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Saving Private Raven is a side mission.


This mission starts after completing Track the Suspect.

There is no time limit to complete the mission.

Work stations[]

The following work stations are recommended or required to complete this mission:


The mission starts automatically after the events of Track the Suspect if the player offers to help X.

Wait for Reply[]

How can you help X? Wait for his reply. Wait for Reply

The player will receive a letter from Fang the day after completing Track the Suspect with a crafting recipe attached.

Mail mission gift opened.png

From: Fang

Mother's old diagram

A swing for X.

Build & install at Clinic.

You promised.

Bird Swing (Book)Bird Swing (Book)

Build a Bird Swing[]

Build a Bird Swing from the diagram given by Fang on the Workshop. Build a Bird Swing

The player can build a Bird Swing at the Worktable.

Item Tab Materials Sell price
Resources icon.png
QuartzQuartz (4)
Copper StickCopper Stick (1)
PigmentPigment (2)
38 Gols.png

Install the Bird Swing[]

The Bird Swing is ready, go to the clinic to install it. Install the Bird Swing

The swing is to be installed at the marker outside Fang and X Clinic to the left of the entrance near the fence. Once the player installs the Bird Swing, a cutscene will play. X arrives to take a look on the swing.

X.png Shiny! Shiny! Good birdie, good birdie!

Shortly after, CoCo comes to sit on the swing with him.

X.png Caw caw! Caw caw!
CoCo.png Coo coo! Coo coo!

This ends the mission.


Exp.png Experience +1,300
Gols.png Gols +200
Reputation.png Reputation +25
Fang.png Fang: Relationship +20
X.png X: Relationship +201