. Talk to Justice

Justice reluctantly agrees to let the player into The Breach but asks them to prepare for combat:

Justice.png You need to enter the Breach? Huh... I dunno. The Breach used to be an Abandoned Ruins, you know, one without monsters inside. It was safe for ruin divin'. But recently, they started showing up again; so we closed it until further notice.
Justice.png We've been clearing it out, but there are still some monsters inside. On the other hand, this is a matter of life and death for us, isn't it? Well, I think I'll make an exception this time.
Justice.png Alright, Builder. I know you can handle yourself. I'll open up the ruins for you. But be prepared. We still don't know why the monsters suddenly showed up again, so be careful.

Enter The Breach[]

Justice said you can go into The Breach, but it might be dangerous. Bring a weapon, and don't forget your Pickhammer either! Enter The Breach

The entrance to The Breach is located between the City Hall and the Civil Corps building. When the player enters it, the game time pauses and will not resume until the player exits the ruin. The player will also be able to use their tools and weapons at no Stamina cost while inside The Breach.

Look for the Condenser[]

You've made it into The Breach, look around for the Condenser Qi was talking about. Look for the Condenser

The player needs to make their way through the ruins, defeating level 11-12 Trotters, Sweepers, Geegler Interns, and Geegler Associates. They can also mine any rocky patches with a Pickhammer at no stamina cost and pick up Gordana Diary I and Gordana Diary II on the way.

Eventually they reach a chamber with a healing spot that opens to a larger room. The Geegler President and several of his Geegler henchmen are inside. They notice the player:

Geegler Intern.png SssssSs!
Geegler President.png What the?!
Geegler President.png Interns! Take what you can carry! Our ultimate weapon is nearly complete...
Geegler President.png VP! Take care of this! I've got one last thing to do!
Geegler VP.png SSSsssSS!

The President leaves, leaving the player to deal with level 13 Geegler VP, level 11 Geegler Intern, and level 11 Geegler Security.

Once the Geeglers are defeated, the player can find the Condenser in a yellow chest on the left platform. Another chest in the same room contains one Simple Circuits.

Close the Hole[]

You found a hole that the Geeglers have been using to get into The Breach! Quickly, find some materials to close the hole! Close the Hole

The player is then prompted to close the hole the Geegler President escaped in.

(This hole must be the way that the Geeglers are getting into The Breach. I should get some materials and close off the path.)

The required materials can be found scattered across the room. Closing the hole ends this part of the mission.

(After I close this hole, I'd better go report to Justice. Fill the hole and leave?)

The player is met by Justice and Unsuur outside:

Justice.png Woah! Hey, there you are! We were just about to come lookin' for you!
Unsuur.png Justice was worried about you.
Justice.png Uh, yeah. I started gettin' kinda nervous after sending you into The Breach by your lonesome... And, you know, a couple hours went by...
Justice.png Wait, did you say, "Geeglers!?" And you fought 'em all by yourself? And then you closed the hole in there...
Justice.png I see...
Justice.png Haha, you know, Builder... You don't have to make this action hero stuff up to try to make us think you're cool; I already think you're cool!
Unsuur.png Yeah. Me too.
Justice.png So you just take it easy out there, alright, pardner?
Unsuur.png See ya.
Justice.pngJustice (Relationship +5)
Unsuur.pngUnsuur (Relationship +5)

Wait for Diagrams[]

Qi has the Data Discs. Wait for him to draw up the diagrams and send them to your mailbox. Wait for Diagrams

The player will receive the diagrams for both Hydrogel parts the next morning, along with a letter from Civil Corps informing them The Breach hazardous ruin is now open for regular diving.

Contruct Hydrogel[]

Now that you have the diagrams for the Hydrogel, construct it on the Assembly Station. Contruct Hydrogel

Both Hydrogel parts need to be constructed on the Assembly Station.

Assembly Station Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials Sell price Exp Proficiency
Copper BarsCopper Bars (10)
Basic LeatherBasic Leather (5)
EngineEngine (2)
Bronze BladeBronze Blade (2)
Copper PipeCopper Pipe (4)
441 Gols.png 430 4
Copper PlateCopper Plate (8)
Rubber TubeRubber Tube (6)
Bronze PipesBronze Pipes (4)
383 Gols.png 370 3

Once both components are constructed, the mission objective updates once again.

Install Hydrogel[]

You've finished the Hydrogel, now install it at the Moisture Farm. Install Hydrogel

Once the player installs both Hydrogel parts inside the Moisture Farm, a cutscene plays. Zeke turns the Hydrogel on.

Zeke.png You know, if you weren't able to build this, we would have had to revert back to basic farming. In this heat and condition, most of the crops would have died... and that'd be the end of Sandrock. It was that bleak.
Zeke.png But you saved the day, for all of us. Thank you.

This ends the mission.


The next day after the Moisture Farm is operational again the prices of food will return to normal. Zeke will also send the player the crafting recipe for a Basic Planting Kit and offer to teach them desert farming.

A few days after the attack on the Moisture Farm, Operation De-Geeglate will start.


Most characters will comment on the player repairing the Hydrogel.

