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The old world left many ruins that dot our landscape today. In fact, the town of Portia was built on an old city called Dubei. Some ruins are still very dangerous, so you should stay away. Especially you, Toby.
— Lucy, teaching at Portia School

Portia is the location of My Time at Portia, the first game in the My Time series. Portia is a growing city-state located on the coast of the Western Sea, and is part of the Alliance of Free Cities, a group of cities bound to protect from the antagonistic nation of Duvos. The city is located on the southeastern portion of the Alliance, bordering Sandrock, Walnut Groove, and the island of Vega 5.


In My Time at Portia, the player arrives to Portia from Barnarock (a city outside the Alliance) via boat to start a new life at their father's workshop, and the story of the game is all about the player getting to know the citizens, expanding the prosperity and influence of the town, and protecting it from outside forces that seek to do harm.

Portia eventually collaborates with Sandrock to build the Eufaula Tunnel, a tunnel boring through the rocky mountain that separates the towns.


Portia is a larger town than Sandrock, with a population size of 51+ that includes the 47 resident NPCs, the player character of My Time at Portia, and the three other known Builders of Portia: Allen Carter, Sweet, and Builder Wang.

Certain characters from Portia will visit Sandrock in My Time at Sandrock, including Mint, Ginger, and Ginger's family. Mint was shown during the end of the first official Sandrock trailer, while Ginger and her family's visit was unlocked as a stretch goal in the Sandrock Kickstarter.

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  1. My Time at Portia

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