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Tailor Made is a shop that sells clothing related items. It is owned by Vivi and located on Main Street.


The player can get a permanent discount at the Tailor Made by increasing their relationship with Vivi. Vivi will give them a 10% discount at Buddy level, 20% at Friend level, and 25% at Good Friend level.

Prices shown in the tables below are base prices before applying any discounts.


Permanent stock[]

Tailor MadeTailor Made
Item Amount Price Condition
Thin ThreadThin Thread
10 8 Gols.png
Rough ClothRough Cloth
10 36 Gols.png
Basic LeatherBasic Leather
10 32 Gols.png
10 32 Gols.png
Casual HatCasual Hat
1 102 Gols.png
1 212 Gols.png
Desert Defender GogglesDesert Defender Goggles
1 335 Gols.png The Show Must Go On
Casual T-shirtCasual T-shirt
1 110 Gols.png
Desert Defender ShirtDesert Defender Shirt
1 361 Gols.png The Show Must Go On
Casual ShortsCasual Shorts
1 102 Gols.png
Desert Defender PantsDesert Defender Pants
1 361 Gols.png The Show Must Go On
Silk ScarfSilk Scarf
1 141 Gols.png
Casual ShoesCasual Shoes
1 96 Gols.png
Desert Defender BootsDesert Defender Boots
1 240 Gols.png The Show Must Go On

Rotating stock[]

Unlike the items in permanent stock, only a few of those items will randomly appear in stock every time Tailor Made's inventory refreshes. The shop inventory refreshes every two to three days (on day 2, 4, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28 of each month).

All items in rotating stock come in Perfect (blue) quality.

Tailor MadeTailor Made
Item Amount Price
Llama Casual HatLlama Casual Hat
1 129 Gols.png
Llama Casual T-shirtLlama Casual T-shirt
1 138 Gols.png
Llama Casual ShortsLlama Casual Shorts
1 127 Gols.png
Llama Casual ShoesLlama Casual Shoes
1 120 Gols.png
Slate Explorer HatSlate Explorer Hat
1 914 Gols.png
Slate Explorer VestSlate Explorer Vest
1 1320 Gols.png
Slate Explorer PantsSlate Explorer Pants
1 1209 Gols.png
Slate Explorer BootsSlate Explorer Boots
1 753 Gols.png
Dusk Desert Defender GogglesDusk Desert Defender Goggles
1 335 Gols.png
Dusk Desert Defender ShirtDusk Desert Defender Shirt
1 452 Gols.png
Dusk Desert Defender PantsDusk Desert Defender Pants
1 361 Gols.png
Dusk Desert Defender BootsDusk Desert Defender Boots
1 300 Gols.png