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Chasing the Lost Moon is a side mission.


This mission is available after the first sandstorm.


After the first sandstorm, the player meets Owen.

Owen.png Hey there, Builder. Looks like you survived your first sandstorm, haha!!
Owen.png This storm really did a number on my saloon though... In addition to the stage, I don't suppose you noticed... there's something mission around here... Something very essential...
  • Water?
  • The moon sign above the saloon!
→  The moon sign above the saloon!
Owen.png Bingo! The Sandrock skyline just isn't the same without it!
Owen.png I'm still busy patching up everything here, so I was hoping you could find it for me and bring it back.... or if it's really gone, make a new one for me. But let's not give up on it just yet!
Owen.png The sandstorm was mostly blowing in the direction of the yakmel ranch; do you think you can help me find it?
  • Yeah, I can do it.
  • Too much going on right now.
→  Yeah, I can do it.
Owen.png Great! When you go out in that direction, watch out for the Rocket Roosters, not a friendly bunch. I'd consider them armed- er, winged and dangerous.
Owen.png Anyway, if you find it, please install it for me as well. My saloon's just not the same without it!

Find Moon Sign[]

According to Owen, the sign has been spotted on the slope near the workshop. Go there to retrieve it. Find Moon Sign

The player must find the Blue Moon Sign on the cliff near the base of the Grand Mesa. The sign is facing towards the Yakmel ranch and is guarded by Frightened Rocket Roosters.

Defeat the Rocket Roosters[]

The sign is surrounded by Rocket Roosters. They need to be chased away before you can get the sign. Defeat the Rocket Roosters

The player must defeat the Rocket Roosters in order to pick up the sign.

Retrieve the Sign[]

You've chased away the Rocket Roosters. You can now retrieve the sign. Retrieve the Sign

After defeating the Rocket Roosters, the player can retrieve the Blue Moon Sign. The player must have an inventory space available. This item cannot be dropped or sold.

Install Moon Sign[]

You've got the moon! Go put it back on the saloon! Install Moon Sign

After returning to the saloon the player must install the sign on the saloon roof:

Owen.png This is great! It's a "Whole-tel" again, hahaha! Thanks a million!


Exp.png Experience +400
Gols.png Gols +120
Owen.png Owen: Relationship +10

Failing the mission[]

If the player fails to get and install the sign in time, Owen will tell them he ended up asking Mi-an for help:

Owen.png Hi, Player, I ended up getting Mi-an to help out with my sign situation: she made a new one for me. I guess that means the old one is buried out there somewhere... how mysterious! Well, thanks anyway! Be seeing you.


  • Originally called Chasing the Lost Moon