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Qi is an accomplished scientist from Vega 5. He has always focused on research and as such, his social skills can be found lacking. He likes to drink tea as a pick-me-up, although sometimes he will forego sustenance for long periods of time to finish his projects.
— In-game bio

Dr. Qi is a Sandrock resident and one of the potential marriage candidates. He is the local researcher and strongly dedicated to his occupation.


Personal summary[]

Qi is not keen on private conversations, instead primarily interested in things pertaining to his work.[1] He prefers to be undisturbed but can over-explain the workings of technology. From Vega 5, Qi came to Sandrock to seek something known as the Olympia. He is a large fan of robots and old cartoons, though he does his best to hide this fact. He grew up with Mint, a character from My Time at Portia and they maintain a strong friendship despite the distance between them.

Social network[]

Qi does not have a social network with other characters. However, he is close friends with Mint.


Qi is one of the potential bachelors that can be befriended and romanced.[2][1] The player can confess their love to him with a Heart Knot (Note: it should be noted that as of the edit of this profile, romantic options are limited and thus information is not yet available!).

Social interactions[]

Social chat.png Chat[]

Chat is a basic social interaction available at any relationship level. Chatting with Qi once a day can increase his relationship by 1 point; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation without any relationship gain.

Qi's dialogue may change every day and every season. Qi may also comment about certain events or missions. Higher relationship levels, including romantic involvement, also change Qi's dialogue.


Qi.png A new Builder? Why wasn't I informed of this?


Qi.png I'm the only researcher stationed here in Sandrock. That's okay though, I'm more than adequate in my opinion.
Qi.png ...What is it? If it's nothing, I'll be on my way then.
Qi.png I was just thinking of something important... but then you got my attention and I lost my train of thought.
Qi.png Ehmm, if you don't have business with me, I'll be going.
Qi.png Ah, you're the new Builder, yes? ... You're in my way...
Qi.png I'm a bit busy, do you mind... doing something else?
Qi.png If you ever find anything that looks like it came from an Old World space relic, please bring it to me at once. But how should I describe what a space relic would look like...?
Qi.png Hm? My tie? Oh. I think it's fine. No one will notice. I'll fix it when I get time.
Qi.png ...Sorry, I was thinking. What were you saying?


Qi.png Getting an assistant isn't something that's off the table for me, as long as they've got it where it counts... Say... you don't know anything about... science? Do you? ...Er, nevermind...
Qi.png Builder, please don't interrupt me, I'm in the middle of solving an equation... natural logarithm of 2 over 9.72 times 10 to the negative 10th, multiplied by time to the negative first, which leaves room for a second one but...
Qi.png I forgot to comb my hair today... Wait... no... I never comb my hair. I must've forgotten something else…
Qi.png I couldn't help but observe that you're always out conversing with people in town... I had assumed you had some purpose for doing so, but if that's the case, why is it that our interactions are so frequently unsubstantive?
Qi.png I want to know how you can maintain such consistent levels of energy. What's your secret? Are Fang and his machinations behind this somehow? It's the bird, isn't it?
Qi.png Ah, there you are. Brimming with energy again, I see. If you've discovered some way to mitigate the need for sleep, you would tell me, wouldn't you? One way or another, I will discover your methods...
Qi.png Vega 5 has a rather satisfactory collection of relics to study, but as with many things, it too was finite. The only way to continue my research was to seek out novel data in the field. Hence, my entire reason for being here.
Qi.png If you ever dig up any Old World recordings titled "Gungam" something or other, please give them to me. I have a... friend... in Vega 5 who is interested in the... anthropological significance of such findings. Mhm.
Qi.png Builder! What year is it!? ... Oh. I see. Still in this timeline. Unfortunate.


