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Storage is a type of furniture that allows the player to store items outside their inventory. Most storage-type pieces of furniture can hold a small number of items, and a handful of them can hold many items.

Using storage[]

Storage boxes are used for storing large amounts of other items, and there are no limitations on what items the player can place inside. Each storage slot in the boxes can take a stack of up to 999 of the same item. The items placed in a storage box are not visible from the outside.

Each storage box takes up a one square area (1x1) and provides no bonuses to the player's attributes. Once a box is placed in the player's Workshop it can be dyed using a Pigment or renamed.


The contents of every storage box are accessible to the player when crafting at the Worktable or any other crafting station. The player can also access the contents of all of their storage boxes by interacting with any of them and using the storage drop-down interface.

The player can sort the items in their inventory into their storage boxes automatically by pressing the "Sort All" button on the storage screen. An item in the player's inventory will be moved into the storage box where at least one identical item is, provided there is enough room in the box to place the new item.

List of storage furniture[]

The items in the tables below can be placed on the ground anywhere inside the player's house or their yard. The player can interact with a storage box or the following furniture items after placing them to place other items within its storage slots.

Storage boxes[]

Storage boxes have the most slots out of all storage furniture.

A smaller storage box placed in the workshop can be replaced with a larger storage box by taking the new box in hand and interacting with an old box. The new box then replaces the old box without the player having to take out the items it contains. The old box is returned to the player's inventory.

List of storage boxes
Item Capacity Source
Mini Storage BoxMini Storage Box
15 Worktable
Wooden StorageWooden Storage
20 By The Stairs
Large Storage BoxLarge Storage Box
40 Mysterious Man


Some furniture pieces have storage slots that can be used to display other items as decoration; however, the items placed in these storage slots do not provide any stat bonuses. Unlike storage boxes, each furniture storage slot can only store and display a single item at a time. Additionally, all storage can store and display certain types of items.

Attribute bonuses listed in the table below are for Outstanding (green) quality only; items of higher quality provide higher stat bonuses.

Item Stats Capacity Item types Size Source
Cute CabinetCute Cabinet
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +12 1 Decorations 2x2 Unknown
Cute Modular CabinetCute Modular Cabinet
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +14 2 Decorations 3x7 Unknown
Cute Round TableCute Round Table
Defense attr icon.pngDefense +8 2 Decorations 2x2 Unknown
Cute Square TableCute Square Table
Defense attr icon.pngDefense +8 2 Decorations 3x3 Unknown
Elegant Square TableElegant Square Table
Defense attr icon.pngDefense +8 1 Decorations 3x3 Unknown
Jewelry ShowcaseJewelry Showcase
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +17 3 Accessories
2x2 Mysterious Man
Leisurely Rattan Tea TableLeisurely Rattan Tea Table
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +14 1 Decorations 2x2 Intermediate Worktable
Rustic CabinetRustic Cabinet
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +10 4 Decorations 2x2 By The Stairs
Rustic Dining TableRustic Dining Table
Defense attr icon.pngDefense +7 3 Food 2x4 By The Stairs
Rustic Tea TableRustic Tea Table
Defense attr icon.pngDefense +15 3 Food 2x4 Festival Store
Rustic WardrobeRustic Wardrobe
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +12 4 Clothing 2x3 Commerce Guild Store
Simple BookcaseSimple Bookcase
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +7 4 Decorations 2x2 Mysterious Man
Simple CabinetSimple Cabinet
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +9 2 Decorations 2x3 By The Stairs
Square Wooden TableSquare Wooden Table
Defense attr icon.pngDefense +8 3 Decorations 1x2 Unknown
Techno TableTechno Table
Defense attr icon.pngDefense +14 6 Decorations 2x4 Museum reward
Wooden BookcaseWooden Bookcase
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +8 4 Books 3x4 By The Stairs
Working DeskWorking Desk
Defense attr icon.pngDefense +17 6 Decorations 2x4 Intermediate Worktable
Yakboy BookshelfYakboy Bookshelf
Attack attr icon.pngAttack +16 3 Books 1x2 Furniture Chest

Storable items[]

The following items can be placed inside furniture storage slots as decorations.


