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The outskirts are the southern outer areas of Sandrock's city limits. Situated in the desert, the outskirts consist of minimal vegetation and rocky landscape. Monsters, such as Wild Yakmel, Rocket Roosters and Bumble Ants, roam the area.

Due to Sandrock's lack of vegetation, Sandrock has deemed it forbidden to chop down trees, cacti, or other plant life, aside from bushes. If the player chops down any trees or cacti, Burgess warns the player of the law.



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Several items can be gathered by holding the E button. Tumbleweeds can be kicked by simply walking up to it repeatedly until dissipated.

  • Desert Mushroom StrainsDesert Mushroom Strains, from desert mushrooms under Dry Boxtrees (Spring only)
  • Desert MushroomDesert Mushroom, from desert mushrooms under Dry Boxtrees (Summer and Autumn only)
  • DewDew, from oregano bush, sand leek, or sandrice plants
  • ManureManure, from manure on ground
  • OreganoOregano, from oregano bush
  • Sand LeekSand Leek, from sand leek plants
  • SandberrySandberry, from sandberry plants
  • SandriceSandrice, from sandrice plants
  • SandwormSandworm, from sandworm on ground, or oregano bush
  • Shiny ScorpionShiny Scorpion, has a chance to appear after quarrying or logging and will disappear if not caught
  • Plant FiberPlant Fiber, from tumbleweeds or oregano bush
  • WoodWood, from tumbleweeds

Logging and kicking[]

Logging requires a Stone Axe or stronger quality; however, the player can be penalized for chopping down trees, deadwood, and cacti. Ball cacti, sand grass, and bushes can be chopped down without penalty. Kicking cacti can drop items until nothing else drops.

  • Ball Cactus, requires Stone Axe
  • Cactus, requires Stone Axe, kickable
  • Deadwood, requires Stone Axe
  • Larger Cactus (identified as Cactus), requires Bronze Axe
  • Sand Bush, requires Stone Axe
  • Sand Grass, requires Stone Axe
  • Tree, requires Bronze Axe


Quarrying requires a Pickhammer or stronger quality.

Scraps and piles[]

Scraps can be broken down by using a Pickhammer. Junk piles can simply be gathered.

  • Junk pile
  • Quality wood scrap, requires Bronze Pickhammer
  • Rubber scrap, requires Bronze Pickhammer
  • Stone scrap, requires Pickhammer