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Max on a date with Amirah

Romance is a social gameplay mechanic that allows the player to date and eventually marry any eligible marriage candidate, regardless of gender. Not all characters can be romanced.

This feature is present in both My Time at Sandrock and My Time at Portia.

Romanceable characters[]

The romanceable characters have been confirmed during various points of the game's development. Developers stated that romance candidates in My Time at Sandrock will have their own stories to make them more individual.

Most romanceable characters can be recognized by having a relationship gauge denoted by hearts in the Social tab in the Menu. This does not yet apply for Burgess, Catori, Justice, Miguel and Unsuur but these characters have been confirmed by developers. Jane has not yet been added and Venti is not yet a developed character.

The following characters are confirmed romance candidates:



Relationship levels[]

After a successful confession, a character's relationship status with the player changes to a romantic one, and their relationship gauge changes as well.

Level Points Interactions Bonuses

Heart.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.png

150 – 600 Social date.png
  • Character's daily lines change to romantic ones
  • Character can be invited to dates
  • Guaranteed to receive a birthday gift from the character

Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart 2.pngHeart 2.png

600 – 900

Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart 2.png

900 – 1,100
  • The player can propose to the character (currently unimplemented)


1,100 – 1,200



The red rope is tied together to form a knot, representing two interwoven fates. Give this to someone if you want to take your relationship to the next level...
Heart Knot description

Romance can only begin after the player confesses to a character by gifting them a Heart Knot. The player can confess after reaching Friend status (Star.pngStar.pngStar.png or 400 points) with an eligible character. The Heart Knot for confessing can be purchased at By The Stairs.

If a character accepts the player's Heart Knot, the confession is successful, the player gets 24 relationship points with the character, and their relationship status changes. However, there is a chance the character will reject the player's confession; the higher their relationship with the player is the higher the chance of successful confession. The chance of success starts at 30% at the Friend level and maxes out at 70% at the BFF level. verify ]


Main article: Play and Date

After a character accepts the player's confession they can be taken on romantic dates instead of platonic play dates once per week. In the current game build, the activities and rewards on platonic and romantic dates are identical; however, the player gets more Social Energy points on romantic dates. verify ]


The player can romance several characters at once. They will not get a penalty unless they are caught by the character they are romancing while dating another character.

If the player is caught while on a date, the date ends immediately and both their date partner and the character who caught them give unique lines and get -50 relationship point penalty each. This does not affect the player's relationship status with both characters: they will still interact with the player normally and accept gifts.

Break up[]

A branch that has completely withered, symbolizing a relationship as dead as wood itself. It's a bit harsh, but giving one is the most direct way to break up with someone.
Dead Branch description

The player can end their romantic involvement with a character anytime by gifting them a Dead Branch. The Branch can be purchased at By The Stairs.

A character the player is dating will never refuse a Dead Branch. Once they are gifted a Dead Branch, the romantic relationship ends and their status with the player goes down to Adversary (zero hearts); however, they only need one relationship point to get to Acquaintance level and will still be able to chat and accept gifts.

Romance missions[]

Some characters have romance missions, which can only be triggered if the player romances them or proposes to them.


Mi-an.png Mi-an
Classic Projection


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