Amber EarringsAmber Earrings
Amber PendantAmber Pendant
Autumn Explorer ScarfAutumn Explorer Scarf
Blessing PendantBlessing Pendant
Blue Steel Desert Defender CapeBlue Steel Desert Defender Cape
Bone NecklaceBone Necklace
Bone RingBone Ring
Budding BroochBudding Brooch
Casual WristbandCasual Wristband
Copper Rose BroochCopper Rose Brooch
Cotton HandkerchiefCotton Handkerchief
Cute Desert Defender CapeCute Desert Defender Cape
Dancer's ScarfDancer's Scarf
Desert Defender CapeDesert Defender Cape
Desert Defender Waist BagDesert Defender Waist Bag
Diamond RingDiamond Ring
Double EarringsDouble Earrings
Dusk Desert Defender CapeDusk Desert Defender Cape
Eagle FluteEagle Flute
Explorer ScarfExplorer Scarf
Feather FanFeather Fan
Flashy Desert Defender CapeFlashy Desert Defender Cape
Floral Casual WristbandFloral Casual Wristband
Four Leaf Clover NecklaceFour Leaf Clover Necklace
Fragrant SatchelFragrant Satchel
Froggy Explorer ScarfFroggy Explorer Scarf
Full Moon BraceletFull Moon Bracelet
Funky Explorer ScarfFunky Explorer Scarf
Gauze SquareGauze Square
Gold EarringsGold Earrings
Gold RingGold Ring
Golden Ear Bone RingGolden Ear Bone Ring
Handmade ScarfHandmade Scarf
Ice Silk TurbanIce Silk Turban
Iron Elbow PadsIron Elbow Pads
Iron Knee PadsIron Knee Pads
Jade BraceletJade Bracelet
Jade Waist PendantJade Waist Pendant
Leather BeltLeather Belt
Leather GlovesLeather Gloves
Left BraceletLeft Bracelet
Llama Casual WristbandLlama Casual Wristband
Orchid EarringsOrchid Earrings
Peacock Feather BroochPeacock Feather Brooch
Piggy-bot Casual WristbandPiggy-bot Casual Wristband
Rainbow LocketRainbow Locket
Ruby HeaddressRuby Headdress
Sand-proof ScarfSand-proof Scarf
Seaside Casual WristbandSeaside Casual Wristband
Silk ScarfSilk Scarf
Slate Explorer ScarfSlate Explorer Scarf
Sun ShawlSun Shawl
Totem ShawlTotem Shawl
Two-tone WaistbandTwo-tone Waistband
Waist BagWaist Bag
Wind ChimesWind Chimes
Wolf Tooth PendantWolf Tooth Pendant
Yakmel HairbandYakmel Hairband
Yakmel HatYakmel Hat
Yakmel Horn BraceletYakmel Horn Bracelet
Yakmel Horn CombYakmel Horn Comb


Around the World in However Many DaysAround the World in However Many Days
Cooking MasterCooking Master
Gordana Diary IGordana Diary I
Gordana Diary IIGordana Diary II
Growing GuideGrowing Guide
Journey to the EastJourney to the East
Old World Utilization Theory: A Case Study on Sandrock's 'The Breach'Old World Utilization Theory: A Case Study on Sandrock's 'The Breach'


Autumn Explorer BootsAutumn Explorer Boots
Autumn Explorer HatAutumn Explorer Hat
Autumn Explorer PantsAutumn Explorer Pants
Autumn Explorer VestAutumn Explorer Vest
Backer's T-shirtBacker's T-shirt
Beach ShoesBeach Shoes
Blue Steel Desert Defender BootsBlue Steel Desert Defender Boots
Blue Steel Desert Defender GogglesBlue Steel Desert Defender Goggles