Qi.png I've been revisiting works on the "parallel universe theory." Let's just say that I count myself fortunate to be in this universe, as it contains this version of our fellowship which I consider to be invaluable.
Qi.png There you are. I had predicted this encounter within a one percent margin of error. Hm? Yes, I have charted your routines and mannerisms. What's so strange about that?
Qi.png My old colleague from Vega 5, Bugs, accused me of constantly bringing up topics of conversation that no one else has any opinion on. How baseless. Anyway, I'm glad you're here: I need to tell you about what really happens when you divide by zero...
Qi.png Genetics and hereditary traits are predictors for one's future, but these measures are far from perfect. I, for example, am the son of a fisherman and the caretaker of a small aquarium. The apple has indeed fallen far from the proverbial tree.
Qi.png Your head is looking very symmetrical today. Furthermore, your mind is like an industrial strength drill, always finding its way quickly through the planet to valuable resources. Or how about... "You shine bright, like a Power Stone." I'm trying out something called "complimenting." Do you find any of these acceptable?
Qi.png Someone told me idle chatter is expected of close colleagues to maintain rapport. I'm skeptical but... very well. Let us dedicate the next 47 seconds to causerie, but after that, I really must return to my research. How's your... furnace?
Qi.png My colleague Bugs told me via telegraph that I was a "chatty Cathy." Even overlooking the fact that Cathy is not my name, I find this moniker misplaced. How am I supposed to summarize the nuances of Power Stone theory in just a few taps of the knob? Player... as my closest confidant, tell me: am I a "chatty Cathy...?"
Qi.png My friend Mint used to ask to borrow my notes back in grade school, so I'd always handwrite a second copy but with a couple of details slightly manipulated before complying so as to ensure that he would not surpass my score. Heh heh, all went according to plan...


Qi.png You know, when we view stars in the sky, many are actually satellites from the Old World. Their protective coating reflects the sun. Ahem... what I mean is that perhaps, when we have time, we may observe them together.
Qi.png Interesting... I was just thinking of you. Even I must admit, coincidences such as these cannot be explained by our current understanding of science....
Qi.png Have I ever told you, that your eyes look like ions spinning in a supercollider? Oh. That's... just a technology lost from the Old World, however, and only exists in my mind...
Qi.png Mint grew up in an orphanage, but my grandfather often took care of him. He would frequently bring him over to our home. I would see him everyday, sometimes too much, which could lead to frustrations. But... with you, I feel no such burden.
Qi.png I have recently been studying whether or not the feelings between two people are some sort of measurable energy. From what I can see, it can be transferred between us, but never lost.
Qi.png Player, let me tell you about some of my recent research. I exchanged some progress on cataloging engines with my colleagues in Vega 5, and discussed the orbital plaforms around the moon; I've also critiqued a paper written by a researcher in Tallsky... I just thought there ought be no secrets between us, especially regarding such substantial subjects.
Qi.png My parents were quite surprised to find out about our relationship. However, when I was ten, I calculated that the probability of me finding love was roughly three point one four percent. They wouldn't have been so surprised if they had simply recalled the conversation in which I relayed that statistic.

During a sandstorm[]

Regular lines[]
Qi.png Sandstorms have very little impact on my work. In fact, currently, you are far more distracting than the weather.
Qi.png Data collected from this sandstorm is valuable in understanding how they originate. Therefore there is no such thing as 'bad weather.' Only... 'hazardous weather.'
Qi.png Even when wearing a dust mask, dust particles and various other harmful substances found in sandstorms still have a 25% chance of ending up in the respiratory tract. The science would recommend that you stay indoors.
Qi.png Feel free to seek asylum in the Scientific Research Center if you wish to evade the inconveniently airborne status of our otherwise inert environment. Just be aware that the 'no touching anything' rule is still very much in place.
Qi.png When you are going out in this kind of weather, you have to realize that the probability of hazard is exponentially increased. Obviously, you have a high-risk profession, but please, don't flaunt safety and take any unnecessary risks.


Day of the Bright Sun[]
Qi.png The Day of the Bright Sun is one of the rare times that Sandrock gets any closeup view of an aircraft. Although the model isn't particularly high-spec, it is interesting nonetheless.
Day of Memories[]
Qi.png The Day of Memories, huh? I recall fifteen years ago... my grandfather... lost that rare spaceship relic of mine.
Running of the Yakmel[]
Qi.png An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by some external force. One need only bump into another Yakmel once to prove this principle; everything thereafter is meaningless...


Qi.png Birthday celebrations I find to be rather droll. The only thing I enjoy about mine is the symmetry of the number: one, one-one. Or, if you prefer: the eleventh of spring.

