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Weather is the state of atmospheric change in regards to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, and pressure. Weather lasts the entire day and will persist regardless of where the player is on the map. This means that if it is sunny, it will be sunny everywhere.

Due to the harsh, dry climate of Sandrock, Sandrock rarely experiences rainy or moist weather. Sandstorms are frequent and devastating, often causing structural damage and leaving local townsfolk stranded indoors.

Gameplay changes[]


  • Most characters stay indoors during a sandstorm. If outdoors, they wear a mask over their nose and mouth or wear other types of sand gear.


Monster spawns[]

  • Enraged Wild Yakmel spawn during sandstorms.

Differences by weather type[]

The following weather types are listed in descending order of most common to least commonly occurring.



Sandrock is typically sunny throughout its calendar year. Sunlight is at its brightest with clear skies. The townsfolk are safe to be outdoors.



Sandstorms engulf the region of Sandrock in a strong wind carrying clouds of sand. Often times sandstorms cause damage to buildings and leave debris. Local townsfolk stay indoors until the sandstorm subsides; if outside, the character will run indoors for safety. To endure the harsh weather, Sandgear and other sand-protective equipment are recommended when traversing the sandstorm.

A message displaying "Some items have blown away" will appear if items that have finished crafting have been blown away by the strong winds. It is thus recommended to not leave finished materials waiting for extended periods of time on crafting machines during sandstorms.