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Workshops will receive points with the Guild for each completed commission. The points will be counted, ranked, then displayed on the chart at the back of the guild building. The top three ranked workshops will receive prizes at the end of each month. Points will reset at the start of each year.
— Commerce Guild Guide

Reputation.png Workshop Rank measures a builder's workshop standing compared to other builders in Sandrock. Ranks are assigned by the Commerce Guild, which handles the assigning of commissions. Higher-ranked workshops can challenge themselves to take difficult commissions for better rewards. Additionally, higher-ranked workshops can take on more than one commission at a time.

The player can check the current workshop ranking by interacting with the chart at the back of the Commerce Guild building. The player's current workshop Rank is also displayed on their Builder License.



Reputation is the form of experience points for leveling up a builder's rank. Each mission may or may not reward reputation, while commissions posted on the Commerce Guild are guaranteed to reward reputation points. Other activities such as donating items to the Museum, or performing inspections also affect the player's workshop standing.

The player's current Workshop Rank determines how many guild commissions the player can have active at the same time and how many new commissions they can pick up per day. Higher Workshop Ranks also unlock more complex and lucrative commissions.

Ribbon Rank Points required Commissions
carry capacity
Workshop Rank D.png D
(One star)
0 - 500 1 Can start taking commissions
Workshop Rank C.png C
(Two stars)
501 - 2,500 2 Can participate in inspections
Workshop Rank B.png B
(Three stars)
2,501 - 8,000 2
Workshop Rank A.png A
(Four stars)
8,001 - 25,000 3
Workshop Rank S.png S
(Five stars)
25,001 - 150,000 3


The townsfolk of Sandrock can post commissions for wanted materials. Each commission rewards relationship points, gols, and reputation points.

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Commerce Guild Awards[]

The Commerce Guild awards their best performing member workshop on a regular basis.

Monthly rewards[]

The Commerce Guild will send a letter and reward to the player's mailbox on the first of the next month. The rewards they send depend on the player's place in the workshop rankings.

Monthly awards
Place Items awarded
1st 1,000Gols.png
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (50)
Data DiscData Disc (15)
WaterWater (10)
2nd 600Gols.png
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (40)
Data DiscData Disc (12)
WaterWater (8)
3rd 300Gols.png
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (30)
Data DiscData Disc (10)
WaterWater (6)
4th 200Gols.png
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (20)
Data DiscData Disc (5)
WaterWater (5)
5th 100Gols.png
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (10)
Data DiscData Disc (3)
WaterWater (3)

Annual ceremony[]

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Annual awards verify ]
Place Items awarded
1st 10,000Gols.png
Golden Builder Award TrophyGolden Builder Award Trophy (1)
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (200)
Condensed Power StoneCondensed Power Stone (20)
Furniture ChestFurniture Chest (1)
2nd 6,000Gols.png
Silver Builder Award TrophySilver Builder Award Trophy (1)
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (150)
Condensed Power StoneCondensed Power Stone (15)
Furniture ChestFurniture Chest (1)
3rd 3,000Gols.png
Bronze Builder Award TrophyBronze Builder Award Trophy (1)
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (120)
Condensed Power StoneCondensed Power Stone (10)
Furniture ChestFurniture Chest (1)
4th 1,500Gols.png
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (100)
Power StonesPower Stones (15)
GoldGold (15)
5th 800Gols.png
Commerce BadgeCommerce Badge (80)
Power StonesPower Stones (10)
GoldGold (10)