Social gift.png Gift[]

This table contains gifting data extracted from the game files and may contain unavailable or unimplemented items. Any errors or changes should be reported on the article comments of this page. Thank you!
  • Qi can be given one gift per day. Giving the same gift every day for several days may result in diminishing rewards.
  • Every giftable item in the game has a base point value when gifted. The Neutrals row of the table below only lists neutral items that give an increased reward compared to their base value.
  • The quality of items gifted may affect the relationship points gained, with higher quality items giving extra points.
  • Birthdays and festival days do not affect the relationship points gained. However, giving a gift on Qi' birthday will give a unique dialogue.
Social gift.png Gifting Items
Gift Love Loved
Compact MotorCompact Motor (+15)
CondenserCondenser (+15)
Flag Waving Astronaut ModelFlag Waving Astronaut Model (+15)
Inflated Astronaut ModelInflated Astronaut Model (+15)
DNA ModelDNA Model (+14)
Equatorial MountEquatorial Mount (+14)
Golfing Astronaut ModelGolfing Astronaut Model (+14)
Guitarist Astronaut ModelGuitarist Astronaut Model (+14)
Spaceship ModelSpaceship Model (+14)
SpacesuitSpacesuit (+14)
Techno LockerTechno Locker (+14)
Techno TableTechno Table (+14)
Windmill Weather VaneWindmill Weather Vane (+14)
Condensed Power StoneCondensed Power Stone (+13)
Pro Gamer ChairPro Gamer Chair (+12)
Techno BoxTechno Box (+12)
Gift Like Liked
Armor DisplayArmor Display (+8)
DiamondDiamond (+8)
Stegosaurus Skeleton ModelStegosaurus Skeleton Model (+8)
Cross AnchorCross Anchor (+7)
Fish FossilFish Fossil (+7)
GoldGold (+7)
Meat Stuffed MushroomMeat Stuffed Mushroom (+7)
RosestoneRosestone (+7)
Sailor's HornSailor's Horn (+7)
Ship Wheel ModelShip Wheel Model (+7)
Coffee BeansCoffee Beans (+6)
EngineEngine (+6)
FluoriteFluorite (+6)
Lavender GemLavender Gem (+6)
MicrochipMicrochip (+6)
Milk ChestnutMilk Chestnut (+6)
OpalOpal (+6)
PioneerPioneer (+6)
Power StonesPower Stones (+6)
Simple CircuitsSimple Circuits (+6)
Sugar Fried ChestnutSugar Fried Chestnut (+6)
Tea LeavesTea Leaves (+6)
Data DiscData Disc (+5)
KudingchaKudingcha (+5)
Summer Sand TeaSummer Sand Tea (+5)
Sweet PancakeSweet Pancake (+5)
Tartary Buckwheat TeaTartary Buckwheat Tea (+5)
WaterWater (+5)
Gift Neutral Special neutrals
Art Museum ModelArt Museum Model (+5)
Cable-stayed BridgeCable-stayed Bridge (+5)
Conch Shell Goddess StatueConch Shell Goddess Statue (+5)
Floating GalaxyFloating Galaxy (+5)
Golden Bull HeadGolden Bull Head (+5)
Golden EagleGolden Eagle (+5)
Jeweled EggJeweled Egg (+5)
Large Storage BoxLarge Storage Box (+5)
Meowses II StatueMeowses II Statue (+5)
Ozdak Dancing StatueOzdak Dancing Statue (+5)
Ozdak Rooster Pose StatueOzdak Rooster Pose Statue (+5)
Ozdak Step Dancing StatueOzdak Step Dancing Statue (+5)
Ozdak Sun Worship StatueOzdak Sun Worship Statue (+5)
Rusty RobotRusty Robot (+5)
Sand Eagle StatueSand Eagle Statue (+5)
Beast Head Jade ChaliceBeast Head Jade Chalice (+4)
Golden CandlestickGolden Candlestick (+4)
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli (+4)
Wooden StorageWooden Storage (+4)
BloodstoneBloodstone (+3)
Mini Storage BoxMini Storage Box (+3)
TopazTopaz (+3)
Gift Dislike Disliked
Four Leaf Clover NecklaceFour Leaf Clover Necklace (-1)
Retro FanRetro Fan (-1)
Two-tone WaistbandTwo-tone Waistband (-1)
AdhesiveAdhesive (-2)
Amber EarringsAmber Earrings (-2)
Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted PlantBig Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant (-2)
Blessing PendantBlessing Pendant (-2)
Bloodstone CoreBloodstone Core (-2)
Bone NecklaceBone Necklace (-2)
Bone RingBone Ring (-2)
Bronze PipesBronze Pipes (-2)
Bronze StickBronze Stick (-2)
Budding BroochBudding Brooch (-2)
CementCement (-2)
Copper BladesCopper Blades (-2)
Copper GearCopper Gear (-2)
Copper PipeCopper Pipe (-2)
Copper PlateCopper Plate (-2)
Copper Rose BroochCopper Rose Brooch (-2)
Copper StickCopper Stick (-2)
Dead woodDead wood (-2)
Fragrant SatchelFragrant Satchel (-2)
Full Moon BraceletFull Moon Bracelet (-2)
