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Rocky is the boss of Eufaula Salvage. He and his team came to Sandrock a decade ago, but these days they find things more difficult and mostly recycle whatever Old World salvage they can get their hands on.
— In-game bio

Rocky is a character in Sandrock. He is a miner and the boss of Eufaula Salvage, a mining company located in the desert.

Rocky is well-liked as a boss by his employees: Fei, Venti, Bamna, and Peck. It is implied in the demo through character dialogues that Fei is the "real boss" behind the operations at Eufaula Salvage.


Rocky can be befriended.


Buddy Star.pngStar.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.png
Receive a 10% discount when consuming in the store
Friend Star.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.pngStar 2.png
Receive a 20% discount when consuming in the store

Social interactions[]

Social chat.png Chat[]

See Dialogue subpage for all Rocky's dialogue.

Chat is a basic social interaction available at any relationship level. Chatting with Rocky once a day can increase his relationship by 1 point; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation without any relationship gain.

Rocky's dialogue may change every day and every season. Rocky may also comment about certain events or missions. Higher relationship levels also change Rocky's dialogue.

Social gift.png Gift[]

This table contains gifting data extracted from the game files and may contain unavailable or unimplemented items. Any errors or changes should be reported on the article comments of this page. Thank you!
  • Rocky can be given one gift per day. Giving the same gift every day for several days may result in diminishing rewards.
  • Every giftable item in the game has a base point value when gifted. The Neutrals row of the table below only lists neutral items that give an increased reward compared to their base value.
  • The quality of items gifted may affect the relationship points gained, with higher quality items giving extra points.
  • Birthdays and festival days do not affect the relationship points gained. However, giving a gift on Rocky's birthday will give a unique dialogue.
Gifting Gifting Items
Gifting Loved
Elegant SofaElegant Sofa (+19)
Iron AxeIron Axe (+19)
Iron PickhammerIron Pickhammer (+19)
Working DeskWorking Desk (+19)
Yakboy Double BedYakboy Double Bed (+19)
Rustic SofaRustic Sofa (+18)
Rustic Tea TableRustic Tea Table (+18)
DiamondDiamond (+17)
Iron PlateIron Plate (+17)
Manganese Steel PlateManganese Steel Plate (+16)
Rescue Team BootsRescue Team Boots (+16)
Rescue Team HatRescue Team Hat (+16)
Rescue Team JacketRescue Team Jacket (+16)
Rescue Team PantsRescue Team Pants (+16)
Chromium Steel BarChromium Steel Bar (+15)
Compact MotorCompact Motor (+15)
CondenserCondenser (+15)
Marble SlabMarble Slab (+15)
Bloodstone SawsBloodstone Saws (+14)
Manganese Steel BarManganese Steel Bar (+14)
Condensed Power StoneCondensed Power Stone (+13)
Titanium OreTitanium Ore (+12)
Vanadium OreVanadium Ore (+12)
Magnesium OreMagnesium Ore (+11)
Gifting Liked
Funny MaskFunny Mask (+9)
Large Storage BoxLarge Storage Box (+9)
Leather GlovesLeather Gloves (+9)
Wolf Tooth PendantWolf Tooth Pendant (+9)
Artificial LeatherArtificial Leather (+8)
Cute Duck ToyCute Duck Toy (+8)
Fine Sandfish with Secret SauceFine Sandfish with Secret Sauce (+8)
Iron Elbow PadsIron Elbow Pads (+8)
Iron Knee PadsIron Knee Pads (+8)
Leather BeltLeather Belt (+8)
Leather TableclothLeather Tablecloth (+8)
Rib GumboRib Gumbo (+8)
Wooden StorageWooden Storage (+8)
Chestnut PorkChestnut Pork (+7)
GoldGold (+7)
RosestoneRosestone (+7)
Sandfish with Secret SauceSandfish with Secret Sauce (+7)
Beef NoodlesBeef Noodles (+6)
Chromium OreChromium Ore (+6)
FluoriteFluorite (+6)
Lavender GemLavender Gem (+6)
OpalOpal (+6)
Skin CreamSkin Cream (+6)
SunscreenSunscreen (+6)
Yakmel DollYakmel Doll (+6)
Aluminum OreAluminum Ore (+5)
Facial CreamFacial Cream (+5)
Manganese OreManganese Ore (+5)
Nickel OreNickel Ore (+5)
Yakmel MilkYakmel Milk (+5)
