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Sandfishing is a mechanic that allows the player to catch sand-based fish. Utilizing the sandfish traps, the player can cast the trap into designated fishing spots.


Casting a trap

  1. To cast the sandfish trap, the player needs to approach a fishing spot, identified by the Fishing Spot ico.png Fishing Spots icon on the map and a quicksand pit in the overworld.
  2. The player needs to select a bait by highlighting the option.
  3. Use the mouse to aim and left-click to toss the bait out. The bait will slowly sink into the sand and eventually disappear over time.
  4. Fish will approach the bait and stop to eat it. The player needs to then switch to the sandfish trap.
  5. While holding left-click, use the mouse to aim the trap. A circle will appear and the fish will be highlighted if aimed properly.
  6. Release the left-click to deploy the trap before the fish flees.
    • Other fish nearby will panic and flee from the bait once the trap is deployed.

Whether or not the player catches the fish, stamina and bait are consumed and time passes.

Traps and bait[]

Item Type Description Source
Basic Sandfish Trap
Basic Sandfish Trap
Sandfish trap The most basic trapping cage that, with bait, can be used to catch fish in a quicksand pit.
Usable bait: SandwormSandworm
Bait A creature common to any sandy environment; can be used as bait for sand-fishing.
Require: Basic Sandfish TrapBasic Sandfish Trap
Gathering, Quarrying
By The Stairs ico.png By The Stairs
Bait Though it may never win any races, this thick-shelled snail shows off its hardiness by surviving in the desert, despite being a flimsy tube of water.
Require:Advanced Sandfish Trap
Sand Carp
Sand Carp
Bait A dry, stingy fish famous to the Eufaula region. Has learned to live without water and swim freely through the sand. Many believe that they evolved during the Age of Darkness and the climate change that occurred at that time.
Require: Professional Sandfish Trap
Fishing Spots

Fishing spots[]

Fishing Spot ico.png

The fishing spots page lists fish by location, as well as shows where on the map that each fishing spot is.


Item Sell Price Exp Fishing Spot
Sand CarpSand Carp
10 Gols.png Paradise Lost
Wandering Y Ranch
5 Gols.png Paradise Lost
Wandering Y Ranch
20 Gols.png Wandering Y Ranch