Gold EarringsGold Earrings (-2)
Golden Ear Bone RingGolden Ear Bone Ring (-2)
Hardwood PlanksHardwood Planks (-2)
Hardwood StickHardwood Stick (-2)
Iron LatchIron Latch (-2)
Iron WireIron Wire (-2)
Jade BraceletJade Bracelet (-2)
Jade Waist PendantJade Waist Pendant (-2)
MagnetMagnet (-2)
Marble BrickMarble Brick (-2)
Metal HingeMetal Hinge (-2)
Mountain RoseMountain Rose (-2)
Orchid EarringsOrchid Earrings (-2)
Peacock Feather BroochPeacock Feather Brooch (-2)
Plastic PipePlastic Pipe (-2)
Plastic ShellPlastic Shell (-2)
Potted CactusPotted Cactus (-2)
Rainbow LocketRainbow Locket (-2)
Steel BarSteel Bar (-2)
Stone SlateStone Slate (-2)
Tempered GlassTempered Glass (-2)
Wolf Tooth PendantWolf Tooth Pendant (-2)
Yakmel Horn BraceletYakmel Horn Bracelet (-2)
Agave Potted PlantAgave Potted Plant (-3)
Aluminum OreAluminum Ore (-3)
Amber PendantAmber Pendant (-3)
AsphaltAsphalt (-3)
BarkBark (-3)
BearingBearing (-3)
BoxwoodBoxwood (-3)
BricksBricks (-3)
Bronze BarsBronze Bars (-3)
Bronze RivetBronze Rivet (-3)
CharcoalCharcoal (-3)
Chromium OreChromium Ore (-3)
ClayClay (-3)
ConcealerConcealer (-3)
Copper BarsCopper Bars (-3)
Copper OreCopper Ore (-3)
Copper ScrapCopper Scrap (-3)
Copper ScrewCopper Screw (-3)
Copper WireCopper Wire (-3)
CrystalCrystal (-3)
Diamond RingDiamond Ring (-3)
Dilapidated Dining TableDilapidated Dining Table (-3)
Dilapidated engineDilapidated engine (-3)
Dilapidated FurnaceDilapidated Furnace (-3)
DinasDinas (-3)
Double EarringsDouble Earrings (-3)
Facial CreamFacial Cream (-3)
Fiber MeshFiber Mesh (-3)
GlassGlass (-3)
Glauber's SaltGlauber's Salt (-3)
Gold RingGold Ring (-3)
GraniteGranite (-3)
GraphiteGraphite (-3)
Grinding SawsGrinding Saws (-3)
Hard WoodHard Wood (-3)
Iron BarIron Bar (-3)
Iron OreIron Ore (-3)
Iron rodIron rod (-3)
Iron WoodIron Wood (-3)
Left BraceletLeft Bracelet (-3)
LimestoneLimestone (-3)
Lithops Potted PlantsLithops Potted Plants (-3)
Manganese OreManganese Ore (-3)
MarbleMarble (-3)
Metal CoilMetal Coil (-3)
Mountain Rose Potted PlantMountain Rose Potted Plant (-3)
Nickel OreNickel Ore (-3)
NiterNiter (-3)
Petrified WoodPetrified Wood (-3)
Plant FiberPlant Fiber (-3)
PlasticPlastic (-3)
Plastic ScrapPlastic Scrap (-3)
Potted Ball CactusPotted Ball Cactus (-3)
QuartzQuartz (-3)
QuicklimeQuicklime (-3)
ResinResin (-3)
RubberRubber (-3)
Rubber BeltRubber Belt (-3)
Rubber RingRubber Ring (-3)
Rubber ShellRubber Shell (-3)
Rubber TubeRubber Tube (-3)
Ruby HeaddressRuby Headdress (-3)
Sand Date FlowerSand Date Flower (-3)
SanderSander (-3)
Silica GelSilica Gel (-3)
Skin CreamSkin Cream (-3)
SunscreenSunscreen (-3)
SlateSlate (-3)
Spider SilkSpider Silk (-3)
StoneStone (-3)
Stone ScrapStone Scrap (-3)
SulfurSulfur (-3)
Synthetic ResinSynthetic Resin (-3)
Tin OreTin Ore (-3)
Titanium OreTitanium Ore (-3)
Toughening AgentToughening Agent (-3)
Vanadium OreVanadium Ore (-3)
WoodWood (-3)
Wood ScrapWood Scrap (-3)
Wooden BoardsWooden Boards (-3)
Wooden HiltWooden Hilt (-3)
Wooden StickWooden Stick (-3)
Worn TiresWorn Tires (-3)
Yakmel HairbandYakmel Hairband (-3)
Gift Hate Hated
Abandoned dollAbandoned doll (-5)
Asphalt road fragments with a bit of historyAsphalt road fragments with a bit of history (-5)
Burnt coffee tableBurnt coffee table (-5)
Cactus FruitCactus Fruit (-5)
Cactus SpineCactus Spine (-5)
Copper Weed SeedCopper Weed Seed (-5)
Cotton SeedCotton Seed (-5)
DregsDregs (-5)
Exhausted fitness equipmentExhausted fitness equipment (-5)
Feces Shell EggsFeces Shell Eggs (-5)
Food ScrapsFood Scraps (-5)
MucusMucus (-5)
Pomato SeedsPomato Seeds (-5)
Ramie SeedsRamie Seeds (-5)
Ruined ClothRuined Cloth (-5)
Ruined GlassRuined Glass (-5)
Ruined PaperRuined Paper (-5)
Sandrice SeedSandrice Seed (-5)
Snake SalivaSnake Saliva (-5)
Snake ToothSnake Tooth (-5)
Strange StoneStrange Stone (-5)
Textile ScrapTextile Scrap (-5)
TV with broken screenTV with broken screen (-5)
Unlabelled MedicineUnlabelled Medicine (-5)
VenomVenom (-5)
Wheat SeedsWheat Seeds (-5)
Gift Neutral Refused
Boom BoxBoom Box
ManureManure (-8)
Listed values are without skills giving extra points.
Lists may be incomplete or may contain unimplemented items.