Blue Steel Desert Defender PantsBlue Steel Desert Defender Pants
Blue Steel Desert Defender ShirtBlue Steel Desert Defender Shirt
Casual HatCasual Hat
Casual ShoesCasual Shoes
Casual ShortsCasual Shorts
Casual T-shirtCasual T-shirt
Cute Desert Defender BootsCute Desert Defender Boots
Cute Desert Defender GogglesCute Desert Defender Goggles
Cute Desert Defender PantsCute Desert Defender Pants
Cute Desert Defender ShirtCute Desert Defender Shirt
Dancer's HeadbandDancer's Headband
Dancer's JacketDancer's Jacket
Dancer's PantsDancer's Pants
Dancer's ShoesDancer's Shoes
Deputy CapDeputy Cap
Desert Defender BootsDesert Defender Boots
Desert Defender GogglesDesert Defender Goggles
Desert Defender PantsDesert Defender Pants
Desert Defender ShirtDesert Defender Shirt
Dusk Desert Defender BootsDusk Desert Defender Boots
Dusk Desert Defender GogglesDusk Desert Defender Goggles
Dusk Desert Defender PantsDusk Desert Defender Pants
Dusk Desert Defender ShirtDusk Desert Defender Shirt
Explorer BootsExplorer Boots
Explorer HatExplorer Hat
Explorer PantsExplorer Pants
Explorer VestExplorer Vest
Flashy Desert Defender BootsFlashy Desert Defender Boots
Flashy Desert Defender GogglesFlashy Desert Defender Goggles
Flashy Desert Defender PantsFlashy Desert Defender Pants
Flashy Desert Defender ShirtFlashy Desert Defender Shirt
Floral Casual HatFloral Casual Hat
Floral Casual ShoesFloral Casual Shoes
Floral Casual ShortsFloral Casual Shorts
Floral Casual T-shirtFloral Casual T-shirt
Froggy Explorer BootsFroggy Explorer Boots
Froggy Explorer HatFroggy Explorer Hat
Froggy Explorer PantsFroggy Explorer Pants
Froggy Explorer VestFroggy Explorer Vest
Funky Explorer BootsFunky Explorer Boots
Funky Explorer HatFunky Explorer Hat
Funky Explorer PantsFunky Explorer Pants
Funky Explorer VestFunky Explorer Vest
Funny MaskFunny Mask
Hat of MemoriesHat of Memories
Llama Casual HatLlama Casual Hat
Llama Casual ShoesLlama Casual Shoes
Llama Casual ShortsLlama Casual Shorts
Llama Casual T-shirtLlama Casual T-shirt
Masquerade Ball MaskMasquerade Ball Mask
Miner's HatMiner's Hat
Piggy-bot Casual HatPiggy-bot Casual Hat
Piggy-bot Casual ShoesPiggy-bot Casual Shoes
Piggy-bot Casual ShortsPiggy-bot Casual Shorts
Piggy-bot Casual T-shirtPiggy-bot Casual T-shirt
Rescue Team BootsRescue Team Boots
Rescue Team HatRescue Team Hat
Rescue Team JacketRescue Team Jacket
Rescue Team PantsRescue Team Pants
Sand HatSand Hat
Seaside Casual HatSeaside Casual Hat
Seaside Casual ShoesSeaside Casual Shoes
Seaside Casual ShortsSeaside Casual Shorts
Seaside Casual T-shirtSeaside Casual T-shirt
Shoes of MemoriesShoes of Memories
Slate Explorer BootsSlate Explorer Boots
Slate Explorer HatSlate Explorer Hat
Slate Explorer PantsSlate Explorer Pants
Slate Explorer VestSlate Explorer Vest
Suit of Memories (Bottom)Suit of Memories (Bottom)
Suit of Memories (Top)Suit of Memories (Top)


