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Yakmel Station is an assembled item used as a part of the Yakmel Transport System.


Yakmel Station can be crafted using the Assembly Station after obtaining the diagram during Get Con-yak-ted.

Assembly Station Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Yakmel Station
Yakmel Station
Bronze StickBronze Stick (4)
Rough ClothRough Cloth (4)
Hardwood PlanksHardwood Planks (2)
Rubber ShellRubber Shell (4)


Four Yakmel Station are already installed when the player arrives in Sandrock and can be used immediately. They are located near the Sandrock Station, Church of the Light, Game Center, and Moisture Farm.


The player needs to install one Yakmel Station outside Gecko Station during Get Con-yak-ted.


Yakmel Station can be donated to Catori's Museum as a Large item for 20 Reputation points.