Gift responses[]

Some items gifted to Qi will yield a special non-generic response.

When gifted an Equatorial Mount:

Qi.png What? You found another? Astonshing. As it happens, I do sometimes worry we did not install the previous one correctly, and perhaps a spare would be advisable.

When gifted a Spacesuit:

Qi.png You know, I've wanted a spacesuit ever since I was a boy. It was one of things that started my fascination with the sciences. What? Researchers have childhoods too.

When gifted other relics he loves:

Qi.png You found it!? I mean... this will be useful for... research. What do you mean? There's surely a very clearly defined research project these are pivotal for. If not, I'll just make one up.

When gifted relic crafting materials he loves:

Qi.png This is... The ultra-rare TPX350 quantum processor with cloud computational abilities! It's astounding in every regard... Thank you, Player. I will begin studying this right away.

When gifted furniture he loves:

Qi.png Thank you very much for your gift. Although it is difficult to quantify the precise aesthetic value, it will have a significance in furnishing the Scientific Research Center.

When gifted a Pioneer:

Qi.png Not bad. Although this book is largely one-sided, about 30% is useful for references. I remember most of it, having read it once in the Vega University library, but now I will have it on hand.

When gifted relics he likes:

Qi.png Hmmm... interesting. This will certainly provide some insights into the Old World.

When gifted relic crafting materials he likes, Power Stones, or Data Discs:

Qi.png Exactly what I needed for my latest project. Thank you.

When gifted tea or coffee:

Qi.png Good, thank you, Player, this will help me keep my mind active... Now... if only there were a way to synthesize a more concetrated dose...

When gifted Water:

Qi.png With this water, I can cook twice as much tea and finish my current project ahead of time. In fact, I may be able to finish so early as to start an entirely new venture... interesting...

When gifted relics he is neutral towards:

Qi.png Interesting... I believe this could be studied further, perhaps it has some sort of... research enhancing effects?

