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Welcome to My Time at Sandrock Wiki (MTaS Wiki), the wiki about the simulation RPG called My Time at Sandrock, developed by Pathea Games. We are currently editing 690 pages since October 25, 2020, and you can help us!

MTaS Wiki was founded by the administrators and moderators from My Time at Portia Wiki. The decision to branch off into a new wiki was to provide a better experience for readers and editors for content related to My Time at Sandrock; by doing so, we can create a more consistent and clear informational database without conflicting data from My Time at Portia. While most wikis stem on franchise games with numerous titles and serving at most one wiki to host all titles, we felt that branching off into two different wikis can help both the editors and our readers have a transparent experience. My Time at Sandrock continues to evolve in ways that has alienated itself from its predecessor. We are confident to see the same viewership we had at MTaP Wiki, thanks to the fans that brought the My Time Fandom community to success as the leading informational, online database.

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