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Pathea Games, commonly referred to as just Pathea, is an indie game studio based in Chongqing, China. Pathea Games has previously released Planet Explorers, My Time at Portia (published under Team17), Super Buckyball Tournament and Ever Forward.

Pathea's official My Time at Portia blog is located at


Pathea Games's email is The player can send the developers suggestions and feedback at this email address. For other issues and bugs, players can send emails to

My Time at Sandrock has an additional email for feedback and bug reporting:

My Time at Sandrock Kickstarters paying for physical items, where the backer is moving to a new address or is about to change their email permanently, contact using the same email that was used for backing the game. Please also include your backer number if possible. Backers ordering add-on items who have not received the survey can use the same e-mail.

Social media[]

Pathea Games is active on social media, and there are several places dedicated specifically to My Time at Portia throughout the web. Both Pathea and Team17 representatives can be found answering questions and concerns on the My Time at Portia Steam forum.


My Time at Sandrock:

My Time at Portia:

My Time at Portia[]

A free demo of the alpha version of My Time at Portia is available on Steam with about six to eight hours' worth of gameplay for players to assess whether they will like the full game.

Between September 11, 2017 to October 11, 2017, players could back Pathea's KickStarter campaign on the main website. The goal was to reach $100,000 US dollars before the campaign ended. The KickStarter campaign was created in order to hire more programmers and artists. Most of the profit made from the campaign went towards employee salaries; all else paid the expenses for setting up the KickStarter.[1] After the successful funding of the Kickstarter, backers that pledged enough were granted rewards, such as Steam keys for the game as well as exclusive in-game items.


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