When gifted weapons:

Qi.png I have tested these weapons in the past and... the result was suboptimal. Further experimentations are likely to meet with the same failures.

When gifted storage boxes:

Qi.png This will be useful. Extra storage can always help me clear further space for new relic samples.

When gifted most crafting materials:

Qi.png These have no place in the Research Center. The development of research instruments requires an entirely separate subset of materials. I'll dispose of this for you, but from now on, leave the development of research technology to me.

When gifted potted plants:

Qi.png In what way will this improve the efficiency of my research? From my calculations, this could even cause a 15-20% drop in productivity. Useless. I'll feed this to an animal.

When gifted accessories:

Qi.png I have no use for such frivolities. I'll give this away when I get the chance.

When gifted cosmetics:

Qi.png The obsession with appearance baffles me. Why waste precious time on something that has no scientific value? Perhaps I can melt this.

When gifted a Boom Box:

Qi.png ... Such sound is the enemy of research. Take this away from me. Now.

Social play.png Play[]

Once the player has become buddies with Qi, they can schedule a play date together. Qi can participate in all playdate activities, including playing Whac-A-Mole.

Play date dialogue[]

Start and end[]

Play date starts:

Qi.png I'm making a note: today's social activity is commencing... now.

Play date end in a good mood:

Qi.png I can officially declare this experiment to be a resounding success! Ahem... the data, I mean, should be rather useful.

Play date end in a neutral mood:

Qi.png The result of today's experiment: inconclusive. Perhaps we can make another attempt in the future.

Play date end in a bad mood:

Qi.png Unfortunately, this has been a complete waste of time. This data is all of no use to me. I do hope you can be a better partner next time.
Sitting and chatting[]

Suggesting to start the activity:

Qi.png Let us sit. I propose a mutual exchange of ideas.

Compliment appearance:

Qi.png My efforts towards appearance are the bare minimum. Any extra would be wasted energy.
Qi.png The concept of aesthetic morphs over time, attempting to capture the popular visual trends of any era is foolhardy.
Qi.png I find the services of our local barber to be rather overrated. How difficult is it to simply take scissors to one's own head as I have? If I did not have the talent to pursue my lofty goals, I might open a barber shop of my own; I cannot think of a simpler way to acquire currency.
Qi.png A favorable physical appearance is fleeting at best; the pursuit of beautifying oneself is a demonstration in arrogance and borderline delusional.
Qi.png My appearance? Is that a compliment? I just... can't recall hearing anyone ever make such a comment. Maybe my Ma did?

Compliment work:

Qi.png You have no noteworthy achievements, nor have you published a single paper, and you expect me to compliment you? Wait... y-you were complimenting my work? Yes, my work is... quite worthy of compliment.
Qi.png Yes, it's hard working alone. I often find myself wishing for assistance, however, all of my assistants throughout my career waste more time than they save as I always end up teaching them even the most basic of concepts.
Qi.png Although I sincerely doubt your ability to weigh in on the validity of my research, your attempt to do so in a positive manner is appreciated.
Qi.png You noticed? Indeed. At the risk of sounding conceited, I'm afraid there is no one in Sandrock who can compare with my diligence. The secret? Twenty hour shifts. And tea. Lots of tea.
Qi.png I am simply driven by my passions. If you are passionate about your work, you will find that motivation comes in no short supply. Can you say the same for your own work, Player?

Compliment personality:

Qi.png Indeed. The most basic requirements of etiquette are to simply not disturb one another.
Qi.png Yes, in many of my research groups, I'm known as 'the funny one.'
Qi.png I find there are no specific personality traits necessary for cooperative research. In fact, strong personalities tend to only create conflict. But worse still are those too egotistical to admit when they're wrong.
Qi.png I've learned that it's best I speak as little as possible in social situations. There are many who find my observations damaging, and it's difficult for me to tell which of them will be interpreted as such.
Qi.png My personality is raw and unadulterated. Being that socializing has never been a part of my job description, I've consciously made the decision to avoid any adjustments.

Suggesting to start the activity:

Qi.png If we hope to continue this excursion, it may be wise to stay well nourished.