Bronze Builder Award TrophyBronze Builder Award Trophy
Folder HolderFolder Holder
Golden Builder Award TrophyGolden Builder Award Trophy
Mr. TeddyMr. Teddy
Picnic BasketPicnic Basket
Potted PlantPotted Plant
Quartz Sand Wishing BottleQuartz Sand Wishing Bottle
Silver Builder Award TrophySilver Builder Award Trophy
Techno CalendarTechno Calendar
Techno CupTechno Cup
Techno Floppy Disk BoxTechno Floppy Disk Box
Techno LampTechno Lamp
Techno PhoneTechno Phone


Alfalfa Baked EggsAlfalfa Baked Eggs
Alfalfa SaladAlfalfa Salad
Baked snailsBaked snails
Banana-Orange GelatinBanana-Orange Gelatin
Barbecue ScallopBarbecue Scallop
Beef NoodlesBeef Noodles
Beef TacosBeef Tacos
Bitter Bean CakeBitter Bean Cake
Braised BBQ RibsBraised BBQ Ribs
Braised MeatBraised Meat
Cantaloupe MilkshakeCantaloupe Milkshake
Cheese SandwichCheese Sandwich
Chestnut Fish-headsChestnut Fish-heads
Chestnut PorkChestnut Pork
Chilly Sandrice NoodlesChilly Sandrice Noodles
Chopped Pepper Fish HeadChopped Pepper Fish Head
Cilantro MeatloafCilantro Meatloaf
Cilantro OmeletCilantro Omelet
Coconut Milk JellyCoconut Milk Jelly
Cold CactusCold Cactus
Cold Sesame NoodlesCold Sesame Noodles
Compressed CookiesCompressed Cookies
Curry BeefCurry Beef
Delicious AvocadoDelicious Avocado
Delicious MushroomDelicious Mushroom
Dried SandacudaDried Sandacuda
Dried SandberryDried Sandberry
Drool With Joy NoodlesDrool With Joy Noodles
Eel JerkyEel Jerky
Egg CustardEgg Custard
Farmer's StewFarmer's Stew
Fine Beef NoodlesFine Beef Noodles
Fine Braised MeatFine Braised Meat
Fine Chestnut Fish-headsFine Chestnut Fish-heads
Fine Chopped Pepper Fish HeadFine Chopped Pepper Fish Head
Fine Delicious AvocadoFine Delicious Avocado
Fine Di SanxianFine Di Sanxian
Fine Fish PorridgeFine Fish Porridge
Fine Hot and Sour FishFine Hot and Sour Fish
Fine Mushroom Forest CakeFine Mushroom Forest Cake
Fine Pepper FishFine Pepper Fish
Fine Sandberry ZongziFine Sandberry Zongzi
Fine Sandfish with Secret SauceFine Sandfish with Secret Sauce
Fine SandfishsticksFine Sandfishsticks
Fine Steamed SandfishFine Steamed Sandfish
Fine Sweet and Sour SandfishFine Sweet and Sour Sandfish
Fine Tomato FishFine Tomato Fish
Fish PorridgeFish Porridge
Five Spice SteakFive Spice Steak
Five Spices BeefFive Spices Beef
Fried AlfalfaFried Alfalfa
Fried Fish and LotusFried Fish and Lotus
Fried Meat with ChiliFried Meat with Chili
Fruit SaladFruit Salad
Grilled Bell PeppersGrilled Bell Peppers
Highwind Fried RiceHighwind Fried Rice
Honey AvocadoHoney Avocado
Honey Barbecued PorkHoney Barbecued Pork
Honey SamboHoney Sambo
Hot and Sour FishHot and Sour Fish
Leche FritaLeche Frita
Lucien CrepeLucien Crepe
Marinated SteakMarinated Steak
Master Chef OmeletMaster Chef Omelet
Meat BunMeat Bun
Meat Stuffed MushroomMeat Stuffed Mushroom
Meaty Cactus StewMeaty Cactus Stew
Melon and BeefMelon and Beef
Melon MousseMelon Mousse
Milk ChestnutMilk Chestnut
Milk PuddingMilk Pudding
Milk Steamed EggMilk Steamed Egg
Mushroom Forest CakeMushroom Forest Cake
Mushroom SoupMushroom Soup
Onion CakeOnion Cake
Pepper FishPepper Fish
Pepper Salt Small PotatoPepper Salt Small Potato
Pickled Black FungusPickled Black Fungus
Potato CurryPotato Curry
Potato SaladPotato Salad
Rib GumboRib Gumbo
Rice OmeletRice Omelet
Roasted EelRoasted Eel
Roasted Sweet PotatoRoasted Sweet Potato
Salad DressingSalad Dressing
Salt and Pepper MushroomSalt and Pepper Mushroom
Salted FishSalted Fish
Sand Date MilkSand Date Milk
Sand Jujube CakeSand Jujube Cake
Sand RollSand Roll
Sand Tea BeefSand Tea Beef
Sand Tea NoodlesSand Tea Noodles
Sandberry Chestnut MilkSandberry Chestnut Milk
Sandberry Egg SoupSandberry Egg Soup
Sandberry JamSandberry Jam
Sandberry JuiceSandberry Juice
Sandberry Sponge CakeSandberry Sponge Cake
Sandberry ZongziSandberry Zongzi
Sandfish with Secret SauceSandfish with Secret Sauce
Sandrice CakeSandrice Cake
Sandrice SushiSandrice Sushi
Scarab with Secret SauceScarab with Secret Sauce
Seared Green Chili PepperSeared Green Chili Pepper
Spicy and Sour PotatoSpicy and Sour Potato
Spicy Bean PasteSpicy Bean Paste
Spicy SnailSpicy Snail
Steak SurpriseSteak Surprise
Steamed Meat Pie with Salty EggsSteamed Meat Pie with Salty Eggs
Steamed SandfishSteamed Sandfish
Steamed Scarab OmeletSteamed Scarab Omelet
Steamed Sweet PotatoSteamed Sweet Potato
Stewed Beef with PotatoesStewed Beef with Potatoes
Stewed Eagle CistancheStewed Eagle Cistanche
Sugar Fried ChestnutSugar Fried Chestnut
Summer Sand TeaSummer Sand Tea
Sweet and Sour Fried FishSweet and Sour Fried Fish
Sweet and Sour PorkSweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork RibsSweet and Sour Pork Ribs
Sweet and Sour SandfishSweet and Sour Sandfish
Sweet and Sour TenderloinSweet and Sour Tenderloin
Sweet and Spicy WingsSweet and Spicy Wings
Sweet PancakeSweet Pancake
Sweet Potato BakeSweet Potato Bake
Sweet Potato PieSweet Potato Pie
Sweet Potato with MeatSweet Potato with Meat
Sweet Sandberry JuiceSweet Sandberry Juice
Tartary Buckwheat TeaTartary Buckwheat Tea
Tea EggTea Egg
Tea PorridgeTea Porridge
Tomato and Egg SoupTomato and Egg Soup
Tomato Beef BrisketTomato Beef Brisket
Tomato FishTomato Fish
Tomato Scrambled EggTomato Scrambled Egg
Tomato SoupTomato Soup
Tomato with SugarTomato with Sugar
Veggie Stir-fryVeggie Stir-fry
Wild Olive ZongziWild Olive Zongzi
Yakmel MilkYakmel Milk
Yakmel SausageYakmel Sausage


Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli
Lavender GemLavender Gem