Gifting Special neutrals
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli (+4)
AdhesiveAdhesive (+3)
BearingBearing (+3)
BloodstoneBloodstone (+3)
BricksBricks (+3)
Bronze BarsBronze Bars (+3)
Bronze RivetBronze Rivet (+3)
Copper WireCopper Wire (+3)
GlassGlass (+3)
Grinding SawsGrinding Saws (+3)
Metal CoilMetal Coil (+3)
QuicklimeQuicklime (+3)
Rubber BeltRubber Belt (+3)
Rubber RingRubber Ring (+3)
Rubber ShellRubber Shell (+3)
Rubber TubeRubber Tube (+3)
TopazTopaz (+3)
WaterWater (+3)
Wooden BoardsWooden Boards (+3)
AsphaltAsphalt (+2)
BarkBark (+2)
CharcoalCharcoal (+2)
ClayClay (+2)
Copper BarsCopper Bars (+2)
Copper OreCopper Ore (+2)
Copper ScrewCopper Screw (+2)
CrystalCrystal (+2)
Dead woodDead wood (+2)
DinasDinas (+2)
GraniteGranite (+2)
GraphiteGraphite (+2)
Hard WoodHard Wood (+2)
Iron BarIron Bar (+2)
Iron OreIron Ore (+2)
LimestoneLimestone (+2)
MarbleMarble (+2)
NiterNiter (+2)
Plant FiberPlant Fiber (+2)
PlasticPlastic (+2)
QuartzQuartz (+2)
ResinResin (+2)
RubberRubber (+2)
SanderSander (+2)
Silica GelSilica Gel (+2)
SlateSlate (+2)
Spider SilkSpider Silk (+2)
StoneStone (+2)
Synthetic ResinSynthetic Resin (+2)
Tin OreTin Ore (+2)
Toughening AgentToughening Agent (+2)
WoodWood (+2)
Wooden HiltWooden Hilt (+2)
Wooden StickWooden Stick (+2)
Gifting Disliked
Around the World in However Many DaysAround the World in However Many Days (2)
Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted PlantBig Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant (2)
Mountain RoseMountain Rose (2)
Agave Potted PlantAgave Potted Plant (3)
Cooking MasterCooking Master (3)
Gordana Diary IGordana Diary I (3)
Gordana Diary IIGordana Diary II (3)
Journey to the EastJourney to the East (3)
Lithops Potted PlantsLithops Potted Plants (3)
Mountain Rose Potted PlantMountain Rose Potted Plant (3)
Old World Utilization Theory: A Case Study on Sandrock's 'The Breach'Old World Utilization Theory: A Case Study on Sandrock's 'The Breach' (3)
PioneerPioneer (3)
Sand Date FlowerSand Date Flower (3)
Gifting Hated
Abandoned dollAbandoned doll (-5)
Asphalt road fragments with a bit of historyAsphalt road fragments with a bit of history (-5)
Burnt coffee tableBurnt coffee table (-5)
DregsDregs (-5)
Exhausted fitness equipmentExhausted fitness equipment (-5)
Feces Shell EggsFeces Shell Eggs (-5)
Food ScrapsFood Scraps (-5)
Lizard ToothLizard Tooth (-5)
MucusMucus (-5)
Ruined ClothRuined Cloth (-5)
Ruined GlassRuined Glass (-5)
Ruined PaperRuined Paper (-5)
Snake SalivaSnake Saliva (-5)
Snake ToothSnake Tooth (-5)
Strange StoneStrange Stone (-5)
Textile ScrapTextile Scrap (-5)
TV with broken screenTV with broken screen (-5)
Unlabelled MedicineUnlabelled Medicine (-5)
VenomVenom (-5)
Gifting Refused
ManureManure (-6)
Listed values are without skills giving extra points.
Lists may be incomplete or may contain unimplemented items.


Desires are gifts Rocky has a chance to ask the player for. The player has to be at least associates with Rocky in order for him to be assigned a desire.

If Rocky has a desire, gifting the wanted item will give the higher tier points; otherwise the item gives the base point value. The item's quality is taken into account when fulfilling a desire; gifting Rocky a higher quality item will yield more relationship points.

Bronze PickhammerBronze Pickhammer (+14)
Miner's HatMiner's Hat (+16)
Yakmel MilkYakmel Milk (+9)

Social play.png Play[]

Once the player has become buddies with Rocky, they can schedule a play date together. Rocky can participate in all playdate activities except playing Whac-A-Mole.

Social spar.png Spar[]

Rocky can spar with the player. His starting level is 15 and he fights unarmed.

Social critters.png Critters[]

Rocky can play Critters with the player up to three times per day.

Social mission.png Missions[]

Main missions[]

Main Mission New Picking Up the Slack[1]
Main Mission New Keep on Rockin'

Side missions[]

Side Mission New How to Tune your Banjo
Side Mission New Mining Time!



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