Asked about work:

Qi.png Lately I've been looking into finding a better oxidizer for my hypergolic- Oh. That's right. You have no idea what that is. Recently I invented... bread. How's that? Is this a mutually uplifting conversation?
Qi.png Um. Yes. Never use nitric acid and hydrazine as fuel. Trust me.
Qi.png I have been exchanging letters with a rival of mine in Vega 5, Bugs, perhaps you've heard of her? In any case, I'm trying to solve a theory she deemed unsolvable so I can withhold the solution from her. It's the little things in life, Player.
Qi.png Yes, um... you haven't noticed any stars looking closer than usual have you? No? Good.
Qi.png It's best not to share too much information with the public. Once, in the Old World, a committee drilled as deeply into the earth's crust as was possible at the time. Perfectly safe. It resulted in the uncovering of numerous fossils.
Qi.png Not long ago, I thought I had made contact with beings from the stars. It turned out to just be that ranch girl, Elsie, playing pranks with my equipment. I was quite furious.
Qi.png My Grandpa had this odd suit from the Old World in his laboratory at all times. I probably asked him about it multiple times, but the first time I distinctly remembered his answer was when I was four.
Qi.png My Grandpa was a researcher not unlike myself; when I visited his laboratory as a child, he was extremely strict about my behavior and wouldn't allow me to so much as touch any of his equipment...

When ordering food:

Qi.png I hate reading these superfluous adjectives and metaphors; provides no empirical information to the reader. This menu is the most egregious example. You order. Save me the headache.

Happy with the food player has ordered:

Qi.png ESP... impossible, my research has shown it is unverifiable and impossible... But how else could you accurately order all of my favorite dishes with a negligible margin of error? This requires more research.

Neutral towards the food player has ordered:

Qi.png An efficient meal. So this is what working people call "hearty."

Unhappy with the food player has ordered:

Qi.png Based on your order, I infer a certain animosity towards my behavior recently. If you have opinions, just tell me. Secrecy is not constructive.
Sand drawing[]

Suggesting to start the activity:

Qi.png The sand here is particularly pure, with very few imperfections. It's non-newtonian, so can be stirred quite effectively. What a wonderful place to test the principles of fluid mechanics.

Drawing successful:

Qi.png Hmm, interesting. Even the simple act of drawing in the sand may be related to some kind of dopamine response system. Absolutely fascinating. I must study this further.

Drawing unsuccessful:

Qi.png Research is far more engaging...

Suggesting to start the activity:

Qi.png Exposing oneself to pleasing visuals has been known to play a part in the regulation of serotonin levels. Care to observe the combustion of some pyrotechnics?

Happy with the fireworks display:

Qi.png I don't usually recommend the use of explosives or other incendiary devices for recreational purposes. It seems, however, with the correct combination of elements, one can have quite an extraordinary experience.

Unhappy with the fireworks display:

Qi.png I don't know if you are aware, but we are now surrounded by explosive debris. This is what happens when proper precautions are not taken when attempting experiments. Make a note of it.

Suggesting to start the activity:

Qi.png Simulating warfare with these animatronic insectivores may prove to keep our reflexes sharpened. There is, afterall, a non-zero chance that giant mecha-moles could one day attack Sandrock. Shall we partake?

Player wins:

Qi.png Your reaction speed is impeccable. I really believe you may be in an upper percentile, or... Could it be that in fact my reactivity is below average? Hm... I need to find a control group and study this further...

Player loses:

Qi.png Hm. I didn't realise my coordination training would have applied in this circumstance. Highly intriguing. Outperforming you, even against the standard training of a Builder... interesting. Consider reflecting on your own regimen.

Game ends in a draw:

Qi.png Hm. In view of you being a Builder, making a draw with you implies that my reaction time is higher than average for my profession. Interesting...

Social research.png Research[]

The player can give Data Discs to Qi to research new blueprints for their Assembly Station.

Social spar.png Spar[]

Qi can spar with the player. His starting level is 8 and he fights with a hammer.

Social critters.png Critters[]

Qi can play Critters with the player up to three times per day.

Social mission.png Missions[]

Main missions[]

Main Mission New On the Shoulders of Buried Giants
Main Mission New Qi's Gungnam Opus
Main Mission New The Inspector
Main Mission New Mint Condition

Side missions[]

Side Mission New A New Look
Side Mission New Excavating the Sky
Side Mission New Mutual Misstep


  • According to a developer, Qi's name is pronounced "Chi",[3] as his name uses the Chinese "q" sound.



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