Amirah.png It's good to hear that most of Zeke's crops are recovering; just goes to show you the resilience of nature. Hm, I wonder if we can learn from their example?
Arvio.png Phew, I'm glad I didn't order a lot of produce from elsewhere. I didn't really expect you Builders to fix the farm so quickly, but I had a feelin', you know.
Burgess.png I heard about the Hydrogel! Thank the Light, we can start eating right again! I'll have to stop in to help out ol' Zeke some time... That's right! Don't think you're the only one running the telesis game in this town!
Catori.png Real glad you handled that Hydrogel situation. I was starting to doubt my decision to come to Sandrock.
Cooper.png All's well that ends well I always say. I just hope ol' Zeke has learned his lesson. Can't trust them Geeglers as far as you can throw 'em! Er... well, in Zeke's case, maybe that's a, er, metaphor that quickly falls apart... Well, suffice to say: lizard men bad!
Dan-bi.png Woah, thanks for all the hard work, Player! The Moisture Farm was damaged real bad this time, I helped Zeke have a look at it recently, but I still had a few concerns. Looks like your new Hydrogel has addressed a lot, though!
Elsie.png Hey, I heard you fixed the 'ol farm! Nice going! I'm goin Yakmel ridin' to commemorate this fine occasion, yeehaw!
Ernest.png Phew, thanks for fixing the farm! This is the first time in my life I haven't had easy and instant access to fresh food and vegetables; honestly, I'm rather parched.
Grace.png Everything's back on the menu at the Blue Moon, and yet, we've had even fewer customers than usual. I'm afraid it's my cooking...
Heidi.png Hey Player, you should have consulted me on the structural integrity of Zeke's moisture machine before making repairs, you know, just in case. But... good job anyway!
Hugo.png Hey, I stopped by Zeke's farm just a bit ago: you and Mi-an really spruced the place up; you can barely tell it was ransacked! Nice work.
Jasmine.png Heidi said we can have extra veggies tonight and it's all because of you! Thank you, Player! No, I didn't really mean it. I shouldn't lie.
Jensen.png Hopefully things will be a lot more safe around here now that the Geeglers know that we'll just rebuild anything they destroy! ...You don't think... they'd never do anything to my trains, would they?
Justice.png Hey, Player. We've changed our patrols in a way that should give the moisture farm more adequate coverage; you won't be seein' anymore Geeglers over there if we have anything to say 'bout it!
Krystal.png I heard you repaired the Moisture Farm. That's wicked good Builda! If Pebbles can be as good as you in the future, well that'd be just great. I mean, it's gonna be tough for him to match up to his Pa, so you're a good compromise!
Mabel.png Finally! Zeke's greenhouse is right as rain! I can hardly help myself waitin' for the veggies to grow; between you and me, the family's gettin' sick and tired of rutabaga stew every night.
Matilda.png Zeke's moisture farm is such an important part of keeping Sandrock going... We're so lucky that you Builders were able to take care of everything so swimmingly! Are you sure your middle name isn't 'Telesis?'
Mi-an.png I've been farming with Zeke a lot recently! I'm exhausted, covered in manure, and smell absolutely repulsive. I love it!
Miguel.png Your contribution to the Hydrogel during these trying times will not go unnoted: well done, Builder.
Mort.png I heard you fixed that Old World machine of Zeke's, keeping us from famine... So it's true. Each age brings forth genius on this noble land, and so shall each rule its own domain... until the next...
Owen.png Hey, great job on the Hydrogel! You and Mi-an are already pulling your weight; really glad to know we can count on you guys when things get tough.
Pablo.png It feels like forever since I've been home! Everything seems to still be in order... Hope I didn't miss too much while I was gone! Huh? Hydrogel? What's that?
Pen.png I heard you fixed things at Zeke's farm. I guess that means there will be plenty of fresh crops soon. And just when I was acquiring a taste for Burgess's signature style mush...
Qi.png I trust the Hydrogel is operating flawlessly? Wait, don't answer that, I know my designs are flawless.
Rian.png All I wanted was a few days of rest, but Dan-dan woke me up every day so she could go help the Moisture Farm. I heard you've fixed up all up now though, right? "The hard days are over, now comes the rain," that's "The Thankful Afterlife." I swear, they have something for every situation, pal.
Rocky.png Me an' my boys heard about you fixin' up that farm equipment. That thing that takes moisture outta the air... How do you even make somethin' that complicated?
Unsuur.png Hey, I saw the farm. You did some real good building, friend. I guess that's why you're the Builder.
Vivi.png I told Hugo he ought to go and help out with Zeke's farm, but he kept makin' excuses like, "That's not my job, Ma! It's for the Builders to sort out!" Phooey! I didn't raise my boy to be a slacker!
Yan.png I just found out that you made a Hydrogel without anyone submitting an official commission request! You think you're some kinda loose cannon who doesn't play by the rules? I'll let this one slide, but you're on thin ice, buddy... Thin ice!


Exp.png Experience +600
Gols.png Gols +1,750
Reputation.png Reputation +35
Zeke.png Zeke: Relationship +20
Desert Defender PantsDesert Defender Pants (1)