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The player character is the customizable in-game character (also colloquially known as the avatar or toon) that the player controls when playing My Time at Sandrock, and is how the player interacts with other characters and the world. The player character moves in to the city-state of Sandrock after seeing a newspaper advertisement looking for new Builders. This protagonist is separate from the character controlled in My Time at Portia, as the games' timelines are approximately parallel; My Time at Sandrock begins shortly before My Time at Portia and ends a little after it.

Two base models will be offered: a male and a female model. Initially, only the full appearance of Max, the default male character, was revealed. Lucy, the female character was revealed in an official livestream when the game went in to beta.[1] Character customization options in My Time at Sandrock will differ from My Time at Portia to allow more freedom of customization. Expanded character customization options were a stretch goal that was reached in the game's Kickstarter campaign.

Concept sketches of the female character[2]

As far as I know, we're aiming for male/female hair and clothes being swapped in Sandrock, there are animation issues, such as stretching a dress while riding a horse, but we're trying to come up with solutions right now.
— Zede05@Pathea[3]


